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Article: How to highlight your personality with luxury clothes?

How to highlight your personality with luxury clothes?

How to highlight your personality with luxury clothes?

Today, every piece of clothing that one purchases does not merely serve the functionality, but rather provided an opportunity to demonstrate one’s style and character . It is difficult to disagree with a statement that one’s appearance is an expression of his or her inner world. It reflects one’s character, personality, and mood.

Good style may and should be developed. One of the better way of doing it is by choosing the right brands and designs? Furthermore, today there is a huge number of companies engaged in creation of designer images.

Given the abundance of products in today's market, it is quite easy to get confused and not so easy to choose something really good and of high quality. Today the process of selection of clothes can be regarded as real science. This is why new professions such as stylists, fashion designers, fashion journalists and photographers, etc. are gaining popularity.

Buying designer clothing is the best solution if you are striving for the high-quality products. After all, it is made of durable and expensive materials, with the help of modern technology. However, designer clothing provides not only excellent quality, but also a unique style, considering the latest fashion trends.

What is designer clothing nowadays?

A decade ago, designer clothing was considered something out of reach for the middle class. It was a privilege that was only available for the rich and famous. Today however, more and more brands are appearing in the fashion space, and are designed for a wider range of customers. They high quality and stylish products, but with lower prices. This way designer clothing become more accessible for anyone.

  • The opportunity to reveal your individuality. Products from high fashion houses allow its owners to demonstrate their taste and insight into fashion. High fashion offers a wide field for experimentation and unconventional solutions.
  • Total Look. Many brands create a variety of products that can be used to design a complete look. This way buying the whole look makes it easier to pair certain garments with accessories.
  • The ultimate quality for years. Products from renowned fashion designers will be your faithful companions for several seasons. They will not lose their appearance even when used consistently.
  • A wide variety of goods. Some fashion houses offer a wide variety of products for every occasion – both formal and informal. These products are designed for clients with different types of tastes and figures.
  • Beautiful appearance. Special cut, a combination of original textures, deep shades, unusual fittings - all this sets designer clothing apart from the mass market. It perfectly underlines the shape and conceals flaws, creating an incredibly proportionate silhouette.

How to distinguish original designer clothing from counterfeit?

Another factor that complicates the choice of designer clothing is the problem of counterfeit products (fakes). Modern disreputable manufacturers have learned to forge things from the famous fashion houses so "creatively" that often at first glance you will not be abele to spot any differences. And even in malls and expensive stores you can also meet a variety of replicas, which are far below the original quality.

Of course, if worn for a long time, fake clothes can "prove" themselves from the wrong side. It quickly becomes shapeless, wobbles, loses color after washing, and may spoil fittings. Therefore, if you want to wear only original and high-quality products from a famous brand, do not spare time and effort to select authorized retailers.

7 features to help distinguish the fake from the original:

  1. When buying clothes, pay attention to the bar code. The first few digits in it indicate the number of the country where the item was made. Unfaithful manufacturers may miss this aspect.
  2. Check the label. It should indicate: the composition of the fabric, care and laundry features, brand name, country of manufacture (Made in...). If something on the list is missing, you should question the authenticity of the item.
  3. Where you buys your products is also important. If you want some hoodies to buy for example, a real, branded, quality product, then you can use Google to find the manufacturer’s website and check if the store is listed as distributor. It is better to shop on a well-known boutique or online store with an excellent reputation.
  4. Take a look at the item quality. A popular brand cannot afford to make mediocre clothes from low-quality materials. And low quality materials are visible to a naked eye. Smooth seams, no protruding threads, perfect stitches. All these small details, which are not that visible when you glance at an item, directly differentiate a replica from a real product.
  5. An equally important factor is the price tag. After all, even cotton casual trousers of famous designer brands cannot be cheap. Undoubtedly, there are various discounts and sales, but they cannot be overextended to prices that are simply too good to be true. Often they do not exceed 50% of the actual price.
  6. Particular attention should be paid to small accessories on the product (such as zipper, or buttons). They must be fully functional, free of scratches, and show no signs of uneven paint application. By the way, often a brand’s logo is placed on zippers, buttons, rivets. The existence of such designations means there is a chance we do have the original.
  7. An important item in the counterfeit identification is packaging. An honest fashion house pays attention even to such a small detail as packaging. While counterfeiters can save money on this and pack it in a simple bag.

Such simple but effective recommendations will help you to easily recognize a fake product and buy original branded products.

Online store or a boutique: which is the best place to shop?

Some time ago, everyone went shopping to the nearest mall. There we spent long hours looking for and trying on designer clothing. And often you could spend a whole day refreshing your wardrobe. So what have changed now? First of all, high-end online boutiques are emerging. For example, nowadays it is quite easy to find a good website to buy a sweater. And the young generation of fashionistas is already actively engaged in shopping online.

The pros of shopping online:

  • A wide range of brands is available. Large online stores cooperate with representatives of many fashion houses. That is why you can see the collections of many famous manufacturers, such as Artioli, Philipp Plein, Billionaire, Zilli, Incotex, Joshua Ellis, Christian Lacroix or Krenoir in their assortment.
  • Unlimited access. You can browse an online store at any time and with any electronic device. A computer, tablet or smartphone will do.
  • An opportunity to save money. Marketplaces set more competitive prices for their goods on the Internet, compared with conventional boutiques.
  • Smart shopping. A few minutes for an order, a couple of days for delivery, and you have your cherished dress. A good online store offers a return service. For example, if you bought a polo T-shirt during online shopping, you can get the money if you have not damaged the product and can send it back to the store. It is a good opportunity not to lose money on things that did not fit!

The main advantage of brick and mortar boutique comparing to an online store is the ability to try things on. You can do a fitting, look at each thing in detail and choose the best one. In addition, you pay for and take the outfit immediately. However, the amount of time and sometimes even money (for parking and etc.) that you spend on shopping may not be the most ideal. And that is why spending hours searching for clothes at various malls is an unacceptable waste of time. This is where online stores can help, since they appreciate the time of buyers and do not take away any extra of clients’ time to make a purchase.

It is your choice to make of where to buy designer clothing. The point is that some designer items should definitely be included in a wardrobe of a classy and fashionable person.

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