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Women's silk scarves

Jimmy Choo Foulard Scarf Green

Gender: Women Colour: Green Model Number: h66025480 Material: 100% silk...
CAD 170.00

Jimmy Choo Foulard Scarf Red

Gender: Women Colour: Red Model Number: h66025480-2 Material: 100%...
CAD 170.00

Jimmy Choo Foulard Scarf Sand

Gender: Women Colour: Sand Model Number: H66025480-3 Material: 100%...
CAD 170.00

Jimmy Choo Foulard Scarf Green

Gender: Women Colour: Green Model Number: h66075660 Material:...
CAD 300.00

Jimmy Choo Stole Scarf Grey

Gender: Women Colour: Grey Model Number: h68075500 Material:...
CAD 420.00

Jimmy Choo Stole Scarf Sand

Gender: Women Colour: Sand Model Number: H68075500-2 Material: 58%...
CAD 420.00

Jimmy Choo Shawl Scarf Blue

Gender: Women Colour: Blue Model Number: H6s075450 Material: 74%...
CAD 460.00

Jimmy Choo Shawl Scarf Pink

Gender: Women Colour: Pink Model Number: H6s075450-2 Material: 74% cotton,...
CAD 460.00

Jimmy Choo Foulard Scarf Blue

Gender: Women Material: 100% silk Colour: Blue Model Number:...
CAD 280.00

Fashion for wome`s scarves. When did it start?

A scarf is an item that is present in any wardrobe. We are sure you can find it in yours too! A scarf is a universal fashion accessory that is relevant all year round. It is designed to complete your desired look. It has a practical advantage as it protects against frost in the winter, neutralizes the heat in the summer. You can pick up almost any outfit, whether it be a cocktail dress or a winter jacket. Men also fell in love with this wardrobe item, but now we will talk specifically about fashion scarves for women.

If you are planning to buy ladies scarf, you can wear it around the neck and tie it in a variety of different ways. For example, a light summer scarf can be tied in a stylish manner over your head. You can tie it on the arm which is an option suitable for extravagant women. For a creative person, a long silk scarf tied around one’s belt is also suitable. Now it has become fashionable to decorate bags with scarves. Fashion for scarves goes back centuries. An exquisite scarf is the most desirable thing for any fashionista regardless of the century.

There are dozens of ways to tie a scarf

At a formal event a scarf can be classically wrapped around the neck or tied with an intricate knot. A scarf tied around the waist will help to create a playful outfit. A feminine image will perfectly complete the scarf, pinned with a stylish brooch.

Silk scarves for women

For several centuries, a silk scarf remains an enduring symbol of sophisticated elegance. Surely you can find it everywhere, a silk scarf is an integral attribute of one’s stylish image, and its possibilities are almost inexhaustible if you approach the matter with imagination.

Silk is a shiny and smooth fabric, rich in texture. Choose a silk scarf with elegant “faded” patterns. This fashion accessory will add elegance and charm to your overall look.  You can buy designer scarf for women with intricate floral motifs or strict geometric patterns, flowers or leaves.

Particular attention should be paid to the unique patterns of silk scarves, for example, a complex pattern similar to marble. Silk scarves are distinguished by unsurpassed elegance and beauty. Silk scarves for women show seams and stitches around the edges. Silk scarves for women are giving unmatched elegance and beauty.

How to choose the right colour of fashion scarves for women?

The first thing that catches your eye is the colour. Pastel, bright, muted tones, a variety of prints ... How to choose the right colour that suits you ?

  • One’s skin tone would play a role in choosing the right colour of the scarf. Usually contrast is a great attribute to have, for example tanned skin should be matched with lighter coloured scarves.
  • Consider the seasonality. Each season has special lighting. Use this feature to play with contrasts.
  • There is a little secret when choosing a scarf - it should emphasize your eyes. When creating contrast the look will seem deeper.
  • The scarf should contain the colour of the main element of the wardrobe.
  • Everything should look harmonious with the headgear.
  • In winter, choose bright coloured scarves - for example, with bold animal prints, bow knots, delicate floral motifs, embroidery and others!

A little advice when you want to buy a lady’s fashion scarf:

Choose accessories for your existing wardrobe - this accessory should be combined with at least 3 items of your clothes.

  • When choosing an accessory for everyday wear, mainly focus on its practicality and convenience, followed by pattern and style.
  • The three-dimensional pattern will attract everyone’s attention. Also, loose-hanging ends of a long, loose knit scarf will help you to look taller.
  • Under the coat make sure to choose a plain shirt or blouse, otherwise the image will turn out to be too bulky.

So, hopefully, we managed to tell you about t he unlimited possibilities of wearing this stylish accessory. In conclusion, I want to share a quote from the playwright Wendy Wassershine:

“If you have chosen the right earrings, bracelet, and scarf, you will always look your best!”