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Article: Create beautiful and provocative Christmas season looks with clothes and accessories from Original Luxury online store

Create beautiful and provocative Christmas season  looks with clothes and accessories from Original Luxury online store

Create beautiful and provocative Christmas season looks with clothes and accessories from Original Luxury online store

Christmas is the perfect time for miracles, a time when you want to not just be beautiful, but to create stylish interesting and memorable images. A party with friends, a trip to a restaurant with the family or a Christmas dinner with your partner - any of these events should warm you up and be remembered for beautiful stylish, cute, and definitely cool looks. Clothes and accessories from Original Luxury online store will help you with this.

Of course, it is better to have a well prepared wardrobe for the pretty Christmas season image in advance, planning everything. It should include an elegant evening dress, as well as fashionable accessories, such as a new style handbag or leather belt, for example.

For this look we used a Krenoir Hollywood handbag in beige.

Here, our model holds a Krenoir Zebra Mini Kandie Handbag.

Sometimes leggings and a stylish top from a fashion brand look stunning too and can help create a kick-ass look for a true fashionista.

As you can see the pants from Philipp Plein and a stylish top will emphasize your femininity and sexuality.

Christmas is a winter fairy tale, so even winter outerwear and a creative hat will help you look chic and interesting.

That is a Mantero Russian Hat. The leopard print on this hat is perfect for creating a stylish look.

Don’t forget the accessories. A fashionable bag will make your look even more interesting.

New style handbags to build creative looks

A handbag is an accessory that sets the tone for the image. It makes it complete. Here are some additional images with new style handbags:

A small handbag from the Italian brand Krenoir Alchemi Python-Croco Kandie Handbag to highlight your sophisticated taste.

New style handbags from this brand go well with a black lace dress.

A handbag from this brand, combined with a soft sweater, makes for a delicate and feminine image.

For this image we used a Krenoir Cobalt Fish Mini Kandie Handbag in blue.

A handbag from the Volon brand can add a flirty touch to your look.

This bag from the Volon brand is called the Gabi Mini Handbag White. It is great for an evening dress at a more formal party.

This red-black handbag from the same brand will complement the image.

In addition, it can help in adding a touch of romance.

Here we have selected several Volon handbags with a unique trendy designs especially for you:

The Volon MANI Noche Brown & Wine

The Volon V Chain C. Black


The Volon PO Box Pink

Where to buy women handbags for a creative look

You can buy women handbags in the OL online store. We have a large number of bags of different sizes from the world's leading brands. These include Philipp Plein, Krenoir, Serpui, The Volon etc.

Philipp Plein new style bags go well with a sweater from the same brand. In fact, this is a brand that creates products in a unique style. We might describe it as glamorous rock. This is why they go so well together.

This image consists of Shoulder Bag Skull Crystal from Philipp Plein and a Philipp Plein Pullover with Swarovski crystal studded white skull.

On the other hand, this handbag from the PP brand with a skull closing mechanism is perfect for creating a quirky look.

And here is the handbag that can hold all the presents you received for Christmas.

Serpui bags are perfect for creating the romantic image of an urban fashionista. This bag Serpui Debbie CB handbag Leopard/Black with leopard inserts will definitely draw attention, reminding them who the most stylish person at the party is.

This small handbag Serpui Farah Diba Am is a versatile option: it can be worn both with an evening dress or more casually with leggings.

Or its golden version... Serpui Farah Diba Am handbag Gold

Here's another interesting model with an attractive handbag, showing how well a good accessory works.

Please, take a look other beautiful models of this brand:

Serpui Karolyn Bun handbag Burgundy

Serpui Tina Bun handbag Sand

Serpui Karolyn Bun handbag Sand

The Volon brand handbags are ideal for real chic beauties

Handbags from this brand take their rightful place in the list of the most fashionable brands. Especially for you, we have selected the most original models:

The Volon Gabi CB Handbag Maple


The Volon Cindy Mini Handbag Silver

The Volon V Chain Leopard

Rock style Christmas photo shoot with Philipp Plein clothes

The past year has been shocking for many people, but we will not let that get us down. We will enjoy the season and be positive. Let's have a real rock style party, and our beloved and fantastic brand, Philipp Plein, will help us out.

