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Article: Choosing a winter jacket: winter 2020/2021 trends

Choosing a winter jacket: winter 2020/2021 trends

Choosing a winter jacket: winter 2020/2021 trends

The cold is coming and this is why choosing a winter jacket is something that many people need to consider now. In this article, we provide a fresh overview of the winter jacket trends for both men and women for the 2020-2021 winter season. In this article we want to mention one very famous and fashionable brand of jackets that successfully combines design and quality. The Bogner company creates jackets ideal for both winter sports and daily everyday wear during the cold weather.

Jacket sale online: Fashion palette of Bogner jackets

For the 2020-2021 season, womenswear designers have expressed their preference for feminine and delicate pastel colours. This can be seen as reflected in the colours of this season’s winter jackets. Products in lilac, blue, cream, pink and lemon colours have taken top place in this year’s collection. The jacket sale online of Bogner is no exception.

White and creamy colours will also become a contemporary trend for fashion in this winter’s collections. It’s a colour that can be expertly combined with various other tones. Such a jacket will perfectly refresh any winter outfit and give it a stylish interpretation.

Also this winter, variations of outerwear in lighter grey and blue will be fashionable. These jackets are perfect for women who are tired of the dullness of dark outerwear. The Bogner brand has an outstanding collection of these colours.

There is also an ongoing trend for winter jackets in bright colours. This remains a great option for those who want to stand out, or just want to improve their mood. What exactly are we talking about? Well, brighter jackets this season will be in orange, yellow, and turquoise.

Fashion week: new trends

According to the last Fashion Week, checkered prints remain a trend. This is a great option for women and men who prefer a classic style of clothing. It is clear that such a motif looks stylish both in classic color schemes and in the current combination of black and red.

For some time now a palette with metallic shades has been dominant in winter jacket fashion. A winter jacket in this design will make it easy to create a spectacular look and allow you to stand out from the crowd in style.

Men's fashion also does not stand still; it develops. For example, now both black and brown jackets and jackets with bright inserts are trendy. Like this Bogner jacket.

Buy puffer jacket Bogner, because it is comfortable and warm

According to fashion insights from stylists, puffy jackets will not lose their popularity in the winter season of 2020-2021. These models will continue to be presented both in the classic short length and in an elongated cut combined with a belt. The changes for this season have only affected the fashionable colours of the puffer products - this winter women of fashion will choose bright pastel colours instead of the classic black variations. We recommend you buy puffer jacket Bogner, because it is luxurious, sporty and unique. You can wear it while skiing or used it as an every-day jacket.


The practical cut anorak cut with a hood has proved itself to be fashionable in terms of design of winter jackets. This is a fresh and outstanding idea, because until quite recently this cut appeared exclusively in light windbreakers. The winter version of this jacket retains all the key features of the style, namely the presence of a large kangaroo pocket and the absence of a zipper. According to the expectations of designers, this new product will surely find many fans in the 2020-2021 season, because it provides excellent practicality and versatility.

Knitted hem inserts, trendy prints, large logos, and leather accents are expected to become a stylish feature of the anorak this year. Choosing a bright color for the anorak, which will be a fresh and creative solution for the winter season is also a stylish idea. For example, the choice of a fashionista may fall on a turquoise, lavender, blue, or orange shade.

To learn how to stylishly combine the current anorak jacket with your wardrobe, you just need to succumb to the temptation to experiment with your own style. This winter you can try not only the obvious combination with jeans, but also fresh fusions with trousers, dresses, and skirts of various lengths.


To the delight of many fashionistas, the oversized trend will not disappear in the 2020-2021 winter season. On the contrary, it will acquire new and interesting forms of self-expression. Now, with the preference for current loose styles, there are mainly elongated models of jackets that provide maximum comfort and protection from the cold. The fashion vector of the 2020-2021 season is moving towards versatility, so now it is acceptable to combine jackets with an actual free cut not just with casual clothes. Such outerwear will combine well with a classy winter dress. For example, you could mix such a jacket with a mid-length turtleneck and a comfortable wrap cut from cozy knitwear.

