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Men's brown scarves

Faliero Sarti Manuele Brown

Gender: unisex Material: 90% modal, 10% cashmere Colour: Brown Model...
CAD 410.00

Faliero Sarti Collegio Delle Fanciulle Brown

Gender: unisex Material: 100% virgin wool Colour: Brown Model Number:...
CAD 615.00

Faliero Sarti Leopard Brown

Gender: unisex Material: 90% modal, 10% cashmere Colour: Brown Model...
CAD 410.00

Faliero Sarti Ensemble Scarf Multicolour

Gender: unisex Material:  50% Silk; 50% Modal. Colour: Multicolour Size: 135...
CAD 415.00CAD 290.50

Escorial ETP/50248 Brown

A comfortable plaid scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 88.00

Escorial ELC/49828 Brown

A comfortable and insulated fit. Escorial wool is...
CAD 150.00CAD 60.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/50210 Brown

A beautiful patterned brown scarf woven by Joshua Ellis. Representing British...
CAD 485.00CAD 194.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/49452 Brown

Joshua Ellis has operated at the highest level...
CAD 485.00CAD 194.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/50232 Brown

A wonderful brown pattern scarf by Joshua Ellis in 100% cashmere. Joshua Ellis...
CAD 485.00CAD 194.00

It’s time to buy a scarf, why not a brown scarf?

Finis Far says: "A man who dresses well knows that anything of value never becomes outdated and that a gorgeous work of a tailor never gets old."

This year designers around the globe made brown colour to be the most desired. Original Luxury is always on par with the fashion trends and desires of our clients. We present you a wide range of men's brown scarves.

Brown - is a colour that defeats extravagance. In some cases, this colour creates a feeling of tension. At the same time, brown is the colour of soil and forest. It is solid, reliable and helps to create a neutral, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. It is a colour that communicates sincerity, power and maturity.

Based on the psychological studies, wearing brown clothing is strongly advisable to those living in the city, who are deprived of interacting with nature. Outfits in beige colours look stylish in the warm season, and dark brown shades are ideal for the cold weather. Desire for harmony in all aspects of life distinguishes people who prefer brown coloured clothes. Colours of soil and chestnuts, coffee and chocolate are considered universal, because they go well with all shades of the spectrum. Brown clothing allows you to create an image of a confident, but not aggressive person and has a beneficial effect on one’s mental state.

Why brown colour?

"Peacekeepers for life" love brown clothes. Such a preference indicates a strong internal need for emotional comfort, trusting relationships and spiritual growth. The desire to avoid destructive conflicts and to create an atmosphere of peace and understanding around us encourages men and women to wear brown coloured clothing.

Shades of brown

The basic meaning of brown colour is inextricable with the image of Mother Nature. A greek goddess of youth and spring - Flora, is considered to be the patroness of this colour.

  • It is desirable to combine brown clothes with "natural colours" - green, yellow, orange and red. It is important to avoid flashy shades and contrasts.
  • Men's wardrobe should be more practical - for work, it is worth using suits of grey, red and dark brown shades, and on vacation, you can freely wear yellow and light brown clothes. On weekdays, brown scarves should be combined with shirts in black, grey and dark green.
  • Modern psychology claims that “people in brown” are subconsciously perceived as responsible, emotionally stable and hardworking.

Brown is interesting in its breadth of emotional influence. Light shades help to create a romantic image, which is extremely suitable for people of creative professions - inventors, artists, and writers. Dark shades, on the contrary, allow more serious and somewhat conservative people to feel comfortable in any circumstances. Wardrobe in brown tones - the basics of harmony.

Who wears brown? Coffee, sand, and taupe options are suitable for all ages. Red-brown shades emphasize the beauty for those in the middle-aged group and adulthood. When combining brown with other colours, it is important to observe the basic rule of harmony: “Warm to cold, light to dark, bright to pastel”. By itself, brown is neutral and does not set an obvious mood for the image - you have to play with colours to look interesting. Even a men's wardrobe in natural colours should be diversified with several scarves and other accessories. Buy luxury scarf today!

OriginalLuxury is at your disposal with a full range of men’s brown scarves available online on our website.