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Men's evening scarves

Faliero Sarti Nardo Grey

Gender: unisex Material: 39% virgin wool, 33% silk, 28%...
CAD 740.00

Faliero Sarti Aeroplano Beige

Gender: unisex Material: 75% viscose, 18% polyamide, 7% silk...
CAD 550.00

Faliero Sarti About Love Beige

Gender: unisex Material: 74% wool, 13% silk, 13% polyamide...
CAD 490.00

Faliero Sarti Scottish Blue

Gender: unisex Material: 100% silk Colour: Blue Model Number: l21...
CAD 700.00

Faliero Sarti Fiorinetta Scarf Multicolour

Gender: unisex Material: 100% silk Colour: Multicolour Size: 120 x 120...
CAD 410.00CAD 287.00

Faliero Sarti Countryside Scarf Multicolour

Gender: unisex Material: 54% polyester; 32% silk. Colour: Multicolour...
CAD 600.00CAD 420.00

Faliero Sarti Ensemble Scarf Multicolour

Gender: unisex Material:  50% Silk; 50% Modal. Colour: Multicolour Size: 135...
CAD 415.00CAD 290.50

Faliero Sarti Blu For You Scarf Blue

Gender: unisex Material:  50% Silk; 50% Modal. Colour: Blue...
CAD 415.00CAD 290.50

Faliero Sarti Cartes Scarf Burgundy

Gender: unisex Material:  50% Silk; 50% Modal. Colour: Burgundy...
CAD 415.00CAD 290.50

Evening designer scarf — a status accessory of a true gentleman

Nowadays, a man with a scarf, elegantly tied around his neck, is rarely seen, and only true aesthetes can wear it with an appropriate dignity and chic. For most, a tie or a bow tie is a much more familiar accessory. Meanwhile, according to fashion stylists, a men's neck scarf complements any look in the best way, making it elegant and expressive. Furthermore, a modern accessory — a tie — has descended exactly from a neckerchief. Today it is widely used as part of the corporate outfit, and a scarf makes it easy to replace it, making the look less formal.

This becomes especially relevant at sophisticated events, dinners at the restaurants, as well as cocktail parties. Men's evening scarves can completely transform an outfit, bring chic and gloss to an evening suit. This accessory looks stylish and always appropriate.

Neckerchief is an eternal classic, a bright element of the vintage style. Being popular in Great Britain in the late XIX — early XX centuries, it still does not lose its relevance. Today, this outstanding and original, but very stylish detail, can be worn by the modern gentlemen. There are several ways to aesthetically design a knot of the scarf, and it is not a comprehensive task even for men who are far from trending fashion.

There are three versions of a neck scarf for men, and each one of them has its own characteristics.

Ascot. Ascot is a classic. The name came from the English village Ascot, where the largest horse races in Europe were held. Gentlemen wore this accessory exclusively for the business and sophisticated events that did not allow creativity in clothing. In casual lifestyle, a man with an ascot scarf would look strange to say the least. Today this kind of accessory is the most popular. Ascot is a strip of fabric, which is cut along the oblique. This accessory should be tied over a shirt, easily and naturally. The triangular end of the ascot must be located on the chest, the tips are planted carelessly under the neck and laid in front. Products, as a rule, are sewn from fabrics of discreet colours. Restrained chic to the shawl is added by expensive and exquisite textures and a gold pin or a pearl that effectively fastens the knot.

Fular. Fular has appeared much later than ascot. Its main difference is in a more free and informal style. So, the fular can be worn under a club blazer, cardigan and even a jacket. It is a piece of cloth about 10 cm wide and at least 1 meter long. The fabric should be soft and pliable in order for the scarf to form a spectacular drapery. Any colour is allowed, and the most popular today are green, pastel tones, and purple. Fular, as well as Ascot, wraps carelessly around the neck, locked with a pin.

Plastron (with a loop). Plastron, unlike the two previous types, is a more complex design. This is a wide men's scarf, the classic dimensions of which are 10 x 100 cm (proportion of length and width is 1:10). Plastron performs two functions — decorative and to provide warm, because it covers not only a neck, but also one’s chest, which is crucial for the cold season. This type of scarf is tied with a loop and wrapped twice around the neck. The plastron narrows in the middle and expands to the bases with ends often being curly. To hold the scarf in place it is often pinned.

Men’s scarves are usually made from the following textiles: cashmere, cotton, viscose and so on. The materials can be both plain and motley, one-coloured and with a checkered  printed pattern, factory-made or handmade — all this depends on personal preferences. The most popular fabric today is natural silk. Silk neck scarf not only allows to form beautiful draperies and folds, but this accessory is also very pleasant to wear. It passes the air well, does not rub the neck, does not cause allergies, and the skin under the cloth does not sweat.

In terms of colour - experiments are always encouraged, but do not forget about a sense of proportion. Silk scarves can be with a pattern, and preference should be given to traditional imagery.

It is important to understand that such neckerchiefs should not be worn for business meetings and official events. For such occasions a classic tie must be worn. A scarf brings to the outfit a certain level of flamboyance, which is unacceptable in a business setting. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a scarf cannot be worn for work. It will look great with a suit and shirt, but the accessory should be of restrained colour, preferably monophonic. However, on a date, in a restaurant and cultural events, you can use a motley neckerchief.

An evening scarf is an accessory, which acts twofold. On one hand, it emphasizes the solemnity of the event, acting as a tie or a bow tie, but on the other hand, it adds a touch of refined negligence to the look. That is why you should not wear it with athletic clothing such as cargo pants and sweatshirt. It will be much better to choose a suit, leather jacket, cardigan or a blazer. Jeans can also be used instead of classic trousers, but they should have a straight fit.

As you see, a neckerchief is not a universal thing, because in each case it is selected individually — for the outfit and for the occasion. On our website, you can always find a suitable variant for yourself. Originalluxury is an online boutique of branded clothing and accessories that offers its customers a wide range of men's evening scarves and stylish clothes. We will help you to create an unforgettable outfit for a sophisticated event or a gala dinner, the highlight of which can become just one detail.