Men's Vests

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Buy men's vest. It is style, practicality, and universality

Urban fashion and streetwear dictate own rules and form their own world in the modern vogue. The goal of our online boutique is to capture rising global trends and translate them to Canada. This is the reason why you can always find the latest collections from he most famous designers around the world and the most stylish trends of both female and male fashion. An important part of this belongs men's clothing: trousers, jackets, jeans, shirts, suits and, of course, vests. Despite of one may think, a modern man of today must have a vest in his wardrobe. Preferably two. This is due not only to the changing fashion trends, but also to practicality and versatility of this element of clothing.

Men's waistcoats are not only a great addition to any outfit, but also an ideal alternative to the semi-season jackets. Urban and streetwear style pushes designers to experiment with clothing that enables them to demonstrate individuality and excellent style even in the most ordinary clothes. The vest fashion is dictated by a natural desire to look stylish and non-trivial even in the cold seasons. Initially, the “puffy” men's waistcoats were associated only with a sports wardrobe. Comfortable and practical to wear, they were just a part of outerwear for tourists, fishermen and those who prefer active leisure. Over time, the scope of use of insulated vests was expanded: today men wear them as an element of casual styling, adapted to everyday life.

Products that have bright colours and classic tones go well with jeans, sports tight and wide trousers. Absence of sleeves allows you to create new outfits, changing the sweatshirts, sweaters, shirts and long-sleeve shirts. By the way, driving a car is another reason to buy a warm men's vest.

Today, the design of sleeveless jackets has evolved: materials, which are used in manufacturing process have been improved. Given the high emphasis that is placed on comfort, designers started to introduce lightweight and waterproof textures that hold heat even at temperatures below zero. Natural down is used as insulation, which allows the product to remain light. Polyamide, nylon, polyester, cotton, viscose have high strength characteristics that contribute to the active use of this type of clothing. The hypoallergenic materials are comfortable to wear and unpretentious in terms of care that is emphasized by the numerous reviews of those, who have already bought a warm men's vest.

Quilted vests have a lot of advantages, which allow them to compete with windbreakers, coats and semi-season jackets. The following are the advantages of having a vest from OriginalLuxury online store:

  • only designer models;
  • high quality materials and fillings;
  • variety of colours;
  • branded patterns;
  • ergonomic fit (a removable hood, spacious pockets, buttons or zippers);

Functional style and presence of removable elements significantly expand the range of looks and outfits that could be created with the vest. You can wear it as an outerwear piece or as a warming layer under a basic jacket.

As we see, men’s vests are universal: the classic models will become a great alternative to an office jacket, the sports ones will keep you warm on a cold day and the original designer models will compliment any evening outfit. Therefore, you can wear a vest as you wish, but in order to buy a suitable type, you must follow these rules:

  1. A sleeveless vest should ideally sit on your body, fit snugly in the waist and more freely in the chest.
  2. Regardless of the type and style of a product, waistcoat must completely cover the shirt, belt or trouser belt.
  3. The corners, located behind, should reach a line of the hips.

Correctly selected men's vest will visually correct the figure, eliminate its individual flaws, complete and improve the total look. Consultants of our online store will help you to choose the right model for you. A size chart on our site will certainly help you to buy an appropriate product. Our online boutique of luxury brands is the best place to buy a vest.

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