This rhinestone-studded Kiss hoodie will give you and those around you the perfect rock style mood.

Roll in front of the camera and dance. In this hoodie, you have to take a few photos for sure. Whichever side you look at - all the photos are sensual and striking.

Philipp Plein knows exactly how to make you look hot and stylish.

And here is another hoodie with a captivating bear on the back from the same brand.

Even simple leggings from this brand look stylish.

If you feel like being a bit more daring, for a sensitive image you can use a T-shirt. Sometimes the simplest clothes are the most tempting to experiment with.

Here are some of the coolest t-shirts for you:

Philipp Plein T-Shirt SS Anniversary 20th

Philipp Plein T-shirt Love Plein White

Philipp Plein T-Shirt Round Neck SS Flowers White

Show off the rock style, buy leather belt from Philipp Plein

Sometimes, to create a rock image, just one detail is enough - one expressive accessory. For that you can just buy leather belt to complete your overall look.

Notice how the cute-girl look instantly changed to the rock-star look with just the help of a belt.

Christmas looks with clothes and accessories from Originalluxury for men

Of course, we understand that this is Christmas season - but what kind of look are you going for: a family man on the eve of Christmas, a sexy stud, a good guy, or a dangerous seducer. At Original Luxury, we've come up with a few ideas for a fun Christmas look.

The Dangerous Seducer look.

To create such an image, you can use a shirt from the Robert Graham brand or a classic black shirt from famous Italian brand Barba Napoli.

And especially for you, we have selected some cool blazers from the Barba Napoli brand to work with the look.

Barba Napoli Jimmy Blazer Blue

Barba Napoli Jimmy Blazer Grey

Barba Napoli Jimmy Blazer Blue

The lonely romantic look. Just enough angst and anger to make it interesting, but not too aggressive.

In this image, the pants are particularly important. We have selected a couple of models especially for you.

Incotex Mito trousers Grey

Incotex Casual Trousers Gray

Incotex Casual Trousers Beige

All of them are from the Italian brand Incotex and are distinguished by a high level of quality.

The “cute” look. Showing your softer side, at least for the moment.

The sweater should be soft and cozy and show others the inner you - just as soft and cozy. Here are some cute sweaters from the famous Italian brands:

Barba Napoli Cashmere Sweater Brown

Zanone Giro Z-Man Sweater Blue

Barba Napoli Cashmere Sweater Blue

Get a little weird, get a little freaky. Who doesn’t love the Christmas eccentric?

Santa, charming, but making sure you’re nice, or is it naughty?

Loaded with gifts. Slightly klutzy, but going with the cute vibe.

Shirts in unusual colors can also help create a fresh Сhristmas season look.

Robert Graham Glory Days Shirt Purple

Zilli Classic Shirt Grey

Barba Napoli Dandylife Casual Shirt Blue

As you can see, there are a great many interesting possibilities for Christmas looks for men. So, let's talk about what other clothes would really help that look.

So what do you need to have in your wardrobe for a successful Christmas look?

For a successful Christmas season look this year, you really need these three elements: trousers, leather belt and vest. Why? Because this year people want to forget about their routine and troubles, and bring something more interesting and magical into their lives. Therefore, your image can and should be warm and cute, but don't forget you can go rock’n’roll as well.

What if I want to buy men's vest online?

You can buy men's vest online in our store. We have selected a couple of the best options for you.

That stylish burgundy vest from Barba Napoli is perfect for creating a good family guy look.

This Philipp Plein vest is good for creating an image of the life and soul of the Christmas Party.

This Billionaire brand vest can complete the image of the “businessmen in an informal environment with family”

Do not forget about new stylish cotton pants

And of course, to complete the look, you will definitely need to buy new stylish cotton pants. It's a basic thing, but it can also make you stand out from the rest of the men.

Here we have selected several suitable new stylish cotton pants from the world-wide brand Incotex.

And the cherry on the cake - you should definitely buy leather belt

Why should you buy leather belt? Because it is a Santa’s must have!

Here we selected some variants of cool leather belts to emphasize your masculinity:

Zilli Boston Z Buckle Belt 35mm Blue

Billionaire Luxury Belt Dark Blue

Billionaire Belt Crest Black/Black Nickel

Enjoy the holidays!

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