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Women's white scarves

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White scarves to brighten up your life

White color in white scarf for women

White clothing is timeless – it suits every fashion style and every woman. White wardrobe pieces can brighten up an outfit, or provide stark contrast. White is the color of purity, innocence, light and vital energy. It prevails in the wardrobe of people who dominate in society and who are leaders in their working sphere. White clothes or accessories, when styled correctly, communicate order, control and directness. White cool scarves for women can complement almost any other color palette.

White ladies dressy scarves combinations

A white scarf is the self-sustained women’s key wardrobe element. Ladies’ white scarves will complement an outfit of any style. This fashion season has been filled with many color combinations. In addition to the classic contrast of white and black, other mixes were present, including white paired with blue, bright yellow, lilac and turquoise.

A White Scarf – a must-have for women

Scarves are not just intended for winter - they are multifunctional pieces that can complete an ensemble or be used to make a unique fashion statement. A little creativity, and the results may surprise you. A white ladies’ scarf is often favored for its simple but all-complimenting style.

Although scarves are seen as a neck accessory, they can also be used to add color to hats and bags. A quick one-time loop around your waist will make a simple yet stylish belt and will accentuate your figure. A simple bow around your ponytail transforms it into a classic hair accessory. Draped over your shoulders, it adds a bit of modesty to your stunning evening gown. Your creativity is your limit in how you style your scarf.

White silk scarves

White scarves are bright and classy. If white is too bright for you, you can opt for a lightweight cream instead, or perhaps you are drawn more to a snow white. Shop the Original Luxury site for endless variants of solid white and cream scarves or timeless patterns accented with splashes of white.

Although this scarf is available in many fabrics, one of the most popular is classic silk. This is preferred by many because of how delicate and soft it is. Silk is often synonymous with regality, quality and exclusivity. Selecting a silk variant of a beautiful white scarf will elevate your look even further.

Spring – Summer

In the summertime, white scarves pair perfectly with romantic sundresses, or maxi skirts styled with silky crop tops. For a more casual look, pair your white scarf with a striped top and white jeans. Get the most out of your scarf in the summer by taking it to the beach as a lightweight coverup, or wrapping it around your hair to protect it from the sun’s harsh rays as you relax in the ocean.


Swap out fabrics for a warm wool scarf in time for fall. Loop it around yourself a couple of times and pair it with your favorite camel coat. If it’s not cold enough for outerwear yet, throw your scarf on top of a blazer – a look that works for the office or on the weekend.


A white silk scarf is not only a summer staple – it looks elegant with your fur coat. Alternatively, look for a thick knit and match it with a hat for maximum coziness during the coldest months. Pair it with a patterned parka for some extra color in the bleak winter landscape.

With a myriad of fabric choices that range from silk to chiffon and cashmere, white scarves are timeless items that lend well to any outfit and any event. Upgrade your closet with an Original Luxury white scarf that adds a glamorous finish to your style.

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