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Article: Escorial - the most exclusive wool from New Zealand

Escorial - the most exclusive wool from New Zealand

There is no doubt that in the world of fabrics there are some that are considered highly luxurious and exclusive. Among them, the Escorial wool (or El Escorial) stands out the most. This wool is originated from the Spanish Royal sheep, and is well known internationally as luxurious and highly durable fabric, that is produced in very limited quantities in Australia and New Zealand.

The uniqueness of the El Escorial lies in the fibre that resemble a coiled spring. Due to this structure, the Escorial wool is extremely comfortable and has strong resistance towards creases and folds. Joshua Ellis, our partnered brand from Yorkshire, England has perfected the process of manufacturing highest quality luxurious scarves and shawls made from the finest virgin wool, cashmere, and of course the Escorial.

With over 250 years of experience and heritage, there is no other brand that could translate the luxury and quality of the Escorial wool better than Joshua Ellis. For those that understand what real luxury is the Escorial wool is the most sought out fabric in the industry. It is extremely rare, comfortable, very light weight, and provides protection from creases - all factors that make it suitable for travelling and every day life.

OriginalLuxury is a product distributor of Joshua Ellis and Escorial products in Canada. Our product line is hand-picked, and includes both Joshua Ellis and Escorial products. These products are ideal for the Canadian climate, while providing unprecedented warmth and comfort even during the coldest seasons. Secure your Joshua Ellis and Escorial product today with Original Luxury.

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