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Men's Polos and T-shirts

Zilli Polo Long-Sleeve Shirt Green

Gender: Men Material: 50% wool, 50% silk Colour Name: Green...
CAD 900.00CAD 630.00

Zilli Polo Long-Sleeve Shirt Navy

Gender: Men Material: 50% wool, 50% silk Colour Name: Navy...
CAD 900.00CAD 630.00

Zilli T-Shirt Sport Blue

Gender: Men Material: 100% cotton Colour Name: Blue Style:...
CAD 480.00CAD 336.00

Zilli T-Shirt Sport Red

Gender: Men Material: 100% cotton Colour Name: Red Style:...
CAD 480.00CAD 336.00

Philipp Plein T-Shirt Teddy Bear Black/Multicolour

Gender: Men Colour: Black/Multicolour Style: F20CMTK4583PJY002N Colour Number: 221 Model is...
CAD 550.00

Zanone Mc-Man T-Shirt Blue

Gender: Men Material: 100% cotton Colour: Blue Style: Z0380-811821 Model is...
CAD 215.00

Zilli T-Shirt Lion Navy

Gender: Men Material: 100% cotton, with insert Colour: Navy Item...
CAD 640.00CAD 448.00

Zilli T-Shirt Marine Blue

Gender: Men Material: 100% cotton Colour: Marine Blue Style:...
CAD 640.00CAD 448.00

Zilli T-Shirt Black/Bordeaux

Gender: Men Material: 100% cotton Colour: Black/Bordeaux Style: MBU-NT304-ZILL1...
CAD 640.00CAD 448.00

Men's T-shirts and polo for any occasion

Some things never go out of style. However, there are those that are simply not interchangeable, regardless of the ever-changing fashion trends. When it comes to men’s clothing those items are polo shirts and t-shirts. Whatever fashion dictates, these elements of clothing always remain relevant, and they are perfect for any outfit. For a man, a t-shirt is not just a part of a seasonal wardrobe, but it is a stylish attribute from the "must-have" category. A popularity of the casual style continues to grow rapidly, so men's t-shirts and polo shirts are widely acceptable in the list of outfits for office, walks and even parties.

This is due to both the universality of t-shirts and wide variety of designs, colours, fabric compounds, sizes. The light-fitting format is a reliable protection against the heat and active sun in the summer. Products that are made of the denser hypoallergenic fabrics, are a good alternative to the undershirt and additional warming to a winter sweater. Men's t-shirts come in different lengths, with different collars and are made of different materials, but one thing remains the same: a short sleeve that covers the shoulders. T-shirts and polo shirts are a universal type of clothing that look equally well on different people, regardless of the parameters, weight, height and age. The harmonious pairing with a velveteen jacket, jeans, shirts, moccasins, neck scarf, suit-jacket works well not only for the youth, but also for people of middle, more mature age.

Men's t-shirts and polo shirts, plain and with original prints, are indispensable accessories for any occasion. That is why, in a wardrobe of a modern man, there should be several types of sports and classic t-shirts and polo shirts.

Designer men's t-shirts and polo shirts are presented on our site with a wide range of different styles. Product variety presented in our catalog are made of soft elastic fabrics, which maintain the temperature balance of the body very well. Models differ in:

  • colour, performance  and design;
  • a common cut of the silhouette and individual elements (necks, sleeves);
  • material and composition of the fabric.

Our online boutique of designer clothing offers its customers products from different designers and at any price. At, you can buy classic or sport polo and shirts online. On our website, you will find the latest collections of the most popular designers, created according to the current trends. It is important to understand that despite its versatility, any clothing has its own characteristics, depending, firstly, on the figure of a person. Stylish men's t-shirts differ in terms of patterns, and depending on your type of the figure and physique, you should choose the correct style. Therefore, our consultants can always help you with choosing the right model and appropriate size.

Crew-neck T-shirts

It seems that buying a crew-neck t-shirt is the easiest. However, in fact, this cutout is the most dangerous: if you have a massive physique, excess weight or just a large muscle mass, a round cutout will visually worsen your figure. Especially if the clothes are too tight and fitted. Remember: men's crew-neck r-shirts are primarily a sportswear.


Men's t-shirts of this style are ideal for big men. The main factor is not to choose a model with a cut that is too deep, because it looks inadequate. However, men of smaller complexion should carefully consider these type of t-shirts: the deeper the neckline, the thinner you will look.

Polo shirts

Previously, this type of clothing was worn only by the polo players. In 1950’s, men's polo-style t-shirts were widely used by the fashionistas. The reason for such popularity of the polo shirt is a unique style that brings a t-shirt as close to a shirt as possible. A properly selected men's polo shirt looks great on men with different types of body shapes. The main rule: a collar should be free, and the buttons should not be unfastened. It is easy to recognize a man's t-shirt from a polo model: the product has a fastener in a form of several buttons and a turn-down collar. This style has perfectly adapted to the office wardrobe, while harmoniously combining with the sports, daily and casual clothing. Today, men's polo are worn with classic dress pants, as well as jeans, shorts, sweatpants. The short-sleeved models are presented in a rich assortment of the colours and exterior design options. You can buy a men's polo-shirt:

  • in one colour;
  • with a bright print or logo;
  • with a patch pocket and so on.

You will find men's T-shirts and polo shirts in the Originalluxury online store. An experienced consultant will help you to choose the best model for everyday wear, sports, outdoor activities or as an alternative to home wear. Creative clients of our boutique will be satisfied with the proposed range of men's t-shirts and polo shirts with different prints. Supporters of the classic formats will choose their original version from the monochromatic (dark and light) t-shirts, polo, long-sleeves. With us, you will definitely find the perfect outfit for yourself.