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Original Philipp Plein collections

Philipp Plein is a world-renowned clothing item designer. The items produced by this brand are created for young people, seeking a way to stand out, to attract attention and highlight their success. Each new collection has their own particularities, but the style itself can be described as “glamor goth”, “Rock in the splendor of luxury”.

OriginalLuxury online store offers exclusive clothing products designed with a slight expressive touch, which allow the wearer to be visually striking while remaining within the boundaries of propriety.

The Philipp Plein brand signifies:

  • T-shirts, with both held-back designs and with bold prints;
  • Sweatshirts to suit every whim: hooded or not, with or without zippers, in classic black or bright and flashy colors
  • Free cut pants with touches of sports style so that nothing stands in the way of active lifestyle
  • Coats and jackets: for everyday wear and for special occasions
  • Footwear – represented by luxury flip-flops, comfy sneakers, and stylish running shoes
  • Dresses – bold and short, continuing the theme of flirting
  • Bags - from waist bags to casual and evening clutches in Swarovski inlay.

Characteristics of the Philipp Plein brand

For making clothing and footwear items Philipp Plein utilizes expensive materials, handwork, and inlays with precious and semi-precious stones. That is why it is not surprising to see the costs that reflect that. However, you will certainly be able to find something interesting for you on the current sale if you consult the OriginalLuxury outlet.

The main accent in the brand’s collection is on expressing individuality, on the brightness which in this day and age is lacking. Even clothing with simple cuts can look stunning thanks to the extremely fine attention to detail demonstrated in the item models. Let’s not forget the bold logo: the skull and bones, which can be seen not only on labels, but also in the item’s decorum: in prints, compositions, patches and even buttons.

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