Women's floral scarves

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Floral scarves – how to choose and to wear

A scarf is the most universal type of accessories. A properly selected and styled scarf will make you look great in both corporate or every-day setting.

At first one must know about the trends in women's decorative scarves in the world for this year.


In terms of colours the following options are  preferred:

  • burgundy (dark shade of ruby red);
  • mustard;
  • orange;
  • violet or pink-violet;
  • aquamarine hints-the colour of sea water;
  • fiery red;
  • soft blue;
  • emerald;
  • shades of grey;
  • beige;
  • dark chocolate colour

How to choose a scarf if you see more than one colour that you like?

There is one interesting theory in understanding which one of the ladies floral scarves fits you most. It is called “season personalities”. When browsing the Internet you might have seen numerous questionnaires of how to find out what “season type” you are. We offer you the shortest test. To make certain which scarves’ colours suit you the  most choose the season group characteristics you agree with:


Positive Traits:

Curious, smiles often, friendly, witty, good conversationalist, optimistic, empathy with others

Negative Traits:

Undecided, speaks without thinking, fails to plan ahead, takes on too many projects, overly talkative


Positive Traits:

Listens carefully, speaks quietly, gentle, understanding, diplomatic, talented with hands, good imagination, dependable, neat

Negative Traits:

Slow to accept new ideas, makes friends slowly, stubborn, punishes by silence, slow worker, gets tied up in details


Positive Traits:

Makes decisions quickly, dependable, energetic, willing to work, true to a cause, self disciplined, confident, plans ahead, organizer, leader, gets the job done

Negative Traits:

Disagreeable, stubborn, easily irritated, hurts others feelings, takes over in group situations, takes criticism poorly


Positive Traits:

Truthful, loyal, good listener, sensitive, creative, perfectionist, well mannered, analytical, faithful, dependable, self sacrificing.

Negative Traits:

Self-centred, neglects friends, worries about what others think of her, pessimistic, expects perfection from others

So when you decide to buy a designer women’s scarf knowing your “season” will help you choose the right colour.

Thus for spring type you should tend to wear more clear, warm colours such as burgundy, soft blue, beige, soft pink.

For summer type you should wear cold colours from light blue to pink and violet, aquamarine hints.

For autumn type you should prefer dark but warm colours such as chocolate, grey shades, mustard.

For winter type dark, cold colours will more suitable as emerald, all shades of cold blue and violet.

So when you look for your colour among floral scarves you should choose an item where this colour will be basic or dominating.

Way of wearing

When choosing a correct women’s floral scarf you should consider the colour range of your outfit. If it is solid then floral neck scarves will help you to make your look more softened.

One more trend nowadays is to wear a floral scarf as a waistband. Normally it is tied around your waist or hips rather loosely. And to create a romantic look you may add a brooch.

There is one rule – the more your look is composed the brighter your scarf must be.

The sense of proportion

You might know that if your dress is for example of solid yellow colour you should not wear solid yellow women’s scarf – it is better to choose a bright floral scarf. All in all accessories and dresses of the same colour do not look stylish at all – your scarf should suit your bag or your shoes.

A black or dark blue dress should be combined with a floral women’s red scarf where dominated red colour creates a wonderful contrast and makes your outfit more elegant.

Having a high quality accessory such as a floral scarf will always transform your look in a better way.

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