Perhaps you will be nudged into fashion experiments that combine excellent versatility of oversized jackets with different items of footwear. In the new season, women with a sense of fashion will combine this outerwear not only with boots and sneakers, but also with ankle boots and ankle boots with heels.

Sheepskin coat

Fashionable women's winter leather jackets for 2020-2021 can include the new styles of sheepskin coats. In contrast to their predecessors, modern variations have acquired a more feminine design. Now brands like to make sheepskin coat designs more expressive and relevant with puffy sleeves and cuffs. Presence of a belt, which creates a beautiful accent in the waist area, is also a fresh look for this item. Such a trendy novelty is guaranteed to pair well not only with your favourite jeans, but also with the most feminine dresses and skirts, and high boots.

As for the current palette of sheepskin coats, it retains the traditional look that best accents the style of these jackets. A stylish solution for this winter will be aristocratic grey colours, a pleasant warm beige, and a rich range of brown and chocolate shades.

The nature of sheepskin coats has also been accentuated in the design of the current coats. Here, the designers use a classic move - decorating a double-breasted collar with this texture.


The bomber style jackets have already become the main hit of the spring-summer collections, and many brands have decided to continue to emphasize these jackets in the winter season. Such a style, in a warm model, definitely deserves a place in the stylish arsenal of a fashionista, as it combines the ideas of democracy, versatility, and stylish chic.

We draw your attention to the fact that many winter bombers have moved away from the classic design. Designers have decided to add flavour to the familiar style with exaggerated voluminous sleeves. According to the promises of stylists, such a cool novelty will be able to fit organically with almost any outfit. For example, you could combine this with a business suit, mini dress, or asymmetrical or tiered skirt. Together with a bomber jacket, you dot not need to be afraid to mix different styles within the same outfit - such a jacket only welcomes such experiments.

Fur of pastel colors. A Bogner modern trend

Modern designers use natural and artificial fur not only in the production of fur coats - now this texture is organically placed on jackets. True, it is less and less used in the decoration of the hood. Today, this technique looks old-fashioned. But, contrasting inserts with fur, or using fur in the design of pockets, provides a very stylish addition. Jackets made entirely of fur will also be popular. To overcome the dullness of winter weekdays you can choose a unique and cheerful color for outerwear, for example, as with the Bogner modern trend below.


By the 2020-2021 season, leather-textured garments will continue to strengthen their position in the fashion arena. In the framework of winter collections, such material is often combined with fur - this technique increases the frost-protective properties of outerwear.

The trendy shades of winter leather jackets deserves special attention because it is no longer limited to the classic black. Warm models will be in demand in shades of orange, as well as in Burgundy wine.

Length of leather jackets also varies depending on current fashion trends. By the winter of 2020-2021, many trendy collections will have both stylish cropped variations and products like knee-length raincoats with belts. Only the maxi length is noticeably losing ground in the new season.

This selection of photos is intended to show which winter jackets for men and women will be the most fashionable in the 2020-2021 season. To choose the perfect model, you shouldn’t just take into account current trends, but also your own tastes and wardrobe - it is important to purchase a jacket that will fit into your style harmoniously.

What is the reason to buy jacket Bogner?

To buy jacket Bogner is a wise decision, since the main distinguishing features of Bogner's clothing, which allowed it to conquer the market, are:

  1. Functional design. The well-thought-out arrangement of pockets and other elements, as well as a quality cut, make Bogner clothes not just clothes, but also a reliable assistant for a professional athlete and, indeed, any active person.
  2. Use of advanced materials. The use of the latest developments allows Bogner to improve the moisture resistance and thermal protection. The windproof outer and synthetic silk winterizer lining will keep you warm even in the coldest weather.
  3. Wear resistance. Quality materials and careful assembly make these products durable. Clothes retain their presentable appearance over a large number of seasons. A Bogner jacket is a reliable investment.

Due to these qualities, Bogner jackets, suits, and accessories will not only emphasize the style of their owner but also provide comfort both on the ski slope and in the urban environments.

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