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Women's winter wool scarves

Faliero Sarti Courage Multicolor

Faliero Sarti's fabrics reflect the epitome of both...
CAD 480.00CAD 288.00

Faliero Sarti Hiver Multicolour

Hiver by Faliero Sarti is a calming and...
CAD 670.00CAD 368.50

Mantero Poncho Aspen Multicolour

Material: 95% Wool, 5% Silk Insert: 100% Silk...
CAD 280.00CAD 154.00

Mantero Bambi Bomb Multicolour

Material: 100% Wool Colour: Multicolour Size: 140 x...
CAD 435.00CAD 239.25

Faliero Sarti Model Multicolour

Material: 40% Wool, 30% Cashmere, 30% Silk Colour:...
CAD 600.00CAD 330.00

Faliero Sarti Pio IV Multicolour

The Casina Pio IV is a patrician villa...
CAD 600.00CAD 330.00

Christian Lacroix Atlantis Oasis Large Multicolour

Christian Lacroix Atlantis  Oasis is an outstanding piece...
CAD 410.00CAD 225.50

Christian Lacroix Atlantis Oasis Small Multicolour

Beautiful and warm combination of silk and wool...
CAD 470.00CAD 258.50

Women's winter wool scarves - a necessary accessory!

Fashion scarves for women are a wonderful accessory that you must have in your wardrobe. Whether you wear them to make a fashion statement, or for a more practical purpose (their warmth!), scarves are a great way to stand out. In either case, it is a must throughout the winter season! We have 5 reasons why a scarf is such an important accessory for women.

  1. It is fun and exciting- It is always fun and exciting to be your own stylist, pairing the right accessories to your outfit, for the right occasion. It can also elevate your mood!
  2. It creates a different look - Same outfit? Not a problem. Buy a women’s scarf! You can own many basics and let scarves do the magic! You can wear the right scarf to various occasions.
  3. It amplifies your personality - Accessorizing is also another avenue to express yourself and your style. While your choice of clothes says everything about your style and preference, accessories help take your expression to the next level. In fact, clothing and accessories work hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

"Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman's outfit." - Michael Kors

  1. It saves money and time - Shopping for clothing often requires more time as compared to shopping for accessories. There are just so many things to consider before purchasing an outfit: Does it fit me well? Do the pieces match? Do they have the right size for me? and many more... Accessories are easier and have a relatively shorter decision-making process. They are also often a relatively inexpensive way to make your outfit brand new.
  2. It creates a conversation - Believe it or not, accessories can be a conversation starter. It is always nice to start a conversation with someone by complimenting them. Imagine that you are seated next to a lady with a women's wool winter scarf in a style that you have been searching for - you can't help yourself but to lean forward and ask where she got it.

With an Original Luxury scarf, you will get a practical, and stylish accessory. Not only will they keep you warm and protect you from the wind, but they will also add an additional dimension to your look. Made of 100% wool, with beautiful patterns, our scarves will make you feel amazing. A major benefit to these scarves is that they coming in many styles, with many colors or in neutral tones, and in varying sizes.

In browsing our site, remember that it is not recommended to wear a scarf in the exact same color as your jacket, unless you’re going for the fully monochrome look. Try pairing a neutral scarf with a bright patterned blouse, or a colorful floral scarf with a crisp white shirt. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, mix and match two bold prints from similar color palettes.

Choose to wear a scarf more often, and wear it in style, as if it was created for you. It is proven that a well-worn scarf gives you confidence. So don’t waste any time and check out the Original Luxury store for some new arrivals in the luxury wool scarves section