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Men's checkered scarf

Escorial ETP/50248 Brown

A comfortable plaid scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Escorial ETP/50246 Grey

A comfortable grey scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Escorial ELC/49818 Gray

A comfortable and insulated fit. Escorial scarves are...
CAD 150.00CAD 90.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/50211 Red

A beautiful patterned bright red scarf crafted by Joshua Ellis. Representing British craftsmanship, Joshua...
CAD 485.00CAD 291.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/50215 Gray

A beautiful grey scarf crafted by Joshua Ellis. Representing British craftsmanship, Joshua Ellis...
CAD 485.00CAD 291.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/50207 Multicolour

A lovely multi-coloured plaid scarf woven by Joshua Ellis. Representing British...
CAD 485.00CAD 291.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/49452 Brown

Joshua Ellis has operated at the highest level...
CAD 485.00CAD 291.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/50232 Brown

A wonderful brown pattern scarf by Joshua Ellis in 100% cashmere. Joshua Ellis...
CAD 485.00CAD 291.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/50333 Blue

A lovely patterned blue scarf fromJoshua Ellis in 100% cashmere. Joshua Ellis has...
CAD 490.00CAD 294.00

Men's checkered scarves as a classic accessory to create stand-out outfits

In our shop we are pleased to bring you a fabulous collection of men’s checkered scarves. Our assortment consists of 100% pure cashmere and Escorial wool checkered scarves, each of the highest quality. For some additional information on Escorial wool, check out this article:

What is cashmere?

The history of cashmere dates back many centuries to the Kashmir region of India, where people collected fibers from goats’ wool. In the 14th century this fleece was brought to the Middle East and Europe, and the material became known as modern cashmere.

The difference between sheep wool and goats’ fiber is that the latter is smoother and softer.

If you want to buy a luxury men's scarf made of cashmere, you will be rewarded with luxurious warmth and softness of Grade A quality. Original Luxury offers stunning designs which will enable you to distinguish your style despite the weather. In our checkered scarves’ collection, you may choose from a vast array of branded men's scarves to suit any wardrobe.

Cashmere and lambswool scarves provide incredible warmth and are soft to the touch, making them the perfect accessory for winter weather. When you need complementary shades or a splash of color, a checkered scarf is the right choice.

There is nothing quite like the comfort and timeless elegance of cashmere. Find your match from our men’s scarves on our site and look stylish this winter. For example, a nice men's brown checkered scarf is a staple for any look.

Checkered scarves – how to wear them

Checkered scarves should not only be paired monochrome coats or blazers – there are many other pairing options!

Relaxed look

For the ultimate relaxed winter outfit, pair your checkered scarf with a blue parka and some olive colored casual leather boots. For a cool and relaxed outfit, a dark brown herringbone wool blazer will work nicely with a checkered white and dark green scarf. Alternatively, pair your brown overcoat with a white and dark blue variation of the pattern. Add some grey wool dress pants and a pair of brown leather derby shoes to complete the outfit. 

For more of a street fashion look, wear your white leather low top sneakers with a black leather bomber jacket and a dark grey check scarf for a walk on a cold day.

Urban look

Channel your city style with a brown overcoat, a checkered scarf and leather loafers. Swap out for some brown shoes to dress it down a little.

For a cool look, opt for a grey checkered scarf mixed with a navy plaid overcoat and a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes.

A tobacco cotton suit consisting of blazer and chinos, matched with a navy check scarf will create a stunning street look. For a more fashion forward twist, pair it with some white canvas high top sneakers.

For a different spin, wear a black quilted leather biker jacket together with charcoal checkered scarf or for a more classic combo – look for a white blazer with a navy checkered scarf and navy chinos.

For a casual city look, take a charcoal overcoat and a grey checkered scarf paired together with black leather casual boots and charcoal wool dress pants.

Adventurous look

If you’re about to embark on an adventure, you will look ready for everything when you wear a navy overcoat and a brown checkered scarf. Or pick some lighter hues and pair a camel overcoat and a tobacco checkered scarf, adding a pink cable sweater, brown suede dress boots and charcoal herringbone wool pants.

Take a look in your closet to see which of your outfits could be elevated by simply adding a checkered scarf, then browse our site to find your perfect pairing.