Women's Scarves

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Women's Scarves

A scarf is an indispensable element of a woman’s wardrobe, and in cold weather it is a necessity. The right scarf can elevate any outfit, by adding elegance, style, and warmth. However, there are quite a few important things to consider in maximize the value of a scarf in your wardrobe.

How to choose a scarf

Choosing the right scarf can make all the difference from it hanging in the back of your closet, to it becoming a staple in your wardrobe. When purchasing a scarf, it is important to consider: the outerwear with which you intend to pair it, its color, its material, and most importantly – your personal style.

Pairing with Outerwear

One of the main considerations in pairing a scarf with outerwear revolves around the collar style. A large-knit, bulk scarf made of natural wool, is suitable for outerwear with a folded down collar: adding extra warmth and protection from cold weather. This can be a men’s or women’s thick scarf, in a solid or patterned print, or with fur and knitting details, depending on your personal preference.

Knitted scarves made of fur perfectly complement leather jackets and cashmere coats. For a warm down jacket, parka or coat, a long, large knit scarf made of natural wool is perfect. If you’re a little more fashion forward, you may want to look for styles with leather elements, scarves made of soft leather, pleated and corrugated fabric, and scarves with national patterns (ethnic motifs of Peru, India, Bali).

For outerwear with a stand-up collar (or any collar covering the neck), a model that can easily be hidden under a jacket or coat is prefer making a statement. able. For example, a beautiful, printed silk scarf, or a thin, cashmere scarf, is easy to tuck in while still elevating your look.

In addition, scarf clamps or rings add a personal touch. This look has several advantages: firstly, it can be combined with almost any outfit, secondly, it can transform your scarf into a headdress (just lift it on your head like a hood), and thirdly, it adds elegance.


The color of the scarf must be chosen according to the rule of contrast: bright contrasting colors will suit dark and discreet outerwear (they will dilute dark and gray tones, with the scarf becoming the focal point). You can choose from the wide variety of brightly patterned silk scarves for women in our online shop. If, on the contrary, you want to make your outerwear stand out, then select a scarf with a more muted tone or pattern. If you’re choosing to complement your scarf with other accessories, such as a hat and gloves, be mindful of selecting complementary colors.

If you’re still not sure what color is right for you, some safe choices include mustard or sand shade for beige or brown coats, light tones for a dark gray or black jacket, and for light coats, bright colors - red, raspberry, yellow, green, and blue, will be an ideal choice. Complement your outerwear with one of our many women’s wool scarves.


When choosing a scarf, pay close attention to its quality. Good craftsmanship never go out of style, where as cheap products, as a rule, quickly lose their appeal. Quality scarves have smooth edges, and are carefully crafted, without pulled threads.

One of the most important things to consider in the selection of a winter scarf is its material - this is the element of the outfit that directly contacts the body. This is even more crucial if you have sensitive skin especially as synthetic fabric can cause not only discomfort, but also allergic reactions.

Always buy products made from natural materials. The cheapest among them is sheep's wool, although it is somewhat heavy. For a lighter option, look for merino wool or camel fluff. The most luxurious, and, correspondingly, more expensive option, is llama (alpaca) wool. This wool is shiny, silky, waterproof, very warm and durable, and has a rich range of natural shades. Finally, the coat of Angora rabbits is light and airy, unusually soft to the touch, however, it is not water-resistant and is not suitable for everyone, as it can cause allergies. But cashmere is absolutely hypoallergenic. In addition, it perfectly retains heat, it is very light, unusually delicate, elegant, trendy, and therefore the most expensive material.

If you’re looking for ladies summer scarves, shop our online shop for a variety of high quality silk scarves.


A scarf is an investment. It's a wardrobe statement. The right scarf can become a classic go-to piece through every season. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a scarf is how it makes you feel. Fashion is about personal expression, so find the scarf that speaks to you and bring your style to the next level.
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