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Article: Mystify your Mother this Mother's Day

Mystify your Mother this Mother's Day

Mystify your Mother this Mother's Day

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Our mothers are often the most important women in our lives, from the day we are born they care for us, love us, and provide for us. It is time to say ‘thank you’ to someone special.

Give more than the gift of caring this mother’s day. With a Luxury Italian scarf you can bring a smile to her face that you and she both will remember for years to come.

Luxury Italian scarves are cut from the same incredible cloth she is. Made with the same care and attention to detail your mother took while raising you, scarves from Como Silks will shatter all expectations and deliver the perfect gift this mother’s day. With excellent materials and expert finishing and detail, Como Silks scarves are produced at the highest level of the fashion industry.

Located in Como Italy, Como Silks is steeped in tradition but enjoy innovating designs like no other fashion house. Just like your mother, Como Silks brought something beautiful into this world. Now is your chance to show her how much you appreciate her and everything she has  done for you!


Como Silks Balbianello White 

Balbianello White by Como Silks is a luxurious 100% silk scarf woven by hand in one of the most beautiful environments in the world. That same peace and tranquillity is woven into every fibre of this wonderful scarf. Como Silks leaves nothing to be desired. This kind of perfection is reserved for the greatest of mothers. A mother like yours. 

Pelargoni Azzuro scarf picture

Pelargoni Azzurro conveys a sense of elegance and distinction and is another wonderful option for your mother. Woven by the finest hands in the business, this scarf is perfect down to the last stitch. Sweep your mother away with this incredible Luxury scarf.

Como Waves Persiane

Como Silks’ Waves Persiane is another delightful choice. Dyed a brilliant green, it is perfect for spring. Made with 100% Luxury Italian silk, this delightful scarf makes for a memorable gift.  Waves Persiane rocks back and forth on the ocean of elegance.

box photo

Como Silks scarves come packaged in a collectable Original Luxury box that will add a touch of class to your mother’s closet. Bound in leather, these beautiful boxes are made for perfect presentation. To order the perfect mother’s day gift from Como Silks or to browse the full collection, please feel free to click here.

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