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Article: 11 Types of shirts for men

11 Types of shirts for men

11 Types of shirts for men

"Don't know what to wear? - Wear a shirt" is practical and beneficial advice for all men. On the other hand, you can't dress anyway you like, and you still seem stylish and acceptable in the situation. Selecting a particular model for a walk, formal occasion, corporate dress code, or daily life is crucial. Because of this, our experts have chosen the most popular styles of men's shirts for each occasion. Check out our comprehensive guide to learn what to dress and when to wear it to maintain your sense of style and self-assurance.

Traditional shirt


When it comes to men's shirt styles that every person should have, timeless designs are always in style. Everyone may have formal occasions where they must adhere to a particular look. When selecting a shirt, it should lay flat on the body and have a suitably presentable collar, so pay particular attention to the cut. The most essential thing to remember is to tuck it in; nevertheless, you can wear it with a bow tie or a tie. 

Oxford shirt

Consider the Oxford model when selecting various shirt styles. It is referred to as the "king" of all images. In contrast to the previous style, it is more widely used and has a less binding design, but it is always ready to highlight style elegance. Among the key features are a softer fabric than the classics, a looser shape, buttons on the collar, and various decorations and cuts. You can wear them as you like: tucked in, over pants, crumpled or ironed. 


Polo shirt

Looking for shirt types that you don't have to worry about image? A polo is a terrific combination of a t-shirt's comfort and elegance created by a shirt collar. A polo shirt with a streamlined silhouette is a versatile solution for creating a casual or almost formal look. It will look great in matching chinos, jeans, shorts, or other pants. However, choose thoughtfully because the polo shirt can emphasize excessive belly and skinny arms. If you want to combine a polo shirt with sweaters or blazers - we recommend you choose a model made of denser material with a structured collar.


Top shirt

For every season, the layered look effortlessly blends maximum comfort, style, and adaptability. This is how top shirts, a distinct kind of shirt, originated. They effortlessly blend the fashion of shirts with the warmth of coats. Here, you won't find bright, flowing textiles because the clothing is constructed from warmer, more resilient materials, which doesn't detract from its opulent appeal. Look for voluminous shapes that enhance the appeal of t-shirts, sweatshirts, or regular shirts. 

Cuban shirt

When listing shirt styles names, it is necessary to mention the model with a Cuban collar. They are just perfect if you need to create a casual summer look. That's why they are characterized by non-hot fabrics such as silk, linen, or cotton, short sleeves, and a special V-shaped unstructured collar with lapels. Another valuable feature of a fashionable Cuban shirt is the loose fit. All this allows you to wear them in an ensemble with any casual clothing without causing problems selecting a closet.


Short sleeve shirt

Interested in good looking shirts, but not ready to shiver in the summer heat? This adorable short-sleeved shirt is designed for those who want to look great in their casual or business look despite the hot weather. They can be no different from the classic Oxford type in style and functionality, except for the short sleeves. Choose models with a good fit made of breathable fabrics and feel great on a walk with friends, a business meeting or even a rather formal event.


Slimfit shirt

Make a bold choice with a narrow cut if you're seeking a trendy shirt that will positively accentuate your form. Any body type can benefit from a slightly slimmer cut. A sharply tapered cut can accentuate the silhouette of someone with an athletic or sporty physique. 


Business shirt

Working in an office requires a particular style in the closet. Fancy shirts for men will always be career-inspiring, earning clients' respect and colleagues' envy. After all, they are what your status and comfort will be based on. When choosing an office shirt, look for a structured cut, breathable materials, neutral light colors, and restrained decorative elements. On the other hand, business shirts can have non-standard stitching, an exciting collar, and beautiful buttons. You'll be able to feel comfortable and make an impression with this choice. 


Cocktail shirt

Shop designer men`s shirt are always happy to offer a fashionable style suitable for any occasion. The so-called cocktail shirts are too compelling to ignore. You can wear them over pants because they are typically medium length, not too tight, and have a classic double cuff.  More suitable for informal events where you need to look resplendent. Perfectly combined with vests and cardigans without putting on a blazer. Often, designers use fabrics of bright colors or fancy multicolor prints in their collections, which gives the clothes a unique charm.


Shirt with character

Considering the types of shirts for men, the materials creating a style should be mentioned.

  • Flannel shirt. Do not be afraid of stereotypes about the countryside, wearing it you will feel not only comfortable but also stylish, especially with the onset of cool evenings
  • Denim shirt. Choose a straight cut and simple solutions for a versatile look. Feel free to wear it in style; however, to stay on trend, don't use the same denim for the top and bottom.
  • Linen shirt. Breathable and available in various styles and cuts, linen shirts go well with office pants, chinos, jeans, and even shorts. 


Shirt with stand-up collar

When it comes to formal occasions, this men's shirt style is ideal if you are determined not to wear a tie or bow tie. A shirt with a stand collar or collar tape looks elegant when combined with fitted jeans or chinos as classic pants and shoes. Any event will be successful in this look. 

In the designer men's shirt store, you will find a large selection of the most fashionable models. Are you going to a formal event today? Oxford shirts, slightly slimmer models, or classics will make you look sophisticated!

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