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Article: New business culture. Build business networks online. Etiquette and dress code for online conferences

New business culture. Build business networks online. Etiquette and dress code for online conferences

New business culture. Build business networks online. Etiquette and dress code for online conferences

Our choice of style is one kind of communication. It shows how we want others to perceive us. So our clothes say a lot about us, or even replace words in some situations. Research has shown conclusively that dressing formally changes the way people perceive themselves as well as changing the impression we make on others. What the clothes have to "say" depends on the situation and the impression to be made. Sometimes you just want clothes to reflect individuality and give us a feeling of lightness and comfort.

However, in some situations, menswear choices are made strategically in order to have a definite effect and to give us an advantage. Now, under the current condition of ‘new realities’, a new business culture is being developed. Online business relationships have come to the fore. This is why new rules of etiquette and dress code for online conferences are starting to emerge.

Do you need to wear business attire if you work from home?

First, let's figure out if you need to wear business clothing if you work from home. Imagine that you come to a meeting in the office and all the employees are sitting in comfortable pajamas and drinking tea with cookies. Does this set you up to consider this meeting as a serious one, and does it increase your efficiency? Now, what if they wear business clothing? Those people who are accustomed to starting the working day with a meeting in the boss's office will immediately answer - a business environment increases the efficiency and productivity of those involved in the task many times over. For office workers, this is as obvious as the fact that it is hot in Africa and cold in Antarctica...

A business suit, if you work online, will help you keep your job and increase your number of business contacts

What if you are communicating with a person for the first time; with a potential client, investor, or supplier? Is it really not necessary to show respect and have a business-like image? We know this directly affects the success of any negotiation, both when meeting in real life and online. When you find yourself in a situation with hard negotiations, you need to provide the project the image of reliability and give yourself confidence in judgments. The right clothes for a negotiator can convey a sense of trust and competence. A negotiator's outfit should be about:

  1. "You need ME to solve this question."
  2. "You can rely on my judgment"
  3. "I am trustworthy!"

Of course, now a new era is dawning. There are even people suggesting that the world has changed forever and that many companies will not return to doing business offline after the end of the pandemic. Most likely this is so, because now people understand how important it is to be able to work online. Many businesses have adapted to this and learned how to benefit from it. It will no longer be profitable for them to return everyone to the office. Therefore, it is especially important to be able to build business relationships online, and it is the clothes of a businessman that are of paramount importance in this process. After all, good clothes open all doors. So, how can you create this business look for success?

For corporate meetings and online business meetings, wear the best luxury blazers. Buy the best option to achieve better results

Choosing the right style for a businessman is paramount. It's important to convince people, not sell them something (that's a different message). It is not at all necessary for a man to look "in charge". In fact, you need to actively avoid this so as not to seem too "overbearing". Try to convey the image of a reliable and of a reasonable person seeking consensus. We advise you to buy some trendy best luxury blazers. Consider some from this line, for example:

Often such clothes can be seen on the classic "negotiators"; in the media, worn by consultants, public relations specialists, etc.

Regardless of whether they participated in the negotiation preparation process or not, the negotiator must convince everyone on the other side of the screen that without him the deal will not happen. Subtle meaning stems from the aura of irreplaceability.Creating the right atmosphere in business negotiations is an art. Try to dress neatly but not flashy. To look perfect is to look modest.

Modern blazer for men: price and quality

This is a very serious question: How to choose the right blazer for men? Prices and quality are important components that directly influence each other. Quality affects perception. If the jacket is made of high quality, soft, heavy wool, it makes you (and therefore your judgment) more "important" than wearing a light, cheap, shiny suit.

Whenever possible, choose a suit. A dark grey business suit helps to create a business atmosphere. Wear a nice club jacket and button-down collared shirt with slacks if you're in a negotiation for which a suit may be too formal. However, try to avoid blue jeans with collared shirts.

