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Billionaire the brand

Are you not willing to wear a suit and a shirt as if it was another kind of uniform? Are you looking for something unique, highlighting your status and at the same time avoiding being too striking? Take a look at this incredible men’s clothes collection by the English brand Billionaire, available at the OriginalLuxury online store! The Billionaire company was created in 2004, and since then it has been considered one of the best by the sophisticated public.

What is the secret of this company’s success? All men’s clothes by Billionaire are strictly hand-made in limited quantities, of the most premium materials, with exclusive tailoring.

The shirts deserve a special mention: their fitted cut enhances the silhouette, and the diamond and platinum buttons add elegance. Polo shirts with classic collars and stylish brand logos will be appropriate for any occasion. Blazers with unique texture, mostly double-breasted, with various tailoring styles, add a touch of success to the look when signing contracts, and a bit of boldness at social gatherings. Headwear is represented mostly by sports clothing items, reflecting the fondness of the company’s founders to Formula One. The finishing touch to the look can be a soft flowing cashmere, linen or silk scarf chosen according to the season.

It is not surprising then that the Billionaire clients include Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Puff Daddy, Jason Statham, Craig David among others. We hope you too will find something special for you in the OriginalLuxury online store.

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