Men's Scarves

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Men’s scarves

A scarf is men’s accessory that has stopped being considered as merely protection against wind and cold, and has become an important element of a complete male look. A properly selected scarf is an indispensable attribute of any outfit.

We offer men's scarves for any season - from lightweight, designed to complement off-season clothing sets, to the warmest winter options. Our catalog represents a large variety of scarves. Here you can find men’s items such as black dress scarf, men’s cashmere plaid scarf, men’s wool scarf, winter men scarf, etc. Different models are sewn from high-quality materials such as wool, silk, cashmere, linen, cotton and mixtures of these fabrics. They look elegant and perfectly fulfill their function - they protect the owner from the cold and gusts of wind, while the overall look a sense of elegance and chic.

Our collection of scarves  has a wide variety of products  available that cater to almost any occasion:

  • Attending a business meeting,
  • Attending an informal event,
  • Going for a nice walk.

Scarves are presented in classic and trendy colours. Invariable favourites - black, grey, burgundy, blue, and beige.

There is no doubt that scarves provide an ability to look stylish and at the same time provide the necessary warmth to our throat. By itself, a man’s scarf can give a special touch and elegance to the overall look. It makes it possible to turn casual clothing into fashionable.

What material are scarves made of?

When purchasing a scarf, you should determine its style and choose a quality product that you will wear regularly with joy, and not one that will collect dust on a shelf in your closet. It is better to choose models from natural, pleasant to one’s touch materials. Designer men’s silk scarves can be also a good option. They are usually made from natural silk and will make you look trendy and elegant. Wearing a product with synthetic impurities can cause irritation on thin and sensitive skin and cause discomfort.

Men’s Wool Scarf

A scarf made of wool will help to keep you warm. Usual wool materials include rabbit (angora), llama (alpaca) or goat (mohair, merino and cashmere). Today, on the shelves of stores there are bilateral models of scarves, when one part is made of fine wool and the second is made of natural silk, but most often these are female models of scarves. The most elegant and stylish men's scarves are made from smooth woollen cloths.

An important role is also played by the general style that you prefer. Winter scarves for men are made from wool, cashmere or cotton, and are ideally suited to a classic formal suit or trench-coat. Large-knit products are more suitable for jackets, down jackets, jeans and sweaters.

Coarse Grey Men's Scarf

Wool is the most comfortable and practical material that is capable of absorbing more than 30% moisture, while remaining dry. One of the most expensive materials is cashmere, accessories from it are very thin, light and warm.

When choosing a scarf, carefully read the composition of which it is made. It is not recommended to buy a scarf made of acrylic or with its predominance - although such a product is pleasant to the touch, it will not protect your neck from frost and will not provide warmth.

Color and style of men's scarves.

The colour scheme of scarves is usually quite conservative; however, despite this, one should not forget that it is necessary to select a product taking into account the general colour scheme of the wardrobe. Classic and popular are shades of blue and grey, as well as products that have checkered style. When choosing a colour, one should follow the same rules as when buying a tie. Choose a product a couple of tones darker or lighter than the base clothing (suit or coat). Under strict classic business style of clothing, stylists recommend choosing plain models or models with two shades.

Classic Men’s Plaid Scarf

White also belongs to the selection of classic colours of men's scarves - if you tie a snow-white scarf over a coat or suit, you are guaranteed to attract attention and stand out in the crowd. Not a successful acquisition will be a black scarf, which in most cases gives the appearance of its owner an earthy shade and visually ages the skin. To freshen the look and make the outfit “lighter”, accessories in sky blue or blue, aqua and light grey are the best colours to choose.

Scarves of various shades are ideal for men who prefer a sporty style of clothing, however, you should remember that scarves that are too bright are speaking about bad manners, but there are exceptions to this rule. Bright products with various ornaments perfectly complement an outfit of teenagers and make it more informal.

Important Details

Long rectangular accessories are a perfect complement to a wardrobe of any style. But a round or square shape allows you to focus on the scarf.

How to distinguish a male scarf from a female? It is quite simple. Male models are never pink or purple and their shades are different. Pins, buttons, pompons, tassels, embroidery and beads are not used to decorate men's accessories.

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