Men's silk scarves

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Designer silk men's scarves: branded accessories for any occasion

Silk men's scarves and shawls add aristocracy and high-gloss to any outfit. It is an important detail to emphasize unique style. If wool scarves are mostly functional, silk scarfs focus on individuality, acting as a stylish accessory in elevating a look.

Small silk scarves are multi-functional: tucked under a jacket or cardigan, paired with a sweater and men's shirt, or styled with a coat or blazer. Or for another twist, they can be folded into the breast-pocket of a jacket.

Whether it’s first-class silk or soft cashmere, in bright colors or exquisite prints, this accessory serves many purposes. For instance, thicker scarves, made from a mixture of wool and silk, keep heat well and also have a beautiful matte sheen. Moreover, a natural silk in a multicolor can become an excellent gift for a loved one.

Elegant men's silk scarves are presented in the collection of Christian Lacroix, Como Silks, Faliero Sarti, Joshua Ellis, Mantero and others. All of which are available on our site. Originalluxury is a multi-branded, designer clothing and accessories boutique, offering our customers the best selection of the luxurious products. Our assortment contains many skillfully crafted accessories, including men's scarves and neckerchief.

Our collections offer fashionistas and connoisseurs unique accessories, distinguished by impeccable design and the best materials. The colors and various prints available make these pieces an impeccable addition to any formal or festive look.

Originalluxury new collections offer multiple variants of natural silk:

  • An English version with large and small checkered patterns. Color combinations, such as brown and wine shades, create an excellent base for coordinating with gloves, bag and shoes of the similar colors.
  • Bilateral models. Using this accessory, you can quickly transform your outfit from business formal, to a relaxed evening out, turning the fabric over and tying a knot in another way.
  • The bright silk scarves. Natural silk is a unique material. Thanks to its thin fiber, scarves and neckerchiefs, can be tied into complex knots that will not look bulky. For special occasions, multi-colored men's shawls can be paired with a classic suit and a plain shirt.
  • Two-color jacquard scarves. One side has a light festive gloss, whereas the other is more toned down, and business appropriate. They are also available in various colors, including combinations of geometric and fancy fine print.

For a secular event or wedding, stylists recommend silk pasha shawls. This is the brightest part of a man's wardrobe, perfect for celebratory events. The voluminous painted shawls are perfect for creative people, often favored among directors, fashion designers, and artists. Browse our website for designer accessories fit for not only parties, but for everyday life. Originalluxury is a multi-branded boutique, offering unique and stylish pieces essential for any wardrobe. You will be pleasantly surprised by our range, quality and prices.

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