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Men's multicolor scarves

Big variety of multicolor men scarves

Scarves, according to experts, have existed in different forms for about two thousand years. They were used by the ancient Chinese, Roman legionnaires, and Croatian soldiers in the seventeenth century. In the 19th century, scarves became a full-fledged “fashionable” men's accessory. Today, scarves can be classic or sporty, bulky, coarse or thin, from artificial or natural fabrics, and plain or with patterns. An important wardrobe staple is the men’s multi-coloured scarf.

Men’s multi-coloured scarf

When choosing a scarf, you should first determine with which clothing you are looking to pair it. Suppose you prefer a classic style, wear a single-breasted or double-breasted woolen coat, suit and tie. In this case, you should look towards thin cashmere, wool (if the weather is cold) or cotton and silk (if the weather is warm). The focus of the look is to keep it subtle. Oversized scarves are more suitable for sportswear - jackets, down jackets, jeans, and casual sweaters.

How many scarves should a man have? When answering this question, it is important to consider your wardrobe, habits and lifestyle. If your clothes do not differ in a variety of styles, and are mostly casual, for example, you could make do with one navy cashmere scarf that would fit any outfit.

However, if, when you go to work, you put on a business suit and a classic coat, in the evening you prefer a relaxed casual look, and on the weekend you generally dress more sporty, then having one scarf will not suffice. You will need multiple, from different fabrics and different colors and patterns, to meet your varying needs. Strict outerwear goes well with silk or thin cashmere scarves. Colors can be quite bright, but the nature of the pattern should remain within traditional borders (paisley, peas, cell, strip, simple geometric pattern). A solid option, of course, would also be appropriate. For a classic outfit, dark or light blue, black, white and grey can be the best fit. If we talk about evening casual, the right scarf can be a solid bright color, or a multi-tone print. 

How to choose a scarf for men?

When choosing a scarf for a man, you need to consider the entire outfit. Two other important features, are its material and color. These are perhaps the main criteria when buying a scarf. Moreover, it is not always enough to know what the scarf is made of - most often you will also need to verify its quality. To do this, verifythe name of its manufacturer and the reliability of the seller.

Fabric and color, of course, are important criterion, however, it is equally important to buy a scarf that would not only be comfortable to wear, but would also complement the remainder of your wardrobe.

Another important feature in selecting a scarf, is its size. The optimal length is around 180 cm. This is enough to tie most famous knots. A length of less than 150 cm becomes troubling with some knots, for example, the usual “loop” (French knot) may fail. As for the width, 25-60 cm is considered an acceptable size. This is enough to fold the scarf in half. The knot will turn out to be voluminous and warm.

Printed scarves

Printed scarves are hard to choose, but can brighten your look if chosen correctly. A men’s patterned scarf can be a great match with a plain top or coat. However, if your coat or jacket already has a bold print, it is better to choose a plain scarf that matches the color pattern of your print. 

The same goes for selecting a men’s printed scarf. If you like certain prints, make sure to focus them on one part of the outfit, such as your pants or tops or the scarf. 

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