New 2021-2022 fall-winter collections are in. Shop Zilli, Philipp Plein & more.
New 2021-2022 fall-winter collections are in. Shop Zilli, Philipp Plein & more.
New 2021-2022 fall-winter collections are in. Shop Zilli, Philipp Plein & more.

Women's summer scarves

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Let`s talk about ladies summer scarves

How wonderful is it that in our time, many things are multifunctional and universal! After all, who doesn’t like it when you can “kill two birds with one stone”. Now there is the opportunity to choose women's decorative scarves in any season, to protect you from the sun and highlight your outfit.

It’s incredible to think that scarves are quite ancient, with their history beginning almost two thousand years ago! Archaeological finds indicate that scarves originated with ancient Chinese, military personnel. But let's turn to contemporary silk scarves for women.

The whims of kings

In the seventeenth century, the utility factor of scarves was cast aside, with beauty becoming the main feature. Of course, silk was considered the most exquisite, and scarves from this material were very popular among representatives of high society. Silk scarves for women began to be called “cravate”. These were expensive scarves from Venetian or Flemish lace. This was the period when aesthetics came to the fore. The king’s favorites, one after another, competed in who would put on a beautiful scarf in an original way. The Duchess de la Vallière even went down in history: she took a fancy to men's neck scarves and began to tie them with a bow. This bow-lavalier has survived to this day as a decorative decoration for both women and men’s clothing.

The end of the 19th century gave rise to the popularity and relevance of scarves as a practical and beautiful accessory. Fashion houses set to work, creating personalized models of scarves, among which the leader became the silk scarf. Queen Victoria of Great Britain played an important role in increasing the demand for scarves, as the scarf became her favorite accessory and a constant element of her royal wardrobe. 

Summer scarves for women in 2019

Fashionable summer scarves fascinate with their charm, and in 2019 they successfully replace exquisite necklaces, and also often play the role of a practical headdress. Today's technique of tying ladies’ scarves for summer is slightly different from its cold season`s varieties, which are usually knotted with a regular knot or wrapped around the neck a couple times. As we look at summer scarves for women, we often see more original ways of securing them, with bows or knots, easier to tie as a result of the soft silk fabric. For a more fashion forward image, you may even consider tying two summer scarves together at once, creating a unique look.

Choosing a stylish and fashionable ladies scarf for summer

The first thing to consider when choosing a women’s decorative scarf, is what you would prefer to wear it with. Pick a few outfits that would be elevated with the addition of a pattern. Today’s trends highlight bright and colorful designs. For example, a women's floral scarf can be paired perfectly with a sleek business suit. Let yourself choose vibrant colors that will perfectly highlight your summer wardrobe.

If you often wear tops or dresses with a stand-up collar, choose a wide scarf that can be spread over your shoulders. For tops with a deep neckline, it is better to select a narrow version and wrap it several times around the neck. Such rules are conditional; and can be modified to better fit your personal style. It is also worth mentioning that when selecting a beach scarf, consider picking a larger size that will better protect your shoulders from the scorching sun. A well-wrapped scarf can also protect your head as well as any hat or panama - for this purpose, a wide and long style is best suited. Or alternatively, a small summer scarf can take on the role of a headband or hair scrunchie. .

Wearing ladies’ summer scarves

This versatile accessory can be worn in several styles, dependent mostly on the personal preferences of the wearer.

A common modern look mimics that of Middle Eastern style. To achieve this look, select a light square scarf, fold it into a triangular shape, and then wrap it up around your neck so that the ends of the triangle appear in front. This option can be slightly transformed by tying the ends of the triangle back.

An alternative is use the scarf as a shawl, adding a layer of warmth to counter the cool summer breeze. Wrap your scarf around your shoulders and tie it in a bow or knot in front. You can also shift the bow slightly to the side for a little twist.

Naturally, women’s summer scarves can be perfectly paired with evening or business clothes, or just thrown overtop a casual summer outfit. For a classic look, pair your scarf with a simple t-shirt, denim shorts and your favorite sandals. A women’s floral silk scarf elevates this outfit and shows the thought that was put into it. If it gets too hot, wrap the scarf around your purse handle.

It's versatility is just a reminder of the evolution of the scarf from its practical roots to its timeless image as an essential piece of any wardrobe. Browse the OriginalLuxury site to find your perfect summer scarf.
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