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Article: How to choose a proper designer handbag?

How to choose a proper designer handbag?

How to choose a proper designer handbag?

A lady’s handbag is no longer a staple for utility to carry things around, for this one can find something a little bit simpler, like a backpack or an ordinary pouch. However, today a woman's bag is an accessory, without which no outfit will be considered complete. In addition, it can tell a lot about its owner, but that if you know what to pay your attention to.

The bag reflects an image

The bag reflects (and this is a fact) its owner’s image. By looking at it, we can pinpoint whether a woman is stylish, or chooses to be flashy. Thus the price of the handbag is not of important, what matters is quality: decent and precious, prevails over a cheap and poor quality.

How many handbags should one own?

Depending on the number of handbags that an individual owns, one can distinguish certain characteristics about the owner. Owning one purse of the cold season, and one purse for the warm season translates a message that the owner is rather conservative and does not like change – neither in life nor in appearance.

On the contrary, more extravagant style and adherence to switch purses on a weekly, or even daily basis signals that the owner is ready to take on the day, and is open to changes.


Purses that are more practical in terms of size are becoming popular due to the utility that they provide. It is worth mentioning the famous dimensionless handbags in which you could store anything you want. As a rule, these bags are especially suitable for women who love shopping or even decorating one’s home. she worries that she will suddenly need to buy something. To some extent, one may claim that such bags were created for women who tend to be anxious – there’s always extra room if something is forgotten during a shopping trip.

These types of bags are direct opposite of the “egoistic” purses that other women prefer. All that could fit in such a purse includes a phone, a pair of keys, some make-up and a credit card.

A reasonable question: Does this rule work nowadays, when bulky bags are in fashion?


As a rule, a man never knows what is hiding inside a woman’s purse, but a woman knows perfectly how to maneuver through the chaos of makeup, keys, notepads, phone, and moisturizers to get the exact item she needs – without even looking. The secret to this system of organized chaos is not to remember where and how the products are stored in the purse, but not to have any unnecessary items on you. In addition, the inside must be clean, neatly folded and smoothed out. Chaos is when you can only see crumpled paper, old receipts and lipstick.

As for the objects in the bag - they perfectly reflect hobbies and preferences of its owner. That is why back in the day it was a common practice for an interviewer to ask an applicant to demonstrate how one handles the organization of the purse.


Style of a handbag indicates whether a woman likes to stand out from the crowd or whether she likes to remain invisible. A flamboyant and creative woman chooses bags of corresponding - avant-garde, non-traditional - styles. Owners of classic bags, as a rule, do not like to draw attention, they are annoyed by the looks directed at them - they feel more comfortable in their own world, where they are not the center of other people’s attention.


Colour of the bag tells a lot about the emotional state of its owner. For example, a woman who prefers black and white can be called a maximalist: she is literally torn by two opposite polar passions, in addition, it is very easy to go from joy to despair and back. It is said about such people that for them there are no halftones, they see the whole world in black and white.

Lovers of pastel shades, on the contrary, are not inclined to mood swings, their emotions are smoothly flowing into each other.

Where to buy branded bags?

Designer handbags are now available virtually anywhere, however; there are a few nuances that one needs to consider.

To purchase a high-quality product, you must follow certain rules. Before buying a handbag you should ask the seller for a certificate and other documents confirming its quality. Branded products are expensive, and your seller must be authorized to distribute the product.

When buying directly, it is important to inspect the quality of the tailoring. Famous designer bags have a special certificate. It specifies the warranty, additional services, and explains how to properly maintain and take care of the bag.

You can also buy bags online, shopping at various e-commerce stores. When visiting an online bag store make sure that the products you are buying are legitimate. OriginalLuxury specializes on distribution of highest quality products from famous brands including Krenoir, The Volon, Philipp Plein, Cromia, and Serpui. Shopping at OriginalLuxury allows you to find a purse, bag, or a handbag at a price point that is unmatched by the competition – because our overhead is so minimal, and the savings are always translated to our customers.

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