Do not forget to buy luxury shirt

It is important to remember your image, even if you need to conduct short negotiations with a subordinate, and it is the end of the day and both of you are already tired. It is still important even if you are friends with him or her outside the office and you can take your jacket off and hold a meeting in a shirt. Remember, even in such a situation, the rule "your image is your opinion" applies. By trying to give the impression of a calm and authoritative person without imposing this feeling on others you will achieve more than an aggressive authoritative boss. Only the calm and authoritative people actually succeed at the negotiating table. Dress neatly, but don't dress aggressively. To do this, you just need to buy luxury shirt. Especially for you, we have selected some amazing options from the leading brands of Italian designers:

The shirts of Barba Napoli brand are made of 100% cotton and look especially stylish.

Be sure to complement your business suit with a formal belt. For men it is the ultimate accessory

Pay attention to accessories and related items. Even when you are conducting the meeting online, this includes a belt and a briefcase. After all, you may not only be sitting at the table, but also have a board in the room and be writing on it, placing charts on it (which you can then send to your colleagues or subordinates by email), hanging up a paper with a plan, writing a list of tasks, and so on. For all this, you have to stand up. Therefore, you should definitely compliment your suit with a formal belt. For men, this is the ultimate accessory.Imagine yourself, for example, in the role of your subordinate. Indeed, online he has a unique opportunity to look at you the way he or she wants. So in a suit, you need to think over to the smallest detail, from the cleanliness of the suit to the accessories, for example, a belt, watch, briefcase, etc.

Here we have specially selected for you some of the most stylish models from leading brands.

Men’s trousers for a great business image

Try to dress in a way that gives the impression of being confident, and your confidence should subconsciously spread to others. Therefore, you should not be holding a meeting wearing old slippers. If you have slippers on your feet, then let them look like men's business shoes. Otherwise, you will worry about them getting into the frame. The same goes for trousers: they should be impeccably clean and ironed, and they should also be business-style men’s trousers. For example trousers from Incotex:

Buy mens trousers online

In our online store, you can buy mens trousers online. All models fit the figure well, are suitable for creating a business image, and are made with the addition of natural wool, which makes them not only comfortable but also warm.

A few tips for negotiating in Zoom or Skype. How to show that you are a reliable partner, supplier, seller, etc.

Any negotiation technique says that negotiators are looking for someone they can trust. This is true even if we are talking about very difficult negotiations, such as the discussion by presidents of the issue of a disputed border, or the reconciliation of a married couple through a couple’s psychologist. That is, the main word here is "trust".

Trust is an insidious beast. A reputation runs ahead of us and can help. Of course, if dealing with people who have known you for a very long time, they will have their own opinions. Your business wardrobe needs to take on the job of projecting trust. Here are some tips to help you look trustworthy:

Try to choose clothes with a slight texture. Flannel, tweed, and wool will help you look softer than broadcloth does. The finest worsted fabric is very smooth and shiny, so in it, you, as a negotiator, will seem too harsh. With these details in mind, try to give your partners confidence in your competence and trustworthiness.

Naturally, the shoes should be polished and the shirt ironed. A man's suit should fit exactly to his figure.

The best way to appear reliable is, of course, to be reliable. Do other things that highlight your reliability. For example, wear a nice wristwatch instead of checking the time on your mobile.

Brown and other pastel colorus have repeatedly been shown to be more credible than bright colours in scientific research. A soft grey suit (or brown if appropriate) is preferred over blue or black. A cream shirt is better than a dazzling white shirt, and so on.

Accents with gold metals appear “warmer” than silver or steel, so opt for gold accents (belt buckle colour, watch glasses, etc.)

As the practice of business negotiations shows, along with the image, of course, you can change the voice, facial expression, body movement, and other subtle signals in order to look more calm, balanced, and principled. However, this takes effect later than the first visual impression, especially online. It is your clothes that will make that vital first impression.

Your clothes will do everything for you, so choose them carefully.

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