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Article: Shirt and tie combinations: a guide for men

Shirt and tie combinations: a guide for men

Shirt and tie combinations: a guide for men

The most prominent feature in a man's closet is a tie. The tie establishes the whole image's harmony and coherence. Probably the most difficult task is figuring out the ideal shirt and tie combinations, a challenge that most of us deal with on a daily basis. Remarkably, the wide range of accessories frequently makes the process much more difficult rather than improving the situation. How can I choose a shirt and tie fast and accurately to make the best impression? Original Luxury has put up a comprehensive guide that will significantly simplify men's lives, having recognized the intricacy of the issue and the nuances of choices.

How to match the color of your shirt and tie

In most cases, this color combination will leave you feeling dissatisfied and uninspired because you don't want to appear monotonous, garish, or offensive. This classic color wheel, which has the tones grouped in a rainbow arrangement, will be helpful to you. Though we provide our color guide just to be sure, it will assist you in choosing the appropriate combinations:

  • Choose colors next to each other, it's always a win-win all-around solution.
  • Introduce complementary hues - it's more complicated, but see how colors on the opposite side of the color wheel are aesthetically appealing.
  • Play on contrasts. This will be a fair and less complicated solution. Try using shades that are three steps away from each other in the palette.

We share the most successful solutions

These are some guidelines that will serve as the foundation for your decision:

Bright classics

White, sky blue, or slightly pinkish men's luxury shirts with a classic cut are the favorite choice of many. They are the easiest way to create an incredible image and give free rein to experimentation. You can use characteristic patterns, complex ornaments, and textures.


What kind of tie would go with a blue shirt?

Generally speaking, a lot relies on the tone. If the clothing is a deep shade of blue, notice how stunning the premium ties in shades of red, orange, crimson, and yellow appear. Shades near the primary tone, blue, will produce a more peaceful result; patterns will look attractive.



What kind of tie would go with a black shirt?

You should be able to acquire a pair of black shirts because they are growing more and more fashionable in formal, semi-formal, and casual settings. This version of "total black" will look fantastic, but the most important thing is to use slightly diverse fabric textures. Moreover, more elegant variations will work well, like a gold Zilli tie.



What kind of tie would go with a green shirt?

Burgundy, blue, crimson and light green ties go well with emerald-colored, saturated, or even green clothing.


What kind of tie would go with a light blue shirt?

Light blue is a popular choice among admirers of men's luxury shirts. The classic choice for them will be a gray or blue accessory with a pattern or without. Try terracotta, emerald, and blue with red elements for interesting solutions.


Secrets of the Plaid and Striped Shirts

The hardest thing for many men to do is wear a patterned shirt and a tie, but if you want to make an impression on people, you can't say no to it. It's best to follow these few guidelines here:

  • A plaid shirt will be complemented by an accessory with large diagonal stripes.
  • Generally speaking, stylists advise against overdoing the plaid patterns; nevertheless, if you do want to do that, take into account that the pattern should be larger on the tie.
  • If you plan to put on a striped or plaid tie - boldly choose a solid-color shirt and vice versa.
  • If the shirt is light-colored in a subtle stripe, you can use a brightly colored tie in an accent plaid.
  • Many people love stripes, but the key is not to go overboard. A blazer or blouse with narrow lines can be paired with a large stripes accessory.
  • Also, don't forget that the stripes harmonize perfectly with various geometric designs.

Choosing a shirt to match the color of the tie

Do you have a lucky, favorite, or just perfect matching eye color tie, and want to wear it now? Then let's match it with a tone-on-tone shirt! If the tie is:

  • black choose a graphite, white, gray, bright monochrome shirt;
  • maroon or crimson consider a dark brown or navy blue shirt;
  • red think about black, gray, white, dark shades of blue and gray shirts.



How to choose a tie?

Of course, a color guide will help you pick the right tie to match your shirt and vice versa, but by using these few tips, you'll achieve the perfect look:

  • Don't stop at one, even if you've found the tie of your dream, and it universally goes with everything. Stock up on combo, festive, austere, casual options.
  • Quality is the best image investment. Keep in mind that the first thing that catches the eye of others is the tie, and it should be at the highest level. Therefore, pay attention to the natural material, accuracy of stitching, clarity of pattern, and evenness of fabric tone.
  • Pay attention to the material; its texture is more significant than its natural look. For instance, Zilli uses natural silk for their ties, which always appear elegant when worn with business shirts and suits. This not only highlights the extraordinary beauty of the piece, but also the high status of the wearer. On the other hand, the wool and linen variant works well to elevate a casual outfit.
  • Look closely at the shirt's material. Think of a proper tie if it is not in the typical format but is made of jersey, textured wool, or denim. Instead of using your typical silk ties in this situation, you'll need an accessory that responds to textures.
  • Think about your body type and shape. The taller you are, the longer you need an accessory. Corpulent men should refuse wide models and voluminous patterns.
  • Think about the shape you can create with the model you choose - the loop of the tie should fit the shape of your face, and the thickness should fit the type of collar.

Feel free to wear a tie as a stylish accent whether you are attending a job interview, business meeting, gala event, or work. The advice provided in this article on tie and shirt combinations, will enable you to create any type of image, from sophisticated and diverse to simple and traditional. After you've grasped the fundamentals, you'll be able to experiment with ease, gaining praise from others.

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