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Men's Hoodies and Sweaters

Philipp Plein Hoodie Sweatshirt Vampire Black

Colour: Black Style: Mjb1904 pjo002n Colour Number: 2
CAD 1,140.00

Philipp Plein Jogging Jacket Skull And Plein Black

Colour: Black Style: Mjb1876 Colour Code: 2  ...
CAD 1,914.00

Philipp Plein Jogging Jacket Hexagon Black

Colour: Black Style: S20c-mjb1793-pjo002n Colour Code: 0-2 Matching pants...
CAD 1,141.00

Philipp Plein Pullover Round Neck PP Black

Colour: Black Style: S20c-mko0758-pkn002n Colour Code: 0-2
CAD 1,528.00

Philipp Plein Hoodie Sweatshirt Teddy Bear White

Colour: White Style: S20c-mjb1809-pjo002n Colour Code: 0-1 Model is...
CAD 1,141.00

Philipp Plein TM Sweatshirt LS Black/White

Material: 100% Cotton Colour: Black/White Model Number: s20c-mjo0661-pjo002n Colour...
CAD 764.00

Philipp Plein Hoodie Sweatshirt Teddy Bear Black/Red

Material: 100% Cotton Colour: Black/Red Model Number: S20c-mjb1810-pjo002n...
CAD 1,003.00

Philipp Plein Hoodie Sweatshirt Teddy Bear Black

Material: 100% Cotton Colour: Black Model Number: S20c-mjb1809-pjo002n...
CAD 1,150.00

Philipp Plein Jogging Jacket Space Plein Black/Silver

Colour: Black/Silver Model Number: A19cmjb1584pjo002n Colour Code: 270...
CAD 2,668.00CAD 1,467.40

Buy men's hoodies and sweaters

Men’s hoodies are an essential item in every man’s wardrobe. They can easily be integrated into many different outfits and styles. In today’s market, there are endless designs and in this season’s trends, the functionality of hoodies is combined with style to create pieces which are sleek, yet comfortable.

Casual outfits always become more popular as the weather starts to cool and the feeling of summer wears off. This fall, the Original Luxury site has a new collection of men’s hoodies and sweaters, just in time to freshen up your casual look. These pieces are a great way to prepare yourself for the cooler days, so that you can continue enjoying the outdoors. Fall is a beautiful season – and it should be spend discovering and admiring nature in all its splendours.

Buying hooded sweatshirts, is always a good choice. The styles available on the Original Luxury site are of high quality, and will keep you coming back to them time and time again throughout the year. They are easy to pair and are quite versatile. Besides the obvious comfort, our hooded sweatshirts have some extra details that will add another dimension to your look. Whatever style you gravitate towards, hoodies are a classic item that can be worn by any man.

The Original Luxury store offers versatile and comfortable hoodies and sweaters, that can be worn at any time. If you are shopping for a gift, or just looking to treat yourself, then our online store is the right choice for you. It contains many different styles, in some cases, with the matching sweatpants as well. There are also various colors available, and including wardrobe staples – black, white and grey. Switch up your shirt to add a pop of color under these neutral tones. Or for a simple, classic look, pair the outfit with a simple white t-shirt. For a slightly more polished looked, pair your hoodie with a dress shirt and some dark jeans or khakis.

If you are looking for a gift, buy a hoodie or sweater – they are easy to select and are guaranteed to be a hit with any man in your life whether it be your boyfriend, father, brother, or best friend. Men adore simplicity and comfort, and the coziness of a hoodie is a bonus, especially in cooler seasons. Even the most difficult man to shop for could use a cozy sweater, weather for it’s more functional use, or its style.

Despite what we choose to believe sometimes, clothes are always important - they are a key attribute in the first impressions that are formed of us. And so, in choosing our clothing, we are choosing how we want to be perceived. Do not take that decision lightly.

"It is disappointing and even stupid to think that clothes are not important and that each of us should wear whatever we want. Most people do not treat the way they dress seriously enough, but whether we like it or not, the way we dress sends a message and often our decisions are strongly influenced by the way a person looks. ”- G. Bruce Boyer