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Article: The best belt brands for men 2023

The best belt brands for men 2023

The best belt brands for men 2023

The focal point of a stylish male look is the belt. In addition to its obvious purpose of keeping pants at the proper level, it is known to emphasize status, complete an appearance, showcase individuality, and demonstrate taste. Depending on the design, belts can complement a business suit, jeans, shorts, chinos, or trousers - the key is to make the right choice. We always consider the brand before purchasing clothing or accessories. The label can reveal a lot about an item, its quality, and its alignment with current trends. In this post, we recommend you get acquainted with the producers of top-quality branded men's belts.

Exotic notes in Artioli belts

Artioli belt

The belts from the Italian company Artioli can be described as possessing aristocratic aesthetics and exquisite elegance. Even the most discerning individual will be delighted by exotic leathers such as alligator, ostrich, python, caiman, and unique finishes. The design is kept minimal, and the understated buckle doesn't detract from the overall elegant appearance.

Artioli Black Python Belt

Philipp Plein dressy belts

Philipp Plein belt

Belts for men featuring branded designs can add flair to even the most understated appearance. The prominent German designer is renowned for his rebellious attitude, which is evident in nearly all of his creations. The majority of Philipp Plein belts are crafted from soft and tactile calfskin. The buckle serves as both a functional closure and a decorative element, offering choices like a skull-shaped design, inscriptions, or the brand's distinctive hexagon-shaped emblem.

Philipp Plein Iconic Plein belt Black

Billionaire - luxury is the key to success.

Billionaire belt

The manufacturer skillfully blends Italian traditions, for which the country is renowned as a leader in the clothing world, with accessories and modern trends. Crocodile, python, and calf leather in luxurious designs, along with buckles featuring exclusive fittings, make Billionaire belts a captivating choice for everyone. Incorporate the logo buckle accessory into your professional ensemble by wearing it with a suit. Are you attending a party or another gathering? If so, don't hesitate to choose a design crafted from python skin with a buckle shaped like a lion's head or a crown. With men's branded belts, you will undoubtedly lead the way in 2023 and the years to come!

Billionaire Belt Double B Black Gold

Zilli Belts - Prestigious Elegance

Zilli belt

The French brand has achieved legendary status in the fashion world. Zilli has gained recognition as a renowned men's brand due to its handcrafted approach, distinctive in-house processing methods, intricate individual patterns, and use of exotic leather.

Zilli Taurillon Graine Belt 40mm Black

World brands dictate trends.

Do you want to know which other name-brand men's belts received the top marks in 2023? Then you should check out this collection:

  • Levi's is one of the oldest brands in the modern world. They introduce a line of accessories for every occasion each season. The company's primary focus is on sizable buckles with intricate engravings.
  • Tommy Hilfiger is known for its classic designs, suitable for any style, and its signature craftsmanship.
  • Hermes is a brand that produces limited-edition accessories. The signature 'H' on the impact-resistant steel plate has become a recognizable fashion trend.
  • Calvin Klein offers a wide selection of colors, designs, and varieties of men's belts, creating collections for both young individuals and established, respectable men to cater to a broad audience.

By choosing the right brand, you're not just acquiring a functional accessory; you're crafting a specific image for yourself. Therefore, before making a purchase, consider the pants you plan to pair with your branded belt and pay attention to the width, length, and buckle design. The Original Luxury store offers a wide selection of men's belts from top brands and models. Choose the one that best compliments your appearance and attire, and if you have any questions, our specialists will provide expert fashion advice!

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