Unisex scarves

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An outstanding look enhanced by exquisite silk scarves

Imagine attending a crucial meeting or a conference. You look perfect – neat and classy but still there is one thing missing – an appropriate accessory item. For both men and women a silk neck scarf is a timeless classic element to complete one’s outfit.

Nowadays customer worldwide follow a very similar trend of selecting only natural, eco-friendly materials and products. That is why silk scarves are a growing trend. Pure silk itself consists of 97% proteins and includes 18 amino acids that positively affect human’s health. Also a designer silk scarf not only enhances one’s look, but also is capable to mitigate and stabilize body temperature – its fabric can make you feel cool during the summer and warm in winter.

Silk scarves at present are extremely colorful, bright and have intricate patterns. Silk scarves glitter, shine and are very tender and gentle towards your body. When reading this one might think: Where can I buy a scarf?

The answer is simple - online. However, there are special outlets for more high-end products available online. And there you can buy for example fashion scarves for women.

There are several ways how to style your silk scarf, and we will describe them below:

Chic Parisians

If you choose this type of styling a scarf, then you should wrap a silk scarf tightly around your neck. Your entire look should be polished. For example, silk scarves are a great match for a flare dress and high-heel, ankle-strap sandals.

Countryside brunch Cowgirls

If being too ladylike is not your desired look, you can still pull a scarf off by wearing it a little differently. At first make a triangle from your silk scarf folding your scarf in half. Then roll it several times and tie two corners loosely not in front as usual but behind your neck. This look could work extremely well with any coloured denim.

Concrete Jungle Style

This style is for women involved in the corporate world who live in city centers like Toronto or Quebec for example. Imagine owning a small square silk scarf. You should consider to buy another silk scarf which is longer and of the matching color in our shop. The first scarf should be wrapped around your wrist like a stylish bracelet and the second should be tied to a one-tone purse (preferably its handle) to create a bright and colourful spot.

Vintage Witches

Your silk scarf can save you if you have no time to wrestle with your hair early in the morning. You should form a long band from the silk scarf and wrap it around your head tying a knot at the top of your head.

What do you do if you do not have any matching items to complete these outfits? You may buy scarf on our platform by choosing it from a broad range of models and types.

Faliero Sarti, Christian Lacroix, Mantero, and Como Silks – are all amazing designer brands that offer luxurious and modern scarves for any occasion. You may decide to buy a men’s silk scarf from Italian fashion houses or you may prefer a French parade of colours. It is up to you to decide. Bonne chance!

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