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Article: What color tie matches a gray suit: a style guide

What color tie matches a gray suit: a style guide

What color tie matches a gray suit: a style guide

The gray suit is a favorite for creating great looks for any occasion. So light gray suit combinations with white shirts will bring a touch of freshness to the style, making it less formal, and on the contrary, a dark tone will always add a strict atmosphere. Think about it: by choosing the shade of the suit, you create your image, opinion about yourself, and even your mood! Of course, it is impossible to achieve perfect integrity of appearance without such an important element as a tie, so the experts of Original Luxury are happy to offer the most relevant color solutions. Find out what color tie to wear with a gray suit to create an impeccable image.

Black classics

It can be said that the grey suit black tie is the most classic and undeniable combination that you can always be sure of. You can choose a silk accessory without a pattern or embossed one to wear with a white or even black shirt. If you are afraid of seeming too gloomy or strict - boldly choose a tie with white outlines, abstract patterns, stripes, or checks. They will add freshness to the style and, at the same time, keep the right tone.

Best tie for a light gray suit

It's not quite formal, but so elegant to wear a light gray suit with white shirts, but it will require juicy inclusions. Try a tie for a gray suit in a gentle blue or pastel shade and see what happens. Or you can be more daring and create a fashionable image with the addition of pink or purple. Blue, red, yellow, and gold will also be undeniably the best solutions. Just examine how amazing a gold ZILLI silk tie will look with a laid-back outfit!


What tie to wear with a medium gray suit?

The majority of males always choose for medium gray. It is easy to try on for different settings, weather and situation. What image do you see for yourself today? Maybe it is an important meeting or, on the contrary, informal? Interestingly, the same suit can look luxurious in any case, just give it additional elements. We can say that tie color decides everything. The more restrained the shade and pattern, the more formal the look will be. However, for an everyday urban look, any experiments are possible, not only with shades, but also with textures and materials.



Depending on the occasion, the most appropriate color schemes are all shades of blue, red, green, emerald, plum, and orange.

Choose a tie to accentuate the sophistication of a dark gray suit.

Do you want to create a prestigious formal image and emphasize your status? Then a dark gray suit is what you need! It won't be hard to get a shirt either because white always looks good. A gray suit and muted colors are required for almost all official functions; therefore, more restraint and no "cheerful" designs are needed. Colors like cold bronze, burgundy, steel, or deep green, plum, or dark blue will elevate the picture. Instead of going for a formal style, go for a vibrant color scheme like crimson, multicolored stripes, or "fuchsia."

The rule of selecting a tie applies not only to the suit but also to the shirt.

When choosing an accessory, you need to consider not only the suit but also the rules of shirt and tie combinations. A white shirt, perhaps is the easiest to match other colours. A colorful, blue, pink, or burgundy tie will go well with blue clothes. A thin stripe will look great with brown, blue, and graphite. The brown shirts will match a blue, burgundy, green tie, and bold patterns and juicy stripes will refresh the image.


As you can see, a tie is not just an additional accessory to the main outfit. It is the main element of the image, which can tell a lot about its owner, emphasize his status, make bright adjustments to the style, add a touch of luxury, and demonstrate impeccable taste. Stock up on different ties, experiment, and create incredibly stylish images with the best tie brands in the online store Original Luxury!

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