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Article: Choosing a handbag: 5 luxury brands of handbags from famous internationally known designers

Choosing a handbag: 5 luxury brands of handbags from famous internationally known designers

Choosing a handbag: 5 luxury brands of handbags from famous internationally known designers

Not a single modern woman can live without a practical and stylish handbag, which sometimes contains her most day-to-day essentials. Practical models for everyday use or smart clutches for special evenings - any model will be used. The world of bags has its own leaders, whose products are desired by all fashionistas on the planet, and most of them select bags designed in Italy. The designers of this sunny country treat their creations as a piece of art that are intended to delight women every day.

Italian handbags have always been and will always remain in fashion. It’s hard to imagine any other option. Today we will tell you about five unique brands whose handbags are carried by followers of fashion all over the world. If that wasn’t enough, we will also tell you a secret about an explosively young, but really ambitious, brand that has already won the hearts of some of the hardest to please women all over the world. And the first on our list, of course, are Italian brands...

Why should I buy Italian handbag? Features, pros and cons

Italian designer handbags are renowned for their elegance and daring designs, as well as for their wide range of styles. These fashion designers manage to create products that remain relevant at all times, regardless of the trends. But, in addition to an elegant or catchy appearance, the products of this country are also distinguished by the important quality of functionality. Despite their love of relaxation, Italians know everything about the needs of modern businesswomen, as well as the young and trendy. When you buy Italian handbag, you are not just buying an accessory, but an item created by the hands of artisans who love and adore women. Feel like a true fashionista - buy Italian handbag.

The history of Italian bags began a little under a hundred years ago, when, in the post-war period, women wanted beauty and style. It was then that bags were given not just practical utility, but also the role as an accessory. Models with intricate decor appeared.

Some of the most dramatic of these were the joint creations of Salvador Dali and fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, Italian by origin. They created bags in the form of balloons, apples, and even telephone handsets. Elsa became the founder of the avant-garde in accessories, which was reflected in her designs.

Italians in general tend to invent new things in fashion. That is why most of the modern styles of bags were developed by the designers of this country. They are trendsetters, so the purchased item will be one hundred percent stylish. Italians creatively combine classic trends with modern trends. Therefore, the bag from the latest collection will be relevant for years.

Some have suggested that these bags are priced somewhat high. The more famous the brand, the more decor and material used, the less common it is, the more expensive the bags is. On average, the price of a standard medium-sized model ranges from two to five hundred dollars. Exclusive and vintage models can have prices in excess of thousands of dollars.

The cost is determined not only by the name of the company and the availability of this or that material. Production technology plays an important role in the price. Most of the handbags are completely or mostly handmade, which raises the cost of production. The high cost is also associated with the type of trimmings used, as well as the overall decor, which is often fur and precious stones.

However, having paid such a price once, the lucky owner of the desired item gets a durable bag. Italian brands are known all over the world have appeared in different years and decades, each of them in its own style, with its own characteristic features. What unites all the bags of these companies is their quality. It is one of those virtues that are so prized by women, and that is why everyone is eager to get at least one bag from a leading Italian designer.

Luxury brands have a peculiar status. This has a positive effect on the self-confidence of the owner of such a product. Even those who are not well versed in fashion know what the brand names of famous labels look like. Thanks to this, others will be able to appreciate the taste of the individual who holds the bag from the Italian manufacturer in her hand. That is why we decided to do an Italian handbags sale in online store.

Buy ladies handbags for the office. Stylish bags from Cromia for successful women

Cromia: bags for an active, dynamic, self-confident woman who buys an accessory not to please others, but to please herself. This is the accessory for the woman living in the city as the main character in her own story. This is for the woman who has her own unique, modern, elegant, and never boring style. When you buy ladies handbags from Cromia, you feel your uniqueness from the very first moment you pick the bag up. Just take a look at the models we have chosen for you. By the way, today in our store there are remarkable discounts for ladies who want to look their best.

Cromia handbags combine high-quality materials with fine craftsmanship. Frequent collaborations with stylists and icon painters bring dynamism and fresh ideas to Cromia, attracting the attention of the fashion world as well as generating more and more fans from all over the world. Choose your favourite option and impress people around you.

Krenoir. Fashion handbags for daily life and party

What is a handbag for a woman? A trusted friend who can accommodate everything you need, accompany you on weekdays and leisure nights, and make you look expressive and stylish. Many designers are not afraid to experiment, so in their lineup, you can find shocking and daring models. Both original and classic handbags, one way or another, reflect the personality of their wearer. If you are used to impressing others both while shopping and at a party, then fashion handbags from the Krenoir brand are for you.

All Krenoir bags and accessories are made with ethically sourced exotic skins. For example, this bag, made by Italian craftsmen from python skin with an original Flamingo handle, will definitely appeal to those who like to draw attention.

With such a handbag, you can go shopping and come to a wedding. Anytime you want to stand out, this will work.

Also, please take a look at these 3 models.

Create a stylish look with a Mantero fashion handbags. Buy branded handbags online

The Mantero brand started out as a fabric manufacturer. It then grew into a manufacturer of scarves and other accessories, among which you can find fashion handbags. In our online store, you can purchase scarves as well as buy branded handbags online. Fashion handbags look incredibly stylish. Have a look at these feather bags in a unique vintage style. This is one of the most recent fashion trends.

Serpui handbag for a true Brazilian mood. Buy unique handbags from the Brazilian designer in our online handbags store

Designer Serpui Mari produces ethnic-style handbags and clutches using Brazilian craft traditions. All products are created in the brand's atelier in São Paulo from natural materials: leather, mother of pearl, raffia, and wood. The embroidery or design is applied by hand. And, in our online handbags store we have an impressive selection of these bags.

For Serpui, her creations are not just beautiful bags, but rather works of art. The collection embodies this signature design vision: a unique blend of natural elements and materials, often seeking inspiration in traditional craft markets, which are then combined with sophisticated style elements. Serpui develops four collections a year for women, which contain special and quality accessories, exclusive designs using sophisticated materials such as mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals, and handmade embroidery. Each collection uses the most beautiful updated color palette and an exquisite finish.Especially for you, we have selected the most interesting models of this brand. Please feel free to take a look at them.

The Volon. A fashion handbag for a special mood

The Volon is a youthful Korean brand that produces, or more precisely, assembles by hand, bags that can be called many things, but definitely not basic or everyday. Instead of just focusing on utility there are sequins, colored leather, gold fittings, and curly perforations. Such a bag cannot be considered a utility item, but it is still better to have one in the wardrobe than not. For both special occasions and a night at the movies.. The style of these bags is street style. This is a novel trend in the fashion world. Increasingly, you can see these bags in the hands of world-class celebrities.

Yunjung Jang, designer and founder of the company, presented her first Volon collection in Paris in 2016. Her love for music, the visual arts, and architecture has defined the unique style of the Volon brand. Volon is about the constant search for how to delight your customers with the most dramatic accessories.

The handbags of this bold design are made of high-quality leather and assembled by hand. So they are much more solid than they might seem at first glance.

Today we declare an Italian handbags sale in online store OX

OriginalLuxury is an online store whose mission is to make the world more beautiful and our clients happier. We are obsessed with fashion and therefore offer only the best to our customers. Fashion is our passion and our life! You will find all the newest and stylish bags only in our store. Most importantly. today we are announcing a huge Italian handbags sale in online store.

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