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Men's wool scarves

Faliero Sarti About Love Beige

Gender: unisex Material: 74% wool, 13% silk, 13% polyamide...
CAD 490.00

Escorial ETP/50248 Brown

A comfortable plaid scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Escorial ETP/50246 Grey

A comfortable grey scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Escorial ETP/49827 Black

A comfortable black scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Escorial ETP/49825 Blue

A comfortable blue scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Escorial ELC/50287 Beige

A remarkable Beige scarf made from 100% Escorial...
CAD 360.00CAD 216.00

Escorial ELC/49818 Gray

A comfortable and insulated fit. Escorial scarves are...
CAD 150.00CAD 90.00

Escorial ELC/49831 Blue

A charming blue scarf made from Escorial Wool....
CAD 150.00CAD 90.00

Escorial ELC/49828 Brown

A comfortable and insulated fit. Escorial wool is...
CAD 150.00CAD 90.00

It is the right time for a warm men’s scarf!

Fall is finally here, with its rains, windy evenings and cold - it is a good time to start thinking about a stylish and practical accessory such as a men's cold weather scarf! As with a purchase of any other accessory, the process of purchasing a scarf should be taken seriously and responsibly. Today we will discuss how to choose a men’s scarf, based on a large variety of shapes, styles, materials, and colours.

Without a doubt the main advantage of a men's wool scarf is its ability to look stylish and at the same time provide the necessary warmth to throat and neck areas. By itself, a man’s scarf can give a special touch and elegance to the overall look. It makes it possible to make casual clothing look fashionable and individual. Existence of men's scarves dates back to about 2,200 years. They were worn by politicians, artists and even warriors. Nowadays, it is an accessory that perfectly complements any look while providing the necessary warmth in cold weather weather.

We want to help you to select the best men’s warm scarf for you, or for your loved ones. Below you can explore some of the criteria that is important to consider:

What material is used?

When buying a scarf, you should determine its’ style and choose a quality product that you will wear regularly. It is advisable to choose products made from natural materials that are pleasant to one’s touch. Wearing a product with synthetic fibres can cause irritation or discomfort. At we offer a wide range of men’s warm wool and cashmere scarves and the only thing you need to do is to explore the collection.

A men's wool scarf will help to keep the warmth. The most elegant and stylish looking men's scarves are made from smooth woollen fabric. Wool is the most comfortable and practical material that is capable of absorbing more than 30% of moisture while remaining dry. When choosing a scarf, carefully read the label to see what materials were used. It is not recommended to buy a scarf made from acrylic or with major presence - although such a product is pleasant to the touch, it will not protect your neck from the cold.

Colour and style of men's wool scarves. Colour is another important factor to consider. As you probably know, specific colours could potentially make you look older, or younger. There is a number of options available in terms of colours: you can either go with a solid coloured scarf, or a plaid option, or dual tone.

A scarf will look ideal, if it is several tones darker or lighter than the main outfit. Classic blue and grey are some of the most popular colours to consider. Black is a popular colour, but it is not an ideal choice, because it may cause your face to look tired, or even old. Nevertheless, it is considered very practical. White is a classic selection, perfect with a dark coat. However, it is worth remembering that you will need special care for the white scarf, and you will have to clean it quite often. Bright monophonic colours look great onenergetic men who want to create creates a bold and effective image.

Important details. Long rectangular accessories are the perfect complement to any wardrobe of any style. However round or square shaped items allow you to focus on the scarf itself.

How to distinguish a male scarf from a female version? It is quite simple. Male products are usually darker colours. Pins, buttons, pompons, tassels, embroidery, and beads are not used to decorate men's accessories. They are not transparent either.

How to wear a men's wool scarf. When figuring out how to choose a scarf for a man, you should also know how to wear it in a stylish way. Browsing the web or our website can give you an idea of how to tie a stylish scarf without overdoing it. Do not be afraid to experiment with style and colour! Selection of scarves that is offered at OriginalLuxury will satisfy even the pickiest client. Shop now at