New 2021-2022 fall-winter collections are in. Shop Zilli, Philipp Plein & more.
New 2021-2022 fall-winter collections are in. Shop Zilli, Philipp Plein & more.
New 2021-2022 fall-winter collections are in. Shop Zilli, Philipp Plein & more.

Women's black silk scarf

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Silk scarves as a universal accessory

The image of a well put together woman is always thought out to the details, which allows her to look perfect. A scarf is a classic detail in a woman’s image, and in cold weather it is simply impossible without it. A scarf is not only functional, it can make you look stylish and elegant. To seemly incorporate this accessory into your look, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into account: the color and style of the outerwear with which you are going to wear it, your personal style, and, of course, fashion trends.

Daily women's black silk scarf

In choosing the right scarf for day-to-day, you need to pay attention to several details. One of them is color. A black silk scarf pairs well with many outfits, from casual to elegant.

Before going to buy women’s scarves, check out some of the high-quality brands available in Original Luxury’s online store.  Italian black silk scarves, as well as the French Hermes shawls, are especially popular - they are part of an iconic style. It is no wonder that they are considered universal. Firstly, scarves made of natural silk are ideal for any age and season. Secondly, they are extremely versatile – they can be beautifully tied not only around the neck, but also on your head, belt and even bag.

Black silk scarf as a present

If you want to surprise your mother, sister, friend or wife - buy a beautiful luxury women’s silk scarf from our online store. Indian and Chinese silk shawls are famous for their unusual design, and high quality, and are more cost effective. They make excellent presents and are sure to please even the pickiest recipient.

A few ways to tie a silk scarf

A silk scarf is the most practical and versatile accessory, it fits perfectly under a fur coat during the winter, and pairs well with a light dress during the summer.

There are several ways to tie a silk scarf:

  • Around your neck - the most classic and familiar way.
  • Around your head or ponytail, an easy way to elevate your hairstyle.
  • Around your bag handle, to add color and a twist to your classic hand bag. Tie it in a bow, or wrap it multiple times around the entire handbag to elevate your look.
  • As a belt on jeans, pants or dresses. This is another way to add color to an outfit, or to put a new spin on that timeless summer dress.

Choose the right one

Before you buy a silk scarf, you must select not only the color, but also the size, density and material.

Choosing the right color is a personal journey, and the right pattern is dependent mostly on your preferences. Printed silk scarves can make your image and outfit more unique and beautiful. Pair your bright printed scarf with a more muted outfit to make its design stand out brighter.

In terms of fabric, matte translucent silk scarves are great for warmer seasons. Satin silk scarves look more luxurious, they are fresh and radiant.

When looking at sizes, larger scarves provide more options for how to tie it. For business women, it is worth choosing the standard size, to be used as a decorative piece to add femininity.  However, large silk scarves, shawls and stoles are perfect as a wrap on the shoulders on a summer evening.

Thus, choosing the perfect silk scarf is not an easy feat, you need to be careful with its style, material and the way you wear it. Check out the Original Luxury online store to browse our wide selection and choose the best scarf (or two) for you!

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