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Men's striped scarf

Billionaire Long Scarf Stripes Dark Blue/Bordeaux

Gender: men Material: 100% Lambswool Colour: Dark Blue/Bordeaux Made...
CAD 396.00CAD 217.80

Billionaire Long Scarf Stripes Grey/Beige

Gender: men Material: 100% Lambswool Colour: Grey/Beige Made in Italy...
CAD 396.00CAD 217.80

Joshua Ellis CPG/50210 Brown

A beautiful patterned brown scarf woven by Joshua Ellis. Representing British...
CAD 485.00CAD 291.00

Joshua Ellis GLC/50203 Blue

A gorgeous blue and green scarf made by luxury brand...
CAD 335.00CAD 201.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/49833 Red

Joshua Ellis has operated at the highest level...
CAD 245.00CAD 147.00

Joshua Ellis CPGT/50205 Brown

A gorgeous 100% cashmere scarf by Joshua Ellis....
CAD 245.00CAD 147.00

Joshua Ellis CP/50111 Gray

A gorgeous multi-coloured scarf from Joshua Ellis. Woven with luxury and quality in mind,...
CAD 180.00CAD 108.00

Joshua Ellis CP/50009 Brown

A luxurious dark brown scarf by Joshua Ellis woven using 100% cashmere. Designed with quality in...
CAD 180.00CAD 108.00

Joshua Ellis CP/49715 Blue

A luxury dark blue 100% cashmere scarf created by Joshua Ellis. Designed...
CAD 180.00CAD 108.00

Men's striped scarf

As the weather cools down in the fall, it is essential to start incorporating warmth into your wardrobe, and the easiest way to do this is through the addition of a men’s luxury scarf.  The best scarf is made of wool: it can be natural wool or with impurities. When it comes to colors and patterns, the options are endless. Recently, striped scarves for men of two or three colors have become very common. Original Luxury offers a large range of men’s striped scarves, click on the link and choose the one for you!

Why stripes?

The fact that the clothes we wear are a mirror of our personality is not new, but what does that actually mean? Why do we dress as we dress and, above all, how can we use our wardrobe to influence our mood and environment? A study by Woodbury University in California, USA, shows that the clothing we are most often drawn to is a valuable clue to our qualities. Of course, we cannot ignore the influence that the trends exert on us, however, there is a good reason why, despite the tendencies, some prefer floral prints, while others are drawn more to animal print.

Before drawing any conclusions, consider another scientific fact: our personality, despite popular beliefs, does not necessarily remain constant. This evolves over time and can change over several years ... and that is why someone may have loved striped pieces a few years ago, but is now crazy over floral prints.

Horizontal stripes

If you've never seen a striped scarf that doesn't appeal to you a little, then you're the likely someone who is very self-confident. You believe in the things you want to do and take initiative with confidence. On the other hand, if you need extra motivation, try wearing a striped scarf over a black blazer, a look that works at work and over the weekend.

Vertical stripes

Those who prefer vertical stripes are strong and assertive personalities. They know what they want and they fight for it. It’s not a coincidence that pinstripe suits have long been preferred in business and political environments.

Time has proven it: rules, especially in fashion, are made to be broken. Original Luxury can help you stock up on many timeless pieces to invigorate your look... including scarves for men with horizontal or vertical stripes!

"Clothes don't mean anything until someone starts living in them," Marc Jacobs.