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Article: Faliero Sarti`s new capsule collection with the authentic Italian brand Coreterno. Symbols, signs, phrases and characters for the romantic, rock and esoteric mood

Faliero Sarti`s new capsule collection with the authentic Italian brand Coreterno. Symbols, signs, phrases and characters for the romantic, rock and esoteric mood

Faliero Sarti`s new capsule collection with the authentic Italian brand Coreterno. Symbols, signs, phrases and characters for the romantic, rock and esoteric mood

Thanks to the collaboration between Faliero Sarti, one of the leaders in production of male and female accessories around the globe, and the Roman brand Coreterno, a new capsule collection was created  that combines hard rock, erotic, mystical, punk, as well as cloak-and-dagger elements.

Monica Sarti, head designer and entrepreneur of the family business that was founded by her grandfather Faliero, has established a series of intriguing artworks for the latest fashion collection. In order to achieve this goal, Monica decided to go beyond the usual fashion and mix  it with the industrial design. One of such brands is Coreterno. Conceived in Rome and born in the streets of worldly-wise New York, Coreterno is a lifestyle brand founded by Francilla Ronchi and Michelangelo Brancato. This project was founded by two creators who mix ornaments and prints, that are typical for the 17th century, with illustrations of the 19th century and symbols of rock and pop music, which have come to modern culture from the previous century. Coreterno means “eternal heart” and aims to create artwork with expressive power of words and symbols, which holds secrets hidden in centuries of immense beauty.

One can say for sure, that it was rather a bold experiment for the traditional style of Faliero Sarti. Nevertheless, this collaboration has become a successful project that penetrates into the mysterious world of rebellious poets, writers, artists and engravers long gone and forgotten. Through this collection, language becomes the medium of expression in people’s constant quest for happiness, and words and symbols, depicted on each craft, open the doors to a magical universe. Thus, a series of ten scarves was born. The series, in which Victorian elements, rock symbols and punk icons were rethought and mixed in a new way. Each product is an ideal combination of the words and images with a destructive emotional impact.

  1. Courage. This scarf depicts a woman-warrior. She knows about her own beauty and knows its value. She intends to fight to the bitter end in order to demonstrate and prove her worth.
  2. The Lovers. This is a hymn of love. On the background is graffiti of Williamsburg and a depiction of Brooklyn quarter. The main characters, on the contrary, are the heroes from a French painting of 1800’s.
  3. The Vision. This scarf is decorated with symbols of the eyes and hands that contain a heart. It symbolizes vision of openness into the future and an invitation to open up for love.
  4. The Unwritten Destiny. The designers remind us that only our choices determine our fates and our future. A scarf represents a hand with an eye, a symbol of the connection between observation and action. You create your own Destiny.
  5. You are Free. This is a Victorian engraving with addition of the lightning on the eye, which resembles a hard rock world. The scarf also contains a hymn, which will help you to become rebellious, courageous and brave.
  6. Love is Dangerous. One of the most provocative artworks from the collection, which touches on the eternal theme of love. The background is a wallpaper from the late 1800s, where scenes of love, duelling and courtship symbolize the risks of true love. The authors give us some advice: hold on, hope, stay true.
  7. Your Destiny. This is another version of “The Unwritten Destiny”. A hand with an eye becomes the decisive choice of the course of fate. Remember that only you create your own destiny.
  8. Love & Rebellion. Bold creative work that identifies two, at the first glance, extremely opposite phenomena. The rock-soul and love are considered the most powerful form of the rebellion. A skull represents the idea that true love is dangerous.
  9. The Dreamcatcher. An eye inside the dreamcatcher embodies the impact that dreams have on our lives. This quite mystical design convinces us to let our dreams guide us into the future.
  10. The choice. This neckerchief is decorated with Coreterno`s hand and an illustration, which was created to beautify the ceiling of the Algerian palace with warm and esoteric colours. The scarf represents the main idea of Faliero Sarti`s capsule collection: you create your own destiny.

New collection of this Italian brand demonstrates us a revolutionary tandem: the eternal and traditional roman style of Faliero Sarti harmoniously combines with the creativity, signed by Coreterno. As a result, we have an incredibly new breath in the European fashion industry. The capsule collection of 10 collectible scarves adds originality to even the most rigorous looks and outfits.

On one hand, the limited edition preserves the entire heritage of the designer shawls and scarves, and on the other hand, it makes the rock and even esoteric aesthetics of the lifestyle brand, mixing the ornaments and prints, which are typical for the 17th century, with Victorian elements, rock symbols and punk icons. Designers have succeeded in their efforts to create this collection with a strong visual impact.

You can buy luxury scarves from the new collection of Faliero sarti on our site.

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