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Men's winter scarves

Faliero Sarti About Love Beige

Gender: unisex Material: 74% wool, 13% silk, 13% polyamide...
CAD 490.00

Escorial ETP/50248 Brown

A comfortable plaid scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Escorial ETP/50246 Grey

A comfortable grey scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Escorial ETP/49827 Black

A comfortable black scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Escorial ETP/49825 Blue

A comfortable blue scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Escorial ELC/50287 Beige

A remarkable Beige scarf made from 100% Escorial...
CAD 360.00CAD 216.00

Escorial ELC/49818 Gray

A comfortable and insulated fit. Escorial scarves are...
CAD 150.00CAD 90.00

Escorial ELC/49831 Blue

A charming blue scarf made from Escorial Wool....
CAD 150.00CAD 90.00

Escorial ELC/49828 Brown

A comfortable and insulated fit. Escorial wool is...
CAD 150.00CAD 90.00

Winter scarves for men

Formation of men's wardrobe requires time. Even when choosing such a simple accessory like scarf, you need to consider a number of important aspects. An improperly selected scarf can ruin the whole outfit, while a correctly selected scarf can make your image even more impressive. Scarf is one of the most important accessories that men and women can wear and look completely different. It can be small or large depending on the weather and style, but it always changes the way you look.

How to choose a winter men's scarf

In order to choose a stylish winter men’s scarf, it is necessary to take into account several important aspects. First of all, you need to decide on the purpose of its use. Based on the goal you have and aim you want to reach, you need to pay attention to colour, texture, length and other parameters while choosing male winter scarf.

For example, if a conservative business suit (classic) and coat prevail in a men's wardrobe, then it is necessary to choose a classic men’s scarf for winter that has a standard rectangular shape.

Men's scarf style

Today, there is a huge variety of scarves for men. Depending on the year and fashion trends, the trends for men scarf are also changing. In our store you can select the best quality scarves that are trending this year in men's winter scarf fashion.

There are the following styles of scarves:

Casual, which includes ordinary, knitted scarves or those made from dense material that are ideal for the cold season.

Business style includes plain, restrained colours and practical to use scarves.

Sport style includes scarf-snood, for lovers of outdoor activities in the winter.

Summer scarves are made of lightweight material, most often used for protection from the sun.

After determining how the neck accessory will be used, and what basic wardrobe a man has, you can start choosing the material. A high-quality accessory should be first of all comfortable and selected appropriately for the season.

The main materials for winter scarves.

Best men's winter scarf is one, that is thick and has good quality fabric to protect the neck from the cold.

Wool is one of the most common and practical materials. The main feature of wool is thermoregulation - it is always warm in winter and not hot in summer. It is best to choose a merino wool product, since this fibre is very thin, so the products are very soft.

Cashmere is an expensive material, but the price is justified by the quality of the material. Cashmere products are very light and warm.

When choosing a good men’s thick scarf for the cold season, it is better to focus on natural materials. Be sure to read the label with the composition before purchasing. This will ensure the comfort of the accessories.


Choosing the right colour is crucial. As you know, different colours can make you look older or younger. In the colour scheme of men's scarves, rather conservative options prevail, however, it is worth choosing an accessory based on the basic men's wardrobe. The product will look ideal, if it is several tones darker or lighter than the main clothing.

Classic blue and grey colours are some of the most popular to select. If you cannot choose a colour, these colours are a safe bet. They fit with almost all colours, and light grey refreshes the face.

Black is a popular colour, but not an ideal choice, as the face may look older. Nevertheless, it is considered very practical to use.

White is a classic option, perfect with a dark coat. However, it is worth remembering that you will need special care with the white scarf, and you will have to clean it very often.

Length of the product

When choosing the perfect scarf, it is also important to consider the length of the product.

The ideal length is a scarf that matches the height of a man.

You can also choose a shorter or longer accessory, depending on how you plan to wear it. The standard size for most manufacturers is considered to be 150 by 30 centimetres. You can consider also winter shawl for men if your wardrobe consists of clothing going well with shawls.

Choosing a scarf size is a matter of personal preference. If you plan to wear it under a jacket or coat, a shorter scarf will work well. If it will be outside the coat, it is better to choose a longer option, it makes the figure more prominent.

Scarves in men's wardrobe are becoming an integral and important accessory. This is a great way to focus on your wardrobe and add personality. Sometimes, in order to make the image brighter, just tie a scarf a little differently than you used to.

There are many options for wearing a scarf, so never feel afraid to experiment.