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Women's Polos and T-shirts

Philipp Plein T-Shirt Dresses Flowers Black

Gender: Women Colour: Black Style: WTG0275 Colour Number: 2
CAD 1,300.00CAD 780.00

Philipp Plein Tank Top Flowers White

Gender: Women Colour: White Style: WTK2007 Colour Code: 1...
CAD 845.00CAD 507.00

Philipp Plein T-Shirt Round Neck SS Flowers 2 Black

Gender: Women Colour: Black Style: WTK2008 - 2 Colour...
CAD 820.00CAD 492.00

Philipp Plein T-Shirt Round Neck SS Flowers White

Gender: Women Colour: White Style: WKT2008 Colour Code: 1
CAD 920.00CAD 552.00

Philipp Plein T-shirt Round Neck SS Teddy Bear Black

Gender: Women Colour: Black Style: WTK2029 Colour Code: 2...
CAD 1,080.00CAD 648.00

Philipp Plein T-Shirt Skull Black

Gender: Women Colour: Black Style: S20c-wtk1945-pte003n Colour Code: 0-2...
CAD 999.00CAD 599.40

Philipp Plein T-shirt Round Neck Plein White

Gender: Women Colour: White Style: S20c-wtk1918-pkn002n Colour Code: 0-1...
CAD 304.00CAD 182.40

Philipp Plein T-shirt Love Plein White

Gender: Women Colour: White Style: S20c-wtk1942-pte003n Colour Code: 0-1...
CAD 460.00CAD 276.00

Philipp Plein T-shirt Round Neck Plein Black

Gender: Women Colour: Black Style: S20c-wtk1918-pkn002n Colour Code: 0-2...
CAD 304.00CAD 182.40

T-shirts and polo shirts as foundation of woman’s modern style wardrobe

Not so long ago, t-shirts were considered, in fact, only as an undershirt. They were used as an additional layer of clothing to be worn under a dressier shirt or top. We can even say that t-shirts were undeservedly entrenched in a stereotype of stretched home-only clothes. Today, such conservative views are a thing of the past. Although, it is common knowledge that decades ago women preferred to put on blouses and tops, but today a casual style dictates its own rules and its own trends. Therefore, not only t-shirts are becoming extremely popular, but also men’s style polo s hurts. Modern fashion trends convince even the most inveterate Tory that wearing such practical and universal clothes is always a right decision. Fashionable women's t-shirts are becoming more popular from year to year. This is a pretty democratic type of female clothing, furthermore, stylish and more conservative models can be appropriate even in an office setting. And for the walks, sport activities and everyday life, they are simply irreplaceable.

The OriginalLuxury store has gathered an incredible collection of bright, unique and stylish t-shirts from the leaders of fashion industry. However, all of them have one resemblance — each item is a truly designer piece. Our online multi-brand boutique offers its customers exclusively luxury segment products. We are sure that you will undoubtedly select something special and extraordinary for yourself in our store. Remember: our main goal is your shopping pleasure. So, what can we offer to you?

T-shirts and masculine polo shirts are an indispensable part of a wardrobe of every woman. And we understand this. That is why, on our platform you can always find t-shirts and polos for any occasion, for different figures and age categories. The most relevant styles of the t-shirts will invariably delight customers due to their high quality. They fit well and do not stretch or shrink while wearing and washing.

A classic t-shirt does not have fasteners and buttons, it is worn over a head, it may have the sleeves of various lengths and doesn't have a collar and the pockets. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. One of these is a polo model with a collar and three buttons at the neck, which has become popular thanks to the tennis players. Today, these shirts are available in a large variety and abundance of different styles: from a round neckline to a V-shaped and deep cutout. In the production of t-shirts, there are used predominantly natural materials, cotton or knitwear, which are absolutely hypoallergenic and aren't wrinkled during the wearing.

T-shirts are an amazingly practical element of any wardrobe. Trends for t-shirts practically do not change, however, an undergarment type of t-shirts holds a confident position on top of fashion trends. T-shirts with slogans and prints have become a necessary attribute for clubbing style and youth wardrobe, but they can also be combined with a suit jacket in a lax office style. Standard white and black t-shirts are the basics of any casual look. They can be worn with absolutely different things: both with tight and wide jeans, with skirts of different lengths and even with the classic blazers or leather jackets. T-shirts, as well as polo shirts, are distinguished by the fact that they are appropriate and relevant in any season and in any weather. So, they can be an independent and full-fledged element of an outfit or play a complementary role of a holistic look.

In order to look stylish, you should choose the right type and colour of t-shirt and combine it with suitable clothes. This element of wardrobe, despite it's apparent simplicity, is able to completely change any outfit. T-shirts with cutouts on shoulders perfectly emphasize your chest. However, this model should be used with a caution by those who have large shoulders. Such a shirt will visually make them look bigger. A type with a square neckline will emphasize the collarbones. If you want to visually add volume to your figure, choose a t-shirt with sleeves-flashlights. A V-neckline will certainly attract attention to your chest, and a round one will increase it by sight.

You can always buy the latest designer t-shirts and polo shirts from the latest fashion collections in our online boutique. We only offer the highest quality clothing, since we collaborate only with the most famous designers from around the world. Entrust us your style.