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Article: Stylish interior and travel accessory – status-showing watch box for expensive watches

Stylish interior and travel accessory – status-showing watch box for expensive watches

Stylish interior and travel accessory – status-showing watch box for expensive watches

A dynamic lifestyle means casual wear for work, sportswear for working out, and dressier outfits for parties and special occasions. The trends of recent years dictate specific rules for creating a particular image, achieved by adding different types of accessories, including wristwatches that are matched to your outfit. Caring for your watches is extremely important to maintain not only their function but also their appearance. Keeping them in top condition will allow you to pass them on to the next generation, sell them for a higher price, or simply have years enjoying them. When it comes to storing expensive watches, special watch boxes are available, and they also add a stylish element to the interior of your home. Do not underestimate these storage spaces, as they are not just your typical old boring box. Watch boxes are made of different materials, with different functions: automatic, with lighting and space for additional decorations. Their price also reflects the status of their owner.

Storing watches in the appropriate conditions will protect them from dust, humidity, temperature changes and limit the impact of electrical appliances. You definitely will not want to put your watch next to speakers when it can go somewhere safer. Glass and metal will not be scratched ever again, as the walls inside the box are covered with a protective and soft material. No one, including yourself or your beloved dog, will accidentally drop them or spill anything on them. The belt in the box will also be straightened into the appropriate shape so that no creases form.

Watch boxes are a tasteful piece of decoration, and there are certain rules regarding what kind of watch boxes matches different types of rooms and interiors. For example, in a living room with stained-glass windows and a lot of wood, you can place any large or small watch box, but in an office decorated in a minimalist style, you need a small and simple watch box made of noble wood or metal. If you want to place this accessory in an expensively furnished Victorian-style cabinet, then a watch box made or decorated with amber might also work.

A watch box is a watch organizer

After all, there are different types of watches: some are perfect for business meetings, and some are better for parties. To not be frantically searching the shelves and to know whether each watch is suitable more for an evening dress or a business suit, you need to store them correctly and in an organized way. A watch box, in addition to storing watches, serves as a watch organizer. Each watch box has a convenient storage compartment to keep your watches beautifully in place until the next time you wear them. In general, these boxes span a range of sizes: one may only have sections for 1 or 2 watches, another may have sections for 8 or 12 watches at once.

Types of luxury watch boxes

Luxury watch boxes are mostly made from wood, amber, glass and/or metal.

Amber watch boxes are made from ancient petrified rock. Sometimes, plants, flowers and insects end up frozen in amber. The most common colours are shades of yellow, brown and orange. The rarer ones are green, red and lemon. It is better not to store amber products in the sun or in places where the temperature is high.

Metal boxes are durable and reliable. They will protect your watch from accidental drops, dust and moisture. The metal used in expensive models is durable, so the metal box will become a full-fledged safe – it is genuinely difficult to open such a box. It is better not to store such models in places of high humidity. It is advisable to put them in the office, living room, or bedroom. These storage boxes can be minimalistic or decorated with precious metals or gems.
The weight of the box also differs depending on the materials. The lightest will be boxes made of thin wood and plastic. Heavier options are metal, amber, durable wood and self-winding boxes, in which the drum and rotor add weight.

A wooden watch box is the most stylish choice

We decided to write in more detail about wooden watch boxes since this material is considered the noblest and emphasizes the owner’s elegance and taste. These watch boxes can be made from maple, cedar, sandalwood and other types of wood. Products are varnished or painted, decorated with carvings and precious stones, or left untouched. Wooden boxes should only be stored in a dry place so that the wood stays free from moisture. Usually, wooden watch boxes are varnished inside and out. The surface becomes shinier, the colour of the wood gets more saturated, and the box looks more interesting as a whole. Lacquer finishes have many colour variations, so they can be used to change the wood’s original shade.

Also, wooden watch boxes are often trimmed with textiles. Fabric has many options for colours and textures, but this finish is not as durable. It will need special care because the fabric can easily get dirty, especially if you are often touching the box. In addition, fabric fades in the sun and will lose its original appearance.

In our store, you can buy wooden watch boxes crafted in blue for eight watches. These are unisex models, so they are suitable for both men and women. They will look great in the interior of any living room, bedroom or study.



These watch boxes have been handcrafted in solid wood and stained with a unique finish. Hand-applied lacquer gives them a beautiful shine. The inside of the watch box is finished with suede, so your watch will not get scratched. Both models have a lock and a key.

Types of interior decoration for watch box

The boxes can be upholstered with natural leather or eco-leather, as well as velour or suede. For this, cattle, sheep, goat, snake and/or crocodile leather is most often used. The colours are very different, and the leather can still be dyed.

The interior trim of the box protects watches from scratches

The interior trim is the material with which the watch will come into regular contact, so it is better that it is not artificial but natural.

Of course, fabrics are more commonly used, such as velvet, cotton, silk, velour, suede, and leather. This trim looks expensive, is soft, and is very handy.

Watch boxes with interior trim made from natural materials are more stylish. Artificial fabrics do not look as elegant. These materials are not as soft and not as pleasant, but they cost a little less. In addition, an artificial fabric can leave micro-cracks on the surface of the watch. It doesn’t matter if the watch is not particularly expensive, but for an expensive Rolex, you do not want this.

Stylish grey leather watch box for men, as a birthday gift

So, there’s a man in your life who needs a gift, but you have no idea what to get? A grey leather watch box for men is a cool option for a present because it is stylish, it is made by the best craftsmen, it emphasizes the status, and it is lovely to touch. In addition, whenever your friend or partner opens it to choose the watch he’s going to wear, he’ll remember you with fondness.

Such a watch box can be given for an anniversary or to an important colleague at work, a partner, spouse, or business partner. You can order it in our online store and then create a beautiful congratulatory inscription in an art workshop.


As you can see, this unique watch box is made by the Rapport brand of grey leather and has black leather around the edges with decorative metal rivets. This unisex model is designed for 2 watches. There is also a special leather case inside. The watch box closes with a secure lock.

Luxury watch box in Ol online store

Everything in the home should have its place. This is not a requirement but a generally accepted rule. Wristwatches are no exception. Alongside the fact that the accessory must be protected from shocks and falls, it is also better that it does not get dusty or accidentally get wet, for example, in a bag during transportation. Good and high-quality watch boxes can solve these issues.

So, the watch box is a convenient, stylish option for reliable and comfortable placement of the watch, emphasizing the style and taste of the owner. It is an exclusive gift that will make a wonderful surprise for a birthday person and is appropriate for any special event. You can buy a luxury watch box to store your watches from our online store. To avoid any mistakes, you can order it online and try it in one of our showrooms in GTA.

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