Women's winter scarves

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Woollen scarves for women: a variety of styles and colours for any occasion

Any fashionista can confirm that there are never too many scarves, and this trend is only intensifying. This accessory instantly transforms any outfit and makes it look elegant and complete. Indeed, nowadays scarves are not hidden under a coat or jacket anymore. Woollen scarves have become much more than just a protection from the wind and cold. Furthermore, they are no longer considered a jewelry item for necks, but are also worn on shoulders and heads.

Today, a scarf is an accessory that is able to set the whole tone of your look. It will certainly become the highlight and the main accent of your outfit. At any time of the year and for any style of clothing, you can always choose the right model that will transform you and enhance your attractiveness and sexuality. Therefore, it is accepted that there should be many scarves in a women's wardrobe: for all possible occasions and events.

A cozy woollen women's scarf will perfectly warm you in the coldest winter and will undoubtedly create an expressive “zest” for any look. It may be a fluffy knitted voluminous scarf or an original poncho — you can choose one that you like more. Online multi-brand boutique Originalluxury offers its customers the best choices of women's woollen scarves. On our website you can find a wide range of models from the latest designer collections. Among the brands you will find Christian Lacroix, Escorial, Faliero Sarti, Mantero and others. You will be pleasantly impressed with our assortment and high quality of products, which is confirmed by our numerous customers around the world.

A wool scarf will add a note of originality to any outfit, make it more elegant and feminine. A woman with such an accessory will emphasize her status and excellent taste. Cozy wool scarves go well with absolutely any type of outerwear: from an elegant cashmere coat or a graceful short fur coat, to a simple down jacket or a laconic blazer. They also match well with textured pieces: sweaters, hoodies or woollen dresses. A variety of models of woollen scarves is simply amazing: woollen scarves, voluminous knitted scarves, snood scarves, poncho. Women's wool scarves will never look too simple and boring, or even old-fashioned. Moreover, a large scarf, made of thin cashmere, looks expensive and elegant even on its own. Originally draped around the neck with beautiful folds, a cashmere scarf will create a touch of sophistication.

The right colour is one of the most important criteria in choosing a scarf. You must always start with the choice of colour if you want to select a scarf for a specific outfit or clothing style. Moreover, a tone of this accessory should emphasize the beauty of your eyes and hair. Women with graceful and slender figures should choose products in light and pastel colours.

Woollen women's scarves are an ideal addition to formal outfits and to dilute the dark colours of clothes. For example, an accessory of white or light grey colour is perfect for a dark grey or black coat, but light-coloured outerwear looks good with the scarves of bright tones. It is worth noting that outer clothing in white colour should not be decorated with a dark scarf. It is recommended to complement a dark jacket with beautiful scarves in warm colours. At the peak of popularity are models with ethnic motifs. They are valued for their original appearance, they are good both for casual outfits, and for corporate appearance. It is a rule that colour of the scarf should be in harmony with the clothes, shoes and other accessories.

When choosing a scarf, you should also remember that it does only quietly hide the imperfections of your figure, but also could emphasize them. That is why, you must pay attention to the style of the chosen accessory. For example, ladies with bigger complexion should choose wide scarves from a woollen cloth.  However, if one’s neck is short, it will be better to refuse such an accessory and give preference to a short knitted scarf, made of thin wool or cashmere.

When choosing a women's woollen scarf, you should pay attention not only to the colours and model of the item, but also to the material. A composition of fabrics plays no less, and possibly a bigger role than appearance of the accessories. As for style - scarves are divided into classic and sports. They can be made of the coarse or thin knitting.

A harmoniously matched scarf, which is combined in terms of colours with clothes and other accessories, is able to give any outfit a stylish and finished look. A classic long knit scarf is versatile. If you choose a model with a fringe or brushes at the ends, you will add a touch of romance to the outfit. A volume snood can be perfectly used as a traditional scarf or even as a headpiece. A sporty look will be clearly unfinished without a fluffy knitted scarf with tassels. A truly winter, cozy look is unthinkable without an original knitted poncho. It will not only warm you perfectly, but also become the expressive centre of your look on its own.

As we see, women's woollen scarves are a universal and practical accessory. If you buy a woollen scarf, you will be able to wear it with any style, and thanks to the assortment of our online boutique we are confident that you will find the perfect scarf for yourself. Our catalog allows you to choose several models for different kinds of events and looks. At the end we want to remind you that it does not matter what kind of scarf you want to buy, Originalluxury always offers the widest range of scarves not only in Toronto, but throughout Canada.
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