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Article: Faliero Sarti: fabrics, prints, and style features

Faliero Sarti: fabrics, prints, and style features

Faliero Sarti: fabrics, prints, and style features

Since the end of the 20th century, the Italian company Faliero Sarti has been known as a manufacturer of fashionable shawls, scarves, and stoles, but it actually appeared in the middle of the last century as a factory for the production of fabrics of two classes: "haute couture" and "prêt-a-porter." In this role, the company became famous worldwide because its clients were fashion houses from different countries. Many of them still collaborate with this renowned brand today, among them Armani (Italy) and Donna Karan (USA).

"Fabric and style are the alpha and omega in the alphabet of fashion. "Omega" Giorgio Armani wants to continue following the common path with "alpha" Faliero Sarti... for many, many years!"- Giorgio Armani, Italian fashion designer.

"Faliero Sarti always shows me that Italy stands for family, passion, creativity, and quality." - Donna Karan, American fashion designer.




Now you understand how well-known and respected the brand is in the fashion world. It is simply impossible to buy a low-quality item from Faliero Sarti: the creators there are masters of their craft. All fabrics are carefully made, the prints are created by the most talented designers, and the quality of sewing on a 10-point scale is eleven.

Faliero Sarti is a manufacturer of accessories: shawls and fashion scarves for women and men

The Faliero Sarti accessories brand was created in 1991. The manufacturer started as a famous fabric factory in Italy. It has been in existence for over 60 years. The brand's business card is fashion scarves for women and men and shawls made from the best cashmere and other natural materials.

It is unlikely that any woman will remain indifferent to these scarves' impeccable quality and delicate colours. Do not forget that Faliero Sarti is a family-owned accessories brand that grew out of a textile factory a long time ago.




Today, the brand's scarves and stoles are so diverse that they can be worn any time of the year. The wealth of colours and materials is simply mesmerizing. We also like the high-quality artistry of the products, of which customers simply cannot get enough.

Here we present options for fashion scarves for women for autumn looks. Do not forget to choose the right coat and bag to match your outfit. Your friends, colleagues, and relatives will appreciate your look and admire your taste:



Why buy fashion scarves from Faliero Sarti: Features of fabrics

The company's philosophy is based on high-quality production and use of only natural fabrics such as cashmere, angora, wool, linen, and silk. The canvases of this brand have received luxury status and gained a vast audience of famous clients thanks to the responsible and dedicated approach of Faliero Sarti: he understood that the highest quality can only be achieved by selectively choosing raw materials and processing them delicately. Therefore, he kept each stage of production under his own control. When the company came under the wing of the founder's sons and granddaughter, the quality of the products did not decrease, and thanks to the launch of its own collections of fabric accessories, the brand managed to win a large new audience of fans. To decorate her products, Monica Sarti uses simple, sophisticated patterns such as stripes, checks, geometric, and floral embellishments, and laconic decor such as a scattering of sequins, lace edging, fringes, and draperies. Therefore, when you buy fashion scarves from Faliero Sarti, you get real quality and true works of art.

Here are selected fashion scarves with the most interesting, creative, and memorable embellishments from the Faliero Sarti brand. Have a look at them. Aren't they real works of art? And they can be yours. Just choose the one you like and place an order. If you have any questions, just call or e-mail us. Our managers will answer any of your questions.



Why buy an autumn trend scarf from Faliero Sarti? Features of the new collections

The new collections of the brand are in calm pastel shades. They include a variety of beautiful scarves and stoles. At the same time, the boundaries between the women's and men's brand lines are practically invisible. At first, the softness of the material catches the eye, as well as the high level of quality of their careful processing. So, it is not surprising that many celebrities purchase Faliero Sarti's products, including Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, and Miranda Kerr.

Just take look at how sophisticated these scarves are. Imagine how they emphasize femininity, set off the skin of their owner, complement her image. Do you want to become this beautiful woman, want to emphasize your sophistication and romanticism? Then buy an autumn trend scarf from Faliero Sarti and enjoy the feeling.

Creative ladies' dressy scarves with a subtle spicy scent

Did you know that in 2001 Monica Sarti started making unique ladies' dressy scarves with a subtle spicy scent? The material for them is cashmere and fibres of herbs, which are collected by hand directly on the hills of Tuscany. A subtle spicy scent distinguishes this fantastic scarf. The unique production technology allows you to keep wearing it even after delicate washings.

This scarf has one exciting effect: the subtle scent of Tuscan herbs soothes the wearer. Thanks to this distinctive feature, this unusual scarf will become one of the favourites in your scarf collection.

How to choose a scarf that is right for you

So, a scarf is an essential accessory for your look. But it is worth understanding some of its features.

Let us be honest: we women are often prone to spontaneous purchases. Especially when we are upset or in love, we should not buy a scarf just because we like it. Choose a scarf just like any other full-fledged wardrobe item. Listen to yourself and make sure that you have at least two items in your arsenal that this scarf will go with.

The task of any item in your wardrobe is to highlight your personality. The scarf is no different. When choosing a scarf, consider your facial features and whether the scarf matches the colour of your eyes, hair, and skin.

Decide what place you plan to give the scarf in the ensemble, and then choose the size and colour. For example, if it is the main trump card of your image, it makes sense to choose a large scarf with bright colours.

If you want the scarf to be a discreet accent, choose something that is neutral and not too large.

Of course, a scarf is not a wardrobe basic. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to its quality. Protruding threads, synthetic fabric, uneven edges - all these defects can significantly harm your image. Simply put, you will look cheap.

You should not choose a scarf that is overloaded with detail: be it too predatory colours, rhinestones, tassels, sequins, etc.

The colour of the scarf must overlap with the colour of the clothes so as not to look mismatched. A colour accent on a scarf is not always a good idea, but if all other clothes, for example, are light neutral, and the scarf and bag are the same bright colour, this is quite acceptable. Also, the whole image should be built around the scarf to support it in every way possible.

Where to buy cashmere scarves online?

Faliero Sarti is an Italian brand famous for its luxury accessories. Cashmere shawls and scarves with Tuscan herbs, which give the products a sophisticated aroma, are truly unique. These light, soft, and comfortable scarves are delightful, and the stylish classic design in discreet pastel colours is the perfect complement to any look. If you like this brand and want to buy cashmere scarves online, you can do it in our online store. By clicking on this link, you will be taken to the new collection.

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