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Article: How to choose a blazer: Full Guide for Men

How to choose a blazer: Full Guide for Men

How to choose a blazer: Full Guide for Men

A blazer is an essential component of a man's closet, giving a unique charm and character to the style, making the figure statuesque. It is not sufficient to wear the first model you come across to project a perfect picture. The item must be an exact fit for the circumstance, season, style, and figure. Let's look at all of them to determine which sort of blazer to select and how to wear it.


Men’s blazer styles

 Clothing can differ in cut, style, and details that will help to create this or that image. Consider the main types:

  • Office - classic men's blazer will give a formal style to its owner. A more straightforward silhouette is single-breasted or double-breasted, with lapels on the collar.
  • Sporty - looser cut for everyday informal wear. It can have a more versatile design, including patch pockets, additional details, different colors, and combined materials.
  • Evening - a luxurious men's blazer with a more elegant cut made of textured materials with expressive patterns and details.

Blazer fabric types

Men's blazers come in a variety of fabrics; the choice usually depends on the wearer's attributes, the season, the style, and personal preferences:

  • Wool and cashmere are the best materials for certain luxurious blazer kinds. Generally speaking, clothing manufactured of this material leans toward formal and informal styling. It adds sophistication to the look, it is comfortable to wear and keeps you warm in the winter.  It is it what Barba Napoli chooses for her collections. 
  • Linen is dense, with a relatively coarse texture, an excellent option for everyday wear in summer.
  • Cotton is light and soft. Due to different knitting techniques, it can have a variety of textures. Cotton clothes are worn mainly in the summer season.
  • Tweed is a coarse, refined fabric used to make luxurious English-style blazers for cool, wet weather.


How long should a men's blazer be

It is crucial that your clothing fits your body precisely. Any model, no matter how expensive or exclusive, will appear horrible if it does not fit your physique. Knowing how long a blazer should be on a man is essential to be proportionate and not visually shorten his growth. The ideal standard length should stop at the mid-thigh line or the knuckles' level. However, a lot depends on the model. The sporty blazer can be a little bit shorter, but in this case, it's important to select the fitting pants and consider how the item will seem on the buttocks.


 An elongated model is frequently chosen for serious or formal occasions, although persons of small height should take caution when wearing one. Ideally, clothes that only cover the buttocks will look perfect.


Keep in mind that the sleeve length is important; it should terminate at the level of the wristbone with the shirt cuff sticking out by 1-2 cm.

How to wear a blazer (What to wear with a blazer)

If you are looking for clothes that will always be appropriate - luxury men`s blazers will always be relevant. Here are the most winning options:

  • Pants with a shirt are the most classic option. The shirt should be monochrome, lighter, or darker.
  • T-shirts or polo shirts are an excellent idea for a casual look, and they can be bright or colored, creating a spectacular accent.  
  • Chinos pants with loafers or shoes will help to create a trendy-free look.
  • Straight-cut or torn jeans will perfectly match a shortened single-breasted blazer. In this case, the top should be selected less restrained.
  • Shorts are a good summer-free option that does not require formality. Add shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers to a trendy men's blazer for a relaxed style. You can also create a more formal, classic look by wearing smart shorts, shoes, and a shirt.

Difference between men's blazers and women’s

Many unisex models are now available because fashion has somewhat smoothed out its look, making them suitable for both men and women to wear. However, it is important to pay attention to its essential characteristics if you want a unique men's fashion blazer:

  • Buttons and clasps should be on the right side and are usually devoid of stand-out decorations.
  • Cut - here, we must admit that men have less variety. Mostly, it is clear, straight, or slightly silhouetted lines without bright details.
  • Color scheme is mostly restrained monotone. You can often find such colors as white, black, gray, brown, beige, blue, green, and their shades. If you want to stand out, choose elegant stripe or flirty plaid, but in this case, pay attention to the shirt. It should be monochrome or thematically repeat the pattern.
  • Shoulders should be broader, voluminous, and straight, adding austerity to the image.
  • The lining must be primarily simple monochrome.
  • The shape emphasizes the features of the male figure with an emphasis on the shoulders and hips.

How much should a blazer cost?

The type of blazer has a direct impact on the pricing. It influences the producer, mass production, and material and stitching quality. Three general pricing ranges can be identified:


It usually includes factory models, mostly made of synthetic fabrics, without a brand, sold en masse in various stores. Their average price is 50-250 dollars, but as a result, you get low quality and poor fit.


You can find improved quality in this class, partly made of natural fibers. The blazer will lie better on the figure, and the label will show the brand's name. The cost of such products is usually 200-400 dollars.


It is targeted at extravagant blazers crafted from expensive, often natural materials and tailored to the specifics of the figure. They are priced starting at $500. Unique fittings, proprietary molds, and handcrafted components are frequently employed. For instance, a classic Barba Napoli men's jacket costs starting from 600 dollars and is constructed of natural wool with the addition of soft cashmere or luxurious silk.


Are you concerned about how you look and uncertain what to wear? A blazer is a multipurpose item that can create any look, from a breezy summer outfit to a subdued formal one. Pay close attention to the style, material, and how you match it with other clothing items to ensure you look best. The length of the product and the price, which in many ways act as a barometer of quality and status, play a significant part in the decision.

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