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Article: What Your Scarf Says About You

What Your  Scarf Says About You

What Your Scarf Says About You

A silk scarf accessory speaks volumes about the person wearing it. For a woman, a scarf worn as a tie expresses that she is strong-willed and business oriented. A scarf tied in a bow is often worn by a fashionista with an adorable and innocent character. A turban scarf lends an air of exoticism, and a scarf draped over the head in the ‘60s fashion speaks to a woman’s elegance. Scarves can be tied in a plethora of ways, but their essence remains the same: one of sophistication and uniqueness.

Silk Neck Scarves: A Brief History

Initially, silk neck scarves were exclusively a men's accessory; they first appeared 2000 years ago in China — the homeland of silk.

First worn by Chinese warriors, these scarves were strands of material they tied around their necks solely to protect themselves from the cold and wind. Shortly afterwards, scarves were used to denote military rank: warriors close to the emperor wore silk, and all the others wore scarves made of cotton. Later, this tradition was adopted by soldiers of other states. Silk neck scarves were exclusively men's accessories until the end of the 17th century, when women started wearing them. Silk scarves became widespread during the reign of Louis XIV — the “Sun King”.

How Silk Neck Scarves Became Fashionable

In 1648, Louis XIV, a 10-year-old boy — but already, the rightful king — was present at the solemn parade of a Croatian regiment serving in the French court. The already fashionable Louis de Bourbon XIV admired the spectacular silk neck scarves that Croatian soldiers knotted around their necks, letting the two free ends fall freely. He immediately declared that he wanted scarves just like them.

The whole French court quickly followed suit, adopting this stylish trend, and a new position was introduced in the court: “cravatier” — a man who, every morning, brought the king a full basket of ties from which he thoughtfully selected his favorite. A silk scarf became a sign of nobility. Louis XIV preferred snow-white ties, which he sometimes wore with multi-coloured ribbons woven into a knot.

In 1692, during the war for the Spanish throne, the army of Louis XIV, located under the Belgian village of Steinkerk, was suddenly attacked by Englishmen. French officers, taken by surprise, had no time to tie neck scarves according to all the rules of military fashion. They tied them around their necks, fastened the ends with simple knots, and plugged them into the buttonholes of their uniforms. Thus, the "steinker" style was born. From then on, they wore a scarf-tie in the “steinker” style; it caught on with the ladies, who adopted this men's accessory, successfully decorating their wardrobes.

Later,Louise de Lavalier(king’s favorite) began experimenting with silk neck scarves and came up with the idea of tying a scarf around her neck in a beautiful, unique way: in the shape of a butterfly. This style was called “lavalier” — when the ends of the scarf are draped under the chin in an elegant “butterfly” shape with four “wings”.

Since then, lightweight scarves for ladies have become French fashion wardrobe staples. France has always set the tone for fashion, and other countries adopt its stylish trends. Thus, the tradition of wearing lightweight scarves for ladies has continued throughout the world.

Also, a scarf may prove invaluable in an affaire d'amour…

French Noblewomen Used lightweight scarves for ladies to Become Acquainted With Men

France is the country of romance and love. French men are known throughout the world as gallant gentlemen and perfect lovers. But French women also enjoy being in love. Did you know there were times at the court of French kings when it was unheard of not to have a mistress?

French women showed their appreciation to their lovers by appearing to accidentally throw lightweight scarves for ladies near them. Thus, the cavalier could become acquainted with the lady without attracting the attention of her jealous husband — he would pick the silk scarf up from the floor and return it to its owner.

French women also gave silk scarves to their lovers when they went to war so that they would not forget about them. These elegant accessories were mailed with secret letters to prove that these letters came from their lovers.

Best Fashion Brands to Buy Beautiful Scarves From

Fashion houses created a variety of models, and Hermes became the leader (statistics support that it remains the most popular); its scarves were sewn from silk, and they offered a variety of striking patterns. They garnered a cult following, establishing their pivotal role in the history of fashion.

In our online store, you can buy beautiful scarves — of excellent quality — that resemble or are better those of Hermes. We have chosen some beautiful models just for you.

Christian Lacroix Atlantis Oasis Small Multicolour/Purple



Queen Victoria of England played an important role in increasing the demand for scarves, and lightweight scarves for ladies have become a favorite and permanent element of the royal wardrobe. A bit later, thanks to Burberry, wearing checkered fabric became stylish, and warm scarves began to be sewn from it, too.

Burberry silk scarves are also among the most coveted fashion scarves. They are so expensive and in demand because of their unique combination of catwalk prints and designs on Italian silk.

Brands such as "Joshua Ellis" and "Billionaire", featured in our online store, bear a striking resemblance to those from Burberry. In fact, Joshua Ellis (with over 100 years of history) provides the best wool and cashmere scarves for men and women.

How to Buy a Designer Scarf for Women: Smart Tips

The scarf is no longer merely a practical accessory, worn only to protect us from the biting winter air; today, it’s also a bright statement piece that can be matched to any wardrobe item from any season. A scarf can hide imperfections or pull together a look, adding an elegant finishing touch.

The scarf has rightfully taken its place as a practical and beautiful accessory that can be worn not only in the cold but also in the summer heat — the ideal accessory for a walk in the park or dinner at a restaurant with one’s boyfriend.

If you want to buy a designer scarf for women, these smart tips from our professional designers are for you:

Below, we have also provided silk scarves to suit your look.

  • So, if you have green eyes, these models will suit you.

Mantero Tokyo Hotel Multicolour-1

  • If your eye color is brown, turn your attention to these models.

Joshua Ellis Classic Plain Scarlet

  • If you are a blue-eyed beauty, these silk scarves will look best on you.

Faliero Sarti Blu For You Scarf Blue

  • And for gray eyes, we have these models in our collection.

Joshua Ellis Primary black watch (tonal) Purple, Chatham navy, and Crocket

There are many models of scarves: they can be for winter, demi-season, or summer. Every woman should have several scarves for any occasion. These can be shawls, stoles, snoods, ponchos, clamps, or even boas. The more options you have, the more vivid images the images you will be able to create.

What else makes a scarf such a universal accessory? There are numerous options for tying and wearing it. You can find more than twenty ways for women and about ten for men. Silk scarves can be worn not only on the neck, but also on the hips, wrist, bag handle, or tied to head, like in the sixties.

In our store, you can find such famous brands as Billionaire, Philipp Plein, Faliero Sarti, Joshua Ellis, Escorial, Christian Lacroix, Mantero, and Como Silks. These are all luxury brands of excellent quality.

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