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Men's cashmere scarves

Faliero Sarti Nardo Grey

Gender: unisex Material: 39% virgin wool, 33% silk, 28%...
CAD 740.00

Faliero Sarti Tokyo Beige

Gender: unisex Material: 90% modal, 10% cashmere Colour: Beige Model...
CAD 490.00

Faliero Sarti Manuele Brown

Gender: unisex Material: 90% modal, 10% cashmere Colour: Brown Model...
CAD 410.00

Faliero Sarti I need Love Black

Gender: unisex Material: 90% modal, 10% cashmere Colour: Black Model...
CAD 450.00

Faliero Sarti Leopard Brown

Gender: unisex Material: 90% modal, 10% cashmere Colour: Brown Model...
CAD 410.00

Faliero Sarti Claretta Scarf Multicolour

Gender: unisex Material: 57% modal; 37% cotton; 6% cashmere...
CAD 410.00CAD 287.00

Faliero Sarti Kenille - Beige scarf

Gender: unisex Material: 43% Modal; 33% Rayon; 19% Nylon;...
CAD 450.00CAD 315.00

Faliero Sarti Elisabeth Scarf Grey

Gender: unisex Material: 50% Viscose; 40% Modal; 6% Polyester;...
CAD 390.00CAD 273.00

Faliero Sarti Museo Del Risorgimento a Torino Scarf Multicolour

Gender: unisex Material:  57% Modal; 37% Cotton; 6% Cashemere....
CAD 520.00CAD 364.00

Originalluxury — online boutique of the best men's cashmere scarves

Cashmere scarves and shawls, including the men's ones, have come into fashion long ago. The famous French Emperor Napoleon brought them to Europe. Noble ladies and gentlemen, admiring the lightness and grace of such an accessory, gradually introduced cashmere scarves to the world catwalks. Initially, they were worn only by the aristocrats, but over time, such an accessory became available to ordinary people. We always say that fashion comes back. Men's cashmere scarves — this is perhaps a case when fashion has never gone at all.

Men's designer cashmere scarf is one of the most stylish accessories that emphasizes not only your status, but also your excellent taste. Besides the fact that a soft cashmere scarf looks spectacular, it is also very warm. This accessory will protect your neck and throat from the cold and heat you from cool weather in the winter season. In this article, we will talk about how to choose a stylish cashmere scarf and how to wear it correctly and fashionably.

Features and advantages of the material

A soft cashmere scarf is warm and cozy. Cashmere is not just a wool. It is created of the high-quality down of the mountain goats. This material is combed out by hand. As this is a long and complicated procedure, such a thing from cashmere is not cheap. Moreover, the connoisseurs often call cashmere a “wool gold” because of its exclusivity and high cost. The highest quality material is created from the fluff of Mongolian and Chinese goats.

Fashion trends

Men's cashmere shawls and scarves come in several types.

Of pashmina. Pashmina is a high-quality natural fluff. Its peculiarity is that the material is not very dense. Pashmina scarves are elegant and almost weightless. They are best worn in the late spring or early autumn. Such an accessory will perfectly complement both a look with a coat and an outfit with a light suit. Pashmina cashmere shawls for men, decorated with the exquisite handmade patterns, deserve special attention. In the male version, the patterns are much more restrained than in the female one. Nevertheless, despite this, scarves do not become less elegant.

Of wool and cashmere. Warmer scarves are obtained of the cashmere with addition of the wool. Besides the warmth, they have at least one more plus — they are cheaper than cashmere male scarves, made of the pure natural materials.

Cashmere with silk. Often, designers and manufacturers add a silk thread to a cashmere fabric. Due to this, they increase the wear resistance of the product. In addition, the presence of the silk thread makes the scarf more interesting and “fresh”. Silk-added cashmere scarves are popular with both children and adults. They are worn longer and cost less. Such a scarf will be a wonderful gift for everyone. Especially it will be suitable for those men who prefer concise and classic looks.

How to choose

Choosing a cashmere scarf, you need to pay attention to two main aspects: its appearance and its quality. Firstly, it is worth talking about those scarves, which are in fashion today. Insofar as a cashmere scarf is an elegant and universal accessory, it is better to choose a model of the classic colors. Universal colors that will never lose their relevance are black, gray, coffee, white and beige. By the way, it is worth noting that light cashmere scarves are more expensive than the dark ones. There is a logical reason for this — black models are created from the rougher raw materials, while white scarves are really light and airy.

Vivid color patterns are extremely rare. This accessory will not only spoil the classic look, but also such a material is difficult to color. When interacting with the color dyes, a natural fluff rejects them, as a result, the color becomes faded and nondescript. Bright scarves are obtained of the cashmere with addition of the wool, silk thread or acrylic.

The second important point is the quality of the product. Natural cashmere scarves are quite expensive. Therefore, you should avoid the sellers who offer the low-quality fakes of the men's luxury cashmere scarves. In order to distinguish a fake from a natural scarf, look at the product in the light. Such a scarf consists of an elegant weave of the thin threads. On the surface of the scarf should be a slight haze of the soft fibers.

Also, remember that natural cashmere scarves are very warm. Squeeze the scarf in your hand. It will warm your hand in just a few seconds. The feeling of warmth in the palm of your hand remains even after you release the product from your hand.

The high quality can also be distinguished from a cheap fake evidently. A natural cashmere scarf cannot be too bright. In addition, it should not shine in the light. If the product casts a slight sheen, most likely, a manufacturer has added a silk thread to it. That is why a product should be cheaper.

How to wear

Cashmere scarves can be worn with both outerwear and regular clothing. A soft scarf will be perfectly combined with a suit and an elegant coat. The cashmere accessory looks very elegant, so no matter how you tie it, it will definitely add appeal to any outfit.

A secret of a successful look with a cashmere scarf is in its simplicity. Combine a few simple but stylish things, complement them with a cashmere scarf, and you will look really attractive. An example of such a simple look is a combination of a light gray soft cashmere scarf with a checkered warm jacket. Light gray jeans and black boots will finish this outfit.

An interesting look can be also obtained by combining a cashmere scarf with a look in the classic style. A navy suit with a black shirt and a gray overcoat of a classic type will create an elegant look, and a narrow blue and black striped scarf will complete it. Remember that you can also use a men's cashmere plaid scarf of such the colors in order your outfit to become stylish.

A cashmere scarf is an ideal classic accessory that not only makes your look completed, but also warms you even in the coldest weather. And our online shop is an ideal place to buy it.

Everything, you are looking for, you will find in the Originalluxury.