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Article: All about belts - To wear or not to wear?

All about belts - To wear or not to wear?

All about belts - To wear or not to wear?

You may find information about the history and origins of belts and their importance as accessories in various sources, but is this information truly helpful? If belts pique your curiosity, you have already concluded that you need them. Most of us have questions about what to wear with it, when to avoid accessorizing, and how to apply it correctly. Today, we'll examine how to add luxury belts to your image so you can look amazing in every outfit.



When to wear the belt?

Naturally, if you don't wear suspenders, the belt's primary function—of course, to keep your pants from falling—is instantly apparent from the reasons why you should wear it. Also, this accessory comes in handy in other cases:

  • If you tuck a shirt or T-shirt into your pants.
  • If you want to emphasize your status - for example, Artioli's discreetly designed alligator belt will unobtrusively indicate the wealth of its owner.
  • When you go to a business meeting and wear formal clothes, you go to an official event with a clearly defined dress code.
  • To improve the style and fit of everyday pants.
  • To match the image - a fancy belt will be a great addition to street, casual, business, and even sporty style.
  • If you are unsure about the need for accessories - a classic style belt of black or blue color with a pair of shoes matched to the tone will not be superfluous.
  • To create a particular mood for the image. Add a Philipp Plein belt with rivets in the form of skulls, and you will bring a touch of brutality to the style. Put on a Billionaire belt with a buckle in the form of a lion and you are ready for a cocktail or a party.
  • To set accents - to highlight the line of the belt and hips, to diversify the restrained design of the outfit, to take attention away from the shoes.

When is it better not to wear a belt?

Naturally, the first thing you should never do is pair a luxurious belt with pants, the model of which is not provided for this. It is also better to refuse the accessory in other cases:

  • Why would you wear a belt if your jeans fit you perfectly and you also wore a long shirt on the release?
  • When you want to accentuate your shoes or use extra jewelry.
  • Doing sports - most athletic pants come with a puff or elastic band to allow freedom of movement or to avoid getting caught on something.
  • Wearing tight or sheer flowing shirts - a belt can break up the graceful line you want to create.

Should I Wear a Belt with a Suit?

In general, this is a perennial question, the answer to which lies in the style of the suit itself and your personal preferences. Some people, especially at a young age, prefer to abandon the belt in favor of free movement, following various subcultures. A mature, self-confident man will almost always wear a belt with a suit. Many suit ensembles can go without belt loops at all. This applies to original, tailored, or classic models. Yes, the good old handmade classics mean the pants are tailored precisely to the person who will be wearing them, while clothes with loops came about due to mass factory production.


What is the correct belt for a suit? - That's up to you, but a classic Zilli leather belt with a buckle that doesn't stand out is fine for a more formal or office look.


Should I Wear a Belt with Jeans?

You may notice that almost all jeans are available with belt loops. This is not surprising because these kinds of pants were designed for the working class, and the belt allowed you to fit the clothes to yourself. Nowadays, jeans are a fashionable and necessary item in the closet, worn even for business meetings and festive events. It is recommended that the belt for jeans is quite dense and wide.  It can be with a smooth surface or, on the contrary, textured, eye-catching, depending on the purpose that you pursue for your image. You can use a braided woven fashion belt to add dynamism to the outfit, to make it more free or sporty,

Should I Wear a Belt with a tuxedo?

Unlike a suit, where luxury belts play the leading role in the image, with a tuxedo, the situation is different. The format of such a formal outfit does not imply the presence of a belt, so it should be abandoned. In this case, a rational solution would be to replace the belt with a camisole or a wide belt.



You should find the answer to the question "To wear or not to wear a belt" on your own, much like the philosophical query from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet." If worn appropriately, a stylish belt can enhance your appearance, draw attention to your personal style, and showcase your uniqueness. However, there are occasions when it is inappropriate to wear one.

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