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Article: Dress fashionably and stylishly, like the Wolf of Wall Street

Dress fashionably and stylishly, like the Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is a fascinating film, directed by Martin Scorsese, about the life of Jordan Belfort. The inimitable Leonardo DiCaprio stars in it. This is a man who seems to be created to enchant and charm women, earn millions and... dress stylishly.

In this article, we will not talk about the film itself, but instead pay attention to the clothing: shirts and blazers, polos, ties, and more —everything that the elegant Wolf from Wall Street wore. Why should DiCaprio be the only one to take advantage of the power of good clothes?

It is agreed that no one else could have played this role. Only DiCaprio could embody the handsome millionaire, hustler and womanizer on the big screen.

The first thing we remember about the main character’s clothes, of course, is his blazers. They were all dark shades: dark grey, blue, and navy. He never wore black or white, and even at his wedding to Naomi, he wore a dark blue blazer.

One may wonder, why these colours? These colours match his eyes. He needed to look attractive, but not in a ‘cute’ way, because he needed to set an example for his subordinates, to maintain their aggressive mentality. He was a smart, charismatic, and dominant leader. Remember the fiery speeches he gave before initiating the IPO?

In addition, these blazers fit DiCaprio perfectly, emphasized his status, telling everyone around; "I am a successful businessman from Wall Street."

Buy designer blazer like the Wolf of Wall Street wore.

If you like the style of a handsome millionaire, a dominant figure in classic clothes, then in our store you can buy a designer blazer, like the one Jordan Belfort was wearing.

For you, we have selected the most stylish and trendy blazers that you can wear to a party or to an official reception. Most importantly; remember to match them to your eye color and the overall look.

Buy mens polo shirts for the bored hooligan millionaire style

Perhaps, when Martin Scorsese conceived this film, when he and DiCaprio began to discuss it, they both dreamed that it would be as iconic a film as The Godfather, but for this, it was not necessary to hire someone who trades on his looks. You could almost argue that this scammer seems to be too cute for the role. However, when dressed appropriately, he fitted the cunning swindler perfectly.

One of the most iconic scenes is the one on the yacht, where Jordan tries to bribe the FBI agents. He, feeling invincible following his dizzying rise to wealth, first shows these agents how he lives: a yacht, clothes, drinks, beautiful women, and then tries to hint to the servants of order about the possibility of the same life for them — if they act the way he wants. That scene is almost a guide to how to properly talk about bribes and avoid being caught! Not that we are suggesting that you should. To create the image of such an invincible and cunning financier, the directors dressed DiCaprio in a stylish white polo. This style, by the way, looks very appealing on men. It is like a reference to the style of the Bohemian boy from Harvard.

A polo shirt or T-shirt is a knitted garment with a short fastener, a stand-up collar, and short sleeves. It is made of elastic cotton piqué fabric, or less often jersey. It is casual sportswear, useful for example, for playing tennis or golf. In some countries with hot climates, polo shirts have become widespread as office wear. Like a T-shirt, a polo shirt is made of knitted material but differs from it by the presence of a collar and a fastener, which makes it a knitted shirt. There is often a chest pocket.

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Whether you are going for a walk outside in the sun or rain, if you are on foot or on a yacht, you can always wear a polo instead of a sweater. They are much more comfortable and do not hinder movement, and they also fit the figure. To follow this, you can buy polo online in our online store. We have a range of products of this type from several well-known Italian and French brands.

New stylish cotton pant for the distinguished look of a financial broker

On Wall Street, financiers are judged by their clothes, because money is the main product that a financial broker makes. A farmer produces fruits and vegetables; a fisherman sells fish; a pastry chef produces cakes, and a broker makes money. Accordingly, his clothes should tell others that he is extremely successful at work.

New stylish cotton pant are the rule for a trendy financial broker. In this film, the main character wore either plain trousers with a blazer or white comfortable cotton pants for walking around the house or elsewhere.

Buy new stylish cotton pant

The Wall Street Wolf is always dressed elegantly. Throughout the film, we see that the pants he wears are almost always made from cotton and certainly from expensive designers of classic menswear. To create an elegant masculine look especially for you, we have curated a selection of pants from the most recognizable and stylish brands of menswear. You can buy new stylish cotton pant from the Incotex brand in just a couple of clicks. To do this, follow the link.

For office work and creating a business style, these are definitely suitable:

Gray, and beige pants from the Incs should be comfortable and not impede movement — you never know in what situation you may find yourself in.

Stylish ties for suits

otex brand are good for walking:

Do not forget that the pant

A tie is an accessory that, when successfully combined with a suit and a shirt, gives a man elegance, style, and sophistication; is a sign of belonging to a certain profession, and even to a certain social class. Stylish ties for suits are one of the main nuances that men can use to show class. In Jordan's clothes, you can clearly see how his wealth grows by looking at his ties. At the beginning of the film, he wears cheap ties, which clearly illustrates to those around that he is a novice broker.

As his wealth grows, his ties display this. For example, this silk tie with embroidery is clearly handmade and costs several hundred dollars. It can be seen that he is a successful and self-made man.

But here, the tie says that we are facing a real boss, who will inspire the team to new achievements, and has the brains to explain everything to everyone quite simply and concisely. Such a boss, by his outward appearance, shows who is in charge here.

As a rule, a person with a tie is a bright, results-oriented leader who inspires the indisputable trust of others. For a man wearing a tie, it is easy to get people to agree to follow him. This is what our subconscious tells us.

Additionally, the tie acts as a device that controls the impression of others and helps establish one’s charisma.

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If you need to create an image of a successful and elegant man, or to declare your business reputation, then you need to create a stylish lookfor business meetings. You will most certainly need a suitable tie for this. You can buy stylish tie online in our online store. Here we have selected several suitable examples from the famous Zilli brand especially for you:

Classic designer shirts

The main character always wore classic designer shirts of white or light blue color.

Moreover, these were always shirts made of cotton, not silk. This is due to his status. He ran the company and was not supposed to have an image that looked too soft. After all, he had to lead people.

Buy classic designer shirts

A man's shirt is one of the few items in the clothing world where price is directly related to quality. In our store, you can buy classic designer shirts from Italian, American, and French brands, with which you can create a good business suit style.

Here are the shirts from the Italian brand Barba Napoli:

These shirts are from another Italian brand Robert Graham:

Bonus. How to distinguish a high-quality expensive shirt from a cheap fake?

Often, buyers have one very important question. If shirts are made of cotton, and we are talking about status, then how can you distinguish an expensive shirt from a cheap one and buy authentic designer clothes, if the material is the same? Let us give you five simple tips.

  • Fabric

A high-quality shirt is sewn from a double-twisted fabric (these are 2 threads twisted together into one). Such fabric is usually marked as 2-ply. There may also be a 2-fold notation. Both mean the same thing.

  • Buttons

Nice, durable, made of mother of pearl. The best are made from pearl oyster shells. They are shimmering, plump, and uniform. Simpler ones (labeled as troca) are cut from ignoble shells. They are thinner and less shiny.

  • Collar

The collar has "bones" that give it its shape. They can be removable (in more expensive models), they can also be sewn in (in the model range it is simpler), and most importantly, they will be of high quality: they do not bend, do not break, and keep the shape.

  • Processing

Smooth seams and fastenings. No distortion, no stray threads, no puckered fabric, and no crooked seams. Also, count the number of stitches per centimeter. In good shirts, the number of stitches is from 6 to 9, in cheap shirts 4 - 6 (sometimes 3-4, but this is a very poor quality option). The number of stitches affects the strength and durability of the entire structure.

  • Fit

A high-quality, expensive shirt fits perfectly. There are no distortions, bends, or creases.

Who said that a man shouldn't dress stylishly? This has a direct impact on how successful he will be in his career and life, particularly if he works in an office setting. We hope that our article on the Wolf of Wall Street, performed by the distinctive DiCaprio, has given you the right inspiration, and you understand what style of clothing suits you. Do not forget, that in our online store, you can always buy a stylish shirt, blazer, ties, pants and accessories for that impressive look.

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