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Article: How to tie a scarf: The best ways to wear a scarf in style

How to tie a scarf: The best ways to wear a scarf in style

How to tie a scarf: The best ways to wear a scarf in style

Everyone needs a scarf as a personal accessory. In addition to providing warmth and comfort, it also completes the image, adds beautiful accents to the image, and emphasizes the status. You can select the ideal fashion solution for yourself due to the variety of colors, textures, sizes, and materials. Along with this, the dilemma of elegantly wearing a scarf still remains.


Of course, you can just wrap it around your neck or fling it over your shoulders while wearing clothes, but if you want to look flawless, you need learn how to tie a scarf around your neck. We offer advice on how to pick the ideal accessories and expose the details of the basic knots. You'll be able to create a lovely image of yourself each time in this way.


Which scarf material is better to choose? The type of material affects how a scarf looks, how long it lasts, and how it is tied around the neck. Therefore, think about the ideal materials: 

  • Multimodal has a touch and feel similar to silk but is more stain-resistant due to the fibers' uniqueness and softness. Any intricacy of knots can be tied with ease.
  • Silk is smooth, gliding, flowing, and light to the touch. Thus, a silk scarf will enable you to tie even the most intricate designs while highlighting their beautiful structures.
  • Cotton is a strong, functional natural fiber that is less slick than the other materials, making it easier to tie and more stable.
  • Cashmere provides its owner with softness and warmth, which is especially important during winter. The material is flexible; thanks to this, even wide-branded men`s scarves will allow you to tie a spectacular knot in different ways. However, it is important to remember that due to the volume and structure of the fibers, the appeal will need to be periodically corrected. 
  • Viscose is soft and comfortable, giving a feeling of coolness on hot days. You can tie a nice and sturdy knot if the structure is smooth. 
  • Wool keeps you warm; therefore, it works well in chilly climates. A wool scarf could feel heavier in contrast to other textiles. The knots are stronger; however, they might be more complex.


Essential Scarf Knots

There are many ways to tie a woman's or a man's scarf - techniques depend on the season and the clothes you wear.

Classic loop

Fold the scarf in half, throw it behind your neck, and thread the ends through the resulting loop.

Half-turn knot

With this method, some carelessness that will be in style in the coming season is perfectly demonstrated. Throw one end of the cloth over your shoulder while you wrap it around your neck.

Double loop

It’s a complicated version of the classic loop. Extend just one end of the scarf in the created loop, then wrap it around its axis. Then, extend the second end of the scarf in the created second loop.

French knot

For this knot, fold the long scarf in half and thread one end of the scarf through the loop. Pull the second end through the same loop but on the other side, on top of the first.


It is better for soft, not dense materials. You need to put the scarf on the neck with the ends backward, cross them there, and throw them over to the front. Next, you need to pull the center part back a little to form a loop. You must pass the free ends into it and then pull up evenly.

How long should a scarf be?

The chosen model must be the proper length to recreate the basic scarf knots. Pay attention to the number of twists around the neck and the difficulty of tying the knot. A length of 120 cm is perfect if you just want to knot it, toss it over your shoulders, or use the "classic loop" method. It is best to stop at a long scarf of 170 cm for the "French knot" or "weave." The ideal length for branded men's scarves is between 180 and 200 cm. Having short and long scarves in your closet is generally a good idea so you can experiment and tie new knots every time.


How do I store silk scarves to prevent wrinkles?

Everyone dreams of one of these wonderful, flowing, premium women's scarves made of natural silk. Unfortunately, they frequently have wrinkles despite their excellent quality and stunning beauty. You may keep your silk scarves in top shape by following these suggestions:

  • Choose a suitable place - a separate closed shelf or a drawer in the closet.
  • Keep each model separately; do not create a stack, which will pressure the thing.
  • Try not to make efforts to fold a scarf.
  • Avoid proximity to other things and sharp objects.
  • If you plan to store it for a long time - carefully wrap it in a cloth or put it in a special bag for storing cotton.
  • Often, branded silk scarves are sold in boxes or cases that help to keep each thing separate.
  • An excellent option can be a hanger, but not a rigid, upholstered with fabric.
  • To avoid folds in storage, you can keep scarves rolled up in rolls.


Tying a scarf around the neck is a great way to diversify the outfit, give the image of completeness, and emphasize the individuality of style. Choose a scarf that fits and is easy to knot, and use the proper technique to look beautiful!

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