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Men's hoodies

Philipp Plein Hoodie Teddy Bear Black/Red

Gender: Men Colour: Black/Red Style: F20CMJB2068PJO002N Colour Number: 213...
CAD 1,200.00

Philipp Plein Hoodie Teddy Bear Red

Gender: Men Colour: Red Style: F20CMJB1987PJO002N Colour Number: 13 Model...
CAD 850.00

Philipp Plein Hoodie Sweatjacket Camouflage Black

Gender: Men Colour: Camouflage/Black Style: Mjb1867 pjo002n Colour Number: 5002...
CAD 1,530.00CAD 918.00

Philipp Plein Hoodie Sweatshirt Tie Dye White

Gender: Men Colour: White Style: Mjb1901 pjo002n Colour Number: 1
CAD 1,610.00CAD 966.00

Philipp Plein Hoodie Sweatshirt Graffiti Black

Gender: Men Colour: Black Style: Mjb1895 pjo002n Colour Code: 2...
CAD 1,550.00CAD 930.00

Philipp Plein Jacket Foulard Texture Black

Gender: Men Colour: Black Style: MRB1492 pte003n Colour Code: 2...
CAD 3,110.00CAD 1,866.00

Philipp Plein Hoodie Sweatshirt Vampire Black

Gender: Men Colour: Black Style: Mjb1904 pjo002n Colour Number: 2...
CAD 1,140.00CAD 684.00

Philipp Plein Jogging Jacket Skull And Plein Black

Gender: Men Colour: Black Style: Mjb1876 Colour Code: 2...
CAD 1,914.00CAD 1,148.40

Philipp Plein Jogging Jacket Hexagon Black

Gender: Men Colour: Black Style: S20c-mjb1793-pjo002n Colour Code: 0-2 Matching...
CAD 1,141.00CAD 684.60

Greetings seekers of new men’s style hoodies!

The classic hoodie is one of the most popular articles of clothing for both men and women alike. It has evolved from being strictly comfy and cozy, becoming more and more prominent in street style fashion. The athleisure look continues to grow in popularity amongst celebrities. The origin of the hoodie is often associated with youth communities and famous athletes.

Hoodies are practical, comfortable to wear, and fit in well with many lifestyles – whether used as a workout basic, layered with a leather jacket, or wrapped around the waist just in case you get chilly on a cool day. Here we will focus on new men’s hoodies, a great addition to your own wardrobe or a great gift for your friend, boyfriend or family member.

Why did this type of product become popular?

The benefits and versatility of hoodies are obvious:

  • They add an extra layer of warmth, protecting you from the cold
  • They are often made from cotton or cotton blends, making them easy to care for
  • They are easy to style – with matching sweatpants, jeans, shorts and slacks.
  • They are extremely comfortable

The history of the modern men’s hoodie

Men's hoodies first appeared in the Middle Ages and descended from medieval cassocks - the traditional clothes of Catholic monks. Such robes were more like long tunics with hoods. The definition itself of "hoodie" came from the word "hood". The oldest, most well-known example of a hoodie is the one that was worn by Robin Hood. This classic item is even referenced in his name.

In the middle of 1930s, American apparel manufacturers began to carry out experiments with fabrics traditionally used in outerwear to create what we now know as hoodies. Hoodies were originally intended to keep workers warm, while protecting them from the wind. Gradually, the design became a prominent part of sportswear, exploding into the mass market during the 20th century.

There was a period when men’s hoodies began to transition into women’s wardrobes. Athletes began sharing their tracksuits with their girlfriends, a trend that became more and more popular across the high schools of America in the 1950s. Along with polo shirts and baseball jackets, the hoodie has undergone a transformation from being purely practical to becoming stylish.

In the 70s, a hip-hop culture emerged that inspired rap, graffiti, and breakdancing. The hoodie became a staple in this scene, hiding the identities of graffiti artists while singling out dancers in dance battles. Unfortunately, the convenience of having the ability to buy men’s hoodies online was not yet available.

In 1976, the movie "Rocky" was released, which added another level of symbolism to the hoodie. The gray marble silhouette became a symbol of his hard blows, work ethic and restored the connection of the hoodie with the roots of the working class.

In the 1990s, it became popular to buy men's hoodies among American surfers and skaters. This trend began to spread across Europe. In more recent years, hoodies have become a staple in street style, a favorite amongst athleisure fans. Today, there are many variations of the hoodie, and even more luckily for us, it is extremely easy to buy men’s hoodies online, making it even more appealing to add this staple to your wardrobe.

So, how to choose a new style of men’s hoodies?

When picking out a new hoodie, there are a couple of things to consider. The first, and most important, is what style you are going for. If you are looking for a layer to wear during your fall jogs, look for hoodies that are part of a tracksuit. Matching sets are a great way to still look pulled together, even during your toughest workouts. If you are looking for something to pair with jeans when running errands, look for something a bit more tailored. This will give you a sleek look, even when you aren’t putting a lot of effort into your outfit. If you are looking for all of the above, as well as for other looks, then why not buy a few hoodies!

Another thing to consider, is the color of your hoodie. Picking neutrals, such as gray, white, navy and black, will allow you to get the most wear out of your new hoodie, as these are the colors that are easiest to match. On the other hand, brighter colors, such as red, teal and purple, will allow you to stand out more. Again, this choice depends on your preference and style.

Finally, it is also important to think about material. Hoodies come in all kinds of thicknesses, making them suitable for different seasons. If you are looking for a light layer for summer, pick a thin cotton hoodie. If you are looking for a warmer sweater to layer under your jacket in the winter, you may want to opt for a fleece hoodie.

As you can see, there are many variations of the men’s hoodie – so start your search on the Original Luxury site, and pick up one for yourself and one as a gift for a special someone. Enjoy your shopping!