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Women's Bags

Philipp Plein Mini Shoulder Crystal bag Black

Gender: Women Colour: Black Model Number: S20a-wbb0481-ple009n Colour Code: 0-2...
CAD 3,064.00CAD 1,838.40

Philipp Plein Shoulder Bag Skull Crystal Black+Fuchsia

Colour: Black Model Number: S20a-wba1151-ple077n Colour Code: 0-233
CAD 2,535.00CAD 1,521.00

Philipp Plein Shoulder Bag Skull Crystal Black

Gender: Women Colour: Black Style: S20a-wba1198-ple053n Colour Code: 0-2
CAD 1,528.00CAD 916.80

Philipp Plein Cross Body Jungle Rock bag Multicolour

Gender: Women Colour: Multicolour Model Number: S20a-wba1215-ple096n Colour Code: 21...
CAD 1,380.00CAD 828.00

Philipp Plein Fenny Pack Signature - Final Sale

Final  sale item. No refunds/returns allowed. Gender: Women Colour: Black...
CAD 644.00CAD 257.60

Philipp Plein Fenny Pack Signature - Final Sale

 Final  sale item. No refunds/returns allowed. Gender: Women...
CAD 1,610.00CAD 644.00

Philipp Plein Flap Bag Signature - Final Sale

Final  sale item. No refunds/returns allowed. Gender: Women Material:...
CAD 1,610.00CAD 644.00

Philipp Plein Fenny Pack Skull - Final Sale

Final  sale item. No refunds/returns allowed. Gender: Women Material:...
CAD 2,015.00CAD 806.00

Philipp Plein Medium Travel Bag - Final Sale

Final  sale item. No refunds/returns allowed. Gender: Unisex Material:...
CAD 2,043.00CAD 817.20

For those connoisseurs who really want to buy branded bags

The history of bags

Once upon a time, long before online shopping for luxury bags, people were looking for a functional solution to carrying small things and money with them. The first mention of something similar to handbags flickers in 14th-century fiction, although in Europe coin sacks, the so-called "laumoniere", have been used since the XI century. They were worn under clothing and used by men and women.

Prior to this, in Ancient Egypt, special paint bags, attached to a lanyard around the belt, were used to write hieroglyphics. Individuals would use the richness of their embroidery and adorning stones to display and show off their status. Fortunately, since then, the popularity and accessibility of bags has drastically improved, and the same feat can today be achieved by simply buying branded bags online.

The Romans had their own versions of bags, using a special pocket in the folds of their togas to carry coins, whereas the women of Ancient Greece had small sophisticated sacks for carrying money and various small objects. These became the prototype of handbags in the era of fascination with the classic costume of the XIX century. Towards the sixteenth century, handbags became more practical, being made of leather. At this time, another variation appeared, sewn of cloth and worn over the shoulder. Many of them had designs similar to the designed bags that you can buy online here.

The year 1790 is considered the birth of the handbag. This was driven by the French Revolution and related transformation in women's fashion. Within a few years, in 1804, the innovation drove a change in the rules of good taste:  men were to keep their hands in their pockets, and women - pockets (that is, bags) in their hands.

Since then, the women's bag began to gradually increase in size. Previously, some ladies hid their perfumes, mirrors, elegant lace scarves and a “carne-de-bal” (little book for recording dance partners), in their bags, when gradually it became necessary to carry cosmetics and books and at the beginning of the 20th century - even cigarettes. Soon after, when the train was invented in the second half of the 19th century, railways appeared and it became possible to move between towns quickly - and for convenience, the travel bag was invented. Thus began the era of brands developing bag designs, both men’s and women’s, and introducing this accessory into fashion. Can you imagine how happy these people would have been if they could easily buy designer bags online as we can now?

How to buy luxury bags online 

For some, a bag is simply a practical thing, whereas for others, it is a collectible, an object of adoration. In any case, online shopping for luxury bags is not an easy task. Some people spend years searching for the perfect bag "for all occasions", a classic piece to last for years. But how do you decide which is the right one for you?

In the 21st century, a bag is an essential accessory, if not for it’s added elegance, then for its functionality. In today’s marketplace, bags from leading brands are available everywhere in countless designs. Selecting the perfect one is a very personable journey.

Size and shape

When selecting a bag for everyday wear – there are countless options in size, from very small to really roomy. Selecting the right bag depends on how many essential items you tend to carry, and how many you need for your lifestyle. If you are constantly on the go for work, and need to have your laptop easily accessible, a larger bag will be a better fit. If you are a minimalist on the other hand, carrying just your wallet and keys, a smaller shoulder bag will be sufficient.

Be careful to remember, that the external dimensions of the bag do not always speak of its spaciousness. Therefore, when selecting a bag, make sure to check out the various pockets and compartments. Keep in mind that a bag with a rigid shape will fit less than a softer bag of the same size. This is especially true for small handbags: it is worth checking whether your phone fits in it.

Once you’ve decided on the size, the next option for your branded bag is its…


The choice of color directly depends on your personal preferences and wardrobe. A bag of a dark shade is suitable for a little black dress. With lighter clothes, something from a brighter palette will pair better. The main thing is that the accessory should be monotonous, whereas the color is less important. White, black, pink, beige, pistachio - all these shades have the right to life, and each of them can complement your image.

I hope these simple recommendations will help you to buy branded bags online and make your dreams come true.