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Men's black scarves

Faliero Sarti Rex Black

Gender: unisex Material: 100% virgin wool Colour: Black Model Number:...
CAD 410.00

Faliero Sarti I need Love Black

Gender: unisex Material: 90% modal, 10% cashmere Colour: Black Model...
CAD 450.00

Billionaire Pochette Horses Scarf - Final Sale

Final  sale item. No refunds/returns allowed. Gender: men Colour:...
CAD 203.00CAD 81.20

Billionaire Foulard Paisley Scarf - Final Sale

Final  sale item. No refunds/returns allowed. Gender: men Colour:...
CAD 203.00CAD 81.20

Billionaire Foulard Elegant Scarf Black - Final Sale

Final  sale item. No refunds/returns allowed. Gender: men Colour:...
CAD 203.00CAD 81.20

Billionaire Long Scarf Double B Black - Final Sale

 Final  sale item. No refunds/returns allowed. Gender: men...
CAD 727.00CAD 290.80

Billionaire Long Scarf Stripes - Final Sale

Final  sale item. No refunds/returns allowed. Gender: men Material:...
CAD 396.00CAD 158.40

Escorial ETP/49827 Black

A comfortable black scarf made from 100% Escorial wool....
CAD 220.00CAD 132.00

Joshua Ellis CPG/48870 Black

A gorgeous black coloured scarf made using 100% Cashmere by...
CAD 485.00CAD 291.00

Buy men’s black scarves from Italian designer brands

Nowadays a scarf is one of the most important components of a men's wardrobe. Despite the fact that wearing and choosing the right scarf may seem like an easy task, in reality it might be difficult since you should understand that this accessory will become a part of your image.

How to buy men’s scarf?

Selecting an appropriate scarf for a man can become the most difficult task. You need to understand certain criteria when selecting a men’s scarf. Even if you are a man and you trying to select something for yourself, you still need to know these basic things to make a right choice for your body type and style. By following these steps you can buy mens scarf online from our platform and save your time and money. We represent the best variety of scarves for men. So, how does one select a men’s scarf? First of all, you should decide on style, as well as complementing base clothing (jacket, leather jacket, or a coat). You have to be open minded when choosing a men’s scarf, since focusing on colour and material is equally important as overall look and length of the scarf.

Remember that regardless of the situation in which you are going to wear a scarf, it should be of high quality, and preferably made of natural materials. Of course, you can save money and buy a product that contains artificial fibres, and most likely it will look quite nice. However, it may not feel as nice on your skin, creating discomfort and even allergies. Therefore, our advice to you is to buy scarves made from natural materials.

Black scarf for men

Colour of the overall outfit is extremely important, especially for the scarf since it is a visible part of your outfit. In addition, scarf’s colour also affects the way your face is portrayed. Some colour like black may make it look a little older. Plain black scarves of various materials are available in our online catalog

Since it is now fashionable to wear scarves of different colours, a men’s black scarf may not seem like the best choice. A black coat for a man is always one of the best choices, but a black scarf does not suit it; moreover, visually it makes you look older, but only if you have not chosen it properly.

To wear a men’s plain black scarf, you need to orchestrate your outfit properly. Black scarves match well with classic suit, as well as with jeans and active attire. An elegant men's black scarf can go properly with an elegant suit, while a woollen wide black scarf can go well with jeans or a pullover. You need to pay close attention also to your heigh and body shape. If you are tall you should consider buying a longer scarf, since it will highlight your height. On the contrary a shorter person should consider on a medium length scarf, since a long scarf will not be well proportioned.

Men's scarf material

This is a very important factor when choosing a scarf, since the appearance of the scarf and the comfort of wearing it depends heavily on the material. Here are some of the common materials that men's scarves are made of:

Wool. In case of natural wool - a scarf made of this material will be the best to provide warmth. The problem with wool fabric is that not everyone enjoys the feeling of wool on their skin. Silk. A thin silk scarf is stylish and elegant, but you cannot be outside in the cold with such a scarf.

Cashmere. In our opinion, it is the best choice! Men's cashmere scarf is exquisite, very stylish and at the same time quite comfortable. No wonder cashmere is called the "royal yarn", since it is the more expensive option.

Width and length of a men's scarf

The size of your scarf is also important and is largely determined by your preferred style of clothing.

The width of the scarf. If you will wear a scarf with a business suit, coat, or for work, choose a narrow scarf. If you like to walk and are often outdoors, you can choose a voluminous knitted scarf.

Scarf length. A short or medium length scarf is suitable for everyday wear, but such a scarf is difficult to tie beautifully. On the other hand, having a long scarf makes it easier to wear it - a simple Paris knot is made in one move and you are ready to go.

Men's scarf tips

Now a few additional tips, following them will save you from a rushed and unsuccessful purchase:

It is better to avoid synthetic scarves. Of course, synthetic fabrics are beautiful and cheap, but for the skin of the neck, they are much less pleasant than a scarf made from natural materials.

When going to shop for a scarf, wear something you plan to match with it. Try on a scarf, pay attention to how it combines with the clothes, the colour of your eyes and hair.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the colour combination and looks. After all, it is your own style, and OriginalLuxury team is here to find the perfect scarf for you.