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Article: 10 Types Of Handbags For Women

10 Types Of Handbags For Women

10 Types Of Handbags For Women

A handbag is something that modern life cannot be imagined without. We need it when going to work, walking in the park, meeting friends, spending time with family, and attending life's most important event. How do we choose our constant companion? We take into account the occasion and pay attention to the materials and the style of the bag. It is essential that the accessory is a well-known brand that guarantees high quality and fashionable style and will also be a significant investment. However, to create a great finished image, you also need to correctly select the style of the bag. In this article, you will learn the most popular types of purses to complement your stylish image.

Small Backpacks

Such models of accessories combine a bag's functionality and a backpack's capabilities but are characterized by small size. In format, they are a traditional bag, supplemented by the classic backpack shoulder straps. This style of accessory is great for youth that can be part of a casual and sometimes formal image.



These small purses have long conquered the world with their elegance and sophistication. Despite their small size, they are sure to accommodate all the crucial accessories, especially if the manufacturer has thought of special compartments or pockets. Such a bag will come in handy for any occasion, wherever you go, so this accessory is indispensable in every lady's closet.


Barrel, bucket, basket

It is no secret that premium women's bags are characterized by impeccable tailoring quality and high-class materials and their design. Different shapes of purses, like voluminous, cylindrical, and even round, will allow you to experiment with the everyday image. Such types of purses can be made of different materials, not only textile or leather - designers use wood, vine, straw, for example, which is clearly expressed in the new SERPUI collection. If you pay attention to the model combining laconic design but non-standard form, you can create your formal image of a spectacular continuation.


Belt bag or mini bag

Such bags let you keep your hands free while simultaneously carrying your essentials. The flexibility of small bags is perfectly demonstrated by the Volon, which may be worn as a belt, hooked straight into pants, or carried on a slender chain. Depending on the design, they can be dressed in street, sporting, casual, semi-formal, or even cocktail attire. However, this format should be used with caution when dressing for work.


Over-the-shoulder bags

Which one of these do you own? You may even own a few pieces in your closet that fit various events, scenarios, and fashion preferences. Take a look at the new Cromia collection for yourself. These handbags come in a variety of colors and shapes, from the traditional rectangle to the spherical, but they are all connected by a long strap that lets you sling them over your shoulder. They will look great in every setting and circumstance.



For the professional woman, it's the ideal answer. Typically, these are elegant, rectangular bags with pockets inside, a long strap, a short handle, and a clasp that closes like a briefcase, like KRENOIR. Given that you will be using this model the most ensure it is a high-quality model from a trustworthy company. In this manner, it will constantly have an opulent appearance and can highlight the owner's status.



An excellent, unstructured, moon-shaped handbag with two handles for over-the-shoulder carrying that is suitable for casual and semi-formal settings. They can be tiny handbags or, conversely, big, capacious ones. Hobo, also known as "bag with an overlap," has become so popular that there are cocktail and even nighttime versions of it.



A type of bag that is a must-have for everyday life! Usually large frameless, without a top and an abundance of compartments. It is exceptionally roomy and can hold a lot of purchasers and necessities.



Another kind of little purse that resembles a clutch on the outside but is worn around the wrist by a short chain or strap. It will allow you to always have free hands while carrying everything that matters most with you. It has a range of decor styles in addition to the traditional design.

Sports bag

Large enough and unstructured with top short handles, supplemented with a shoulder strap. This is an excellent solution for going to the gym, traveling, overnight trips, and a host of other things where capacity is important.

What kind of purse are you looking for? A sophisticated design on a thin strap for business meetings or maybe a bright, unusual shape that would emphasize your spectacular image? The online store, Original Luxury, has a large selection of premium handbags from famous brands, among which you will surely find one that will touch your heart. Small and large, colored and monochrome, with a wide strap and on a thin, graceful chain - whatever the fashionista's soul desires and if you have any questions, a consultant will definitely help you find what you need!

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