Women's thick scarves

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Looking for a fashionable women`s thick scarf?

If you look closely at the changing world, it turns out that it is not so different. The form changes, but the content remains the same. The changes themselves do not arise from outer space but seem to “spin” in a spiral, emerging in the present from the distant past.

Today, we will talk to you about what is perhaps the most important winter accessory - a scarf, whose history spans more than two thousand years!

The origin of a scarf dates back to ancient China; when a piece of fabric wrapped around the neck was used as a form of protection for emperor`s soldiers of the Middle Kingdom from the cold and wind. Since then, the scarf has been established in the army arsenal, and many years it became an irreplaceable component in the modern-day wardrobe. Neckerchiefs, shawls, scarves - all derivatives of the ancient scarf, which today, for the most part, is used as an ornament. However, in choosing a winter scarf, it is important to remember its original purpose - protection from the cold and wind.

Advantages of buying a women’s wool scarf

Wool has always been, and still remains, a staple in fashion. This is a classic piece in any wardrobe regardless of age or occasion. Woolen scarves are considered to be the standard of quality, a guarantee of warmth and comfort throughout the cold winter season, while also maintaining a number of other benefits:

  • Pulling an outfit together through it’s classic style;
  • Wear resistance. With appropriate care, they will serve their owner for more than one season;
  • Lack of deformation during use. Does not stretch or shrink after washing. Doesn't lose shape over time;
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties. Thermal conductivity is lower than that of synthetics, so natural wool scarves are warmer;
  • Breathability. Your skin will breathe under the cool scarves for women made of wool;
  • Hygroscopicity. Scarves absorb moisture while remaining dry to the touch;
  • Do not accumulate static electricity;
  • Possessing dirt-repellent properties. The springy structure of the fabric repels foreign substances, so sometimes it’s enough to shake the scarf to make it clean again;
  • It doesn't cause discomfort while wearing and is not prickly to the touch.

Wool scarves are often the ideal product for people with sensitive skin, as the fabric does not cause irritation. Some even say that wool is not just a soft and very warm texture, but also a material that has healing properties and the ability to alleviate some of the discomfort of arthritis and radiculitis.

When you decide to buy a wool scarf, you will be enriching your wardrobe with a critical winter accessory, indispensable in fighting the cold, windy weather. Even though modern technologies have entered literally every area of our lives, including the textile industry, synthetics will not completely replace natural materials. Products made of artificial fibers, although they are cheaper, are not endowed with the same properties and benefits that wool possesses. 

A thick wool scarf is timeless and always relevant. Rest assured, several different woolen scarves in your wardrobe will diversify and refresh your everyday look.

How to wear a winter scarf?

Accessories are always meant to be used in a way that creates a unique look and communicates individual style, and cool scarves for women are no different. However, the trick with scarves is not always in their design or texture, but in the originality of how it is worn. There are countless video tutorials on tying scarves, but consider the following to bring a unique twist to your outfit:

  • Wrap the scarf around your neck and make loops at the ends - ideal for long patterned scarves;
  • Fold the scarf in half, wrap it around the neck and insert the ends of the product into the formed loop - an easy way for tying elongated plain scarves;
  • Wrap the scarf around your neck several times so that the tips hang down – ideal for very long scarves of thick fabric;
  • Hang the scarf around your neck and tie the ends in a bow or small knot - a good option for fastening a thick women’s scarf.

These types of tying are the most common, but there are countless ways to tie your scarf. The key is to continue to experiment with various shapes and sizes. Be mindful that larger more voluminous styles often become key features of a look, so if you are looking for a scarf that accentuates your look rather than being a focal point, then focus on a smaller shape. When you’ve finally bought your favorite women’s winter scarves, experiment with matching it to different outfits. Pair it with any look: a short jacket, a tailored blazer, a fur coat. Accessorize with a hat and mittens or gloves, that match or contrast. With the perfect scarf, the options are endless